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506 What A Shabby Restaurant!

 Once Mr. Qin asked that, the restaurant instantly fell silent.

Fang Heng was already used to this unusual sight. He had been here so frequently that he had seen many people who doubted at the very beginning but was conquered by the good wine in the end. After all, he was one of those kinds of people formerly.

As for the novelist, he was just looking at the door of the Ornamental Sergestes Wall Landscape in annoyance and merely waited to drink his liquor. He didn't want to say a single word.

Jolie and the director that followed naturally hope that Yuan Zhou could give him an affirmative answer even if they didn't really believe it. However, it was better to have confidence than not. Most importantly, they must let Mr. Qin believe that.

On the contrary, Yin Ya looked at Yuan Zhou with full confidence. She totally believed in him.

"Of course. Shen Min, take them upstairs." Yuan Zhou nodded lightly and then naturally instructed Shen Min to take them upstairs.

"Is that all?" Mr. Qin became more dissatisfied in the heart. He felt the demeanor of the boss was too perfunctory.

If one wasn't satisfied with the other, one could find at least 100 drawbacks. Thus, Yuan Zhou wouldn't explain himself to him voluntarily.

"Never mind. Mr. Qin, let's go upstairs first. It's so narrow here." Jolie comforted him timely.

"It's indeed narrow. Only the door of the wall landscape is worth mentioning." Watching Shen Min open the door, Mr. Qin complimented conveniently.

"Yeah. The door is really unique." The director echoed with a laugh.

"Everybody, please follow me." Shen Min stood in front of them and started to lead the way.

"It turns out to be official business." Upon seeing that, Fang Heng understood Yin Ya's intention in asking him to transfer the quota to her.

The several people followed Shen Min into the backyard one after another. Once they entered the door, they saw the Chinese crabapples hanging on the branches overhead, which looked too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

In front of them was a crooked path, which was lit by the low palace lanterns painted with lotus designs at each side. Some flowers that blossomed in this particular season were scattered on both sides of the path.

"The atmosphere feels like the suburbs." Looking at the small backyard, Mr. Qin said objectively.

"Yeah. It does require a good atmosphere to drink wine." The director seemed to understand that and thus said.

"You are right. But this place is really way too small." Mr. Qin was still dissatisfied.

"Exactly. It's indeed very small." The director did nothing but echoed with a low voice.

"The place to drink wine is on the second floor." Yin Ya pointed at the verdant bamboo forest upstairs and said.

"Oh?" Mr. Qin looked at the luxuriant bamboo wall and nodded lightly without any heated reaction.

With Mr. Qin's broad knowledge and experience, he naturally wouldn't feel that this bamboo forest was magnificent.

In just a little while, they arrived on the first floor. Led by Shen Min, they began to walk upstairs. During the process, Yin Ya seized the chance to tell the director and Head Secretary Jolie about the rules of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Director, head secretary, the boss only provides three pots of wine everyday with only 200g in each pot. Besides that, he only provides one cup. Apart from the Oil Fried Chili and Drunkard's Spiced Peanut, he provides nothing else." Yin Ya first brought out the amount of the wine to be provided and all dishes to go with the liquor in one breath.

"Assistant Yin, you really don't have a sense of propriety. Don't you think this is too little to entertain our distinguished guest? Go tell that boss to prepare some more. Even if it's not tasty, we must guarantee a sufficient amount." Jolie suddenly frowned and scolded Yin Ya directly.

Jolie was the direct supervisor of Yin Ya, thus it was fairly common for her to scold Yin Ya like that.

"Exactly. For the expense of this meal, tell that boss to write a receipt to us and go to the financial department for reimbursement." The director was also quite dissatisfied this time, thus he said even more impatiently.

In his opinion, it was quite negligent of Yin Ya to make this decision and invite Mr. Qin to such a shabby place without authorization. As a result, she almost got fired immediately just now. But now he was told that neither of the dishes nor wine was sufficient. This cannot be considered mere negligence anymore. She was simply making fun of them.

"Director, Head Secretary, this is a small restaurant, but it has very strict rules. The boss won't change his rules because of somebody, so the amount of the wine of 200g won't change. For the dishes with the liquor, I asked the boss of Fang Family Pub to help make some to us." Yin Ya listened to the scolding earnestly and then explained to them.

"Director, here is the cup for you. I asked the waitress here to prepare one for you privately." Yin Ya paused for a while and then continued.

"Assistant Yin, this is only a tiny restaurant. Now that you arranged this, you must make sure the wine is sufficient. Jolie looked at Yin Ya harshly.

"I'm sorry, I am able to do anything but this demand." Yin Ya refused her without any hesitation.

In Jolie's opinion, Yin Ya wasn't competent as a secretary, saying she couldn't before she even tried asking.

"You know Chu Xiao, don't you? This youngest Michelin Three Star Chef has also been here for meals and he has a good relationship with the boss here. Many customers that come to eat are wealthy, but none of them succeeded in making the boss breaks his rules." Yin Ya continued saying.

"You mean Chu Xiao?" The director had heard of the name before. When he went to a branch company abroad, he also wanted to invite people to eat at Chu Xiao's restaurant. However, he was told that he could only order a meal three years later.

"Yes." Yin Ya nodded seriously.

"Okay. Let's have a try first." The director felt some relief and decided to try first. At that time, they had arrived at the second floor.

"Director, the reason why I told you that is that when you accompany Mr. Qin to drink later, don't drink too much. There's only 200g in the wine pot." Yin Ya showed a little embarrassment on the face, but she still said firmly.

"I'm not one to be greedy for wine." The director said slightly angrily.

Yin Ya didn't know what to say after that. Only Jolie turned her head and glared at her.

As for the matter that director general would be slapped in the face by himself later, it wouldn't be mentioned temporarily.

"Why isn't there even a matching chair for the table?" Mr. Qin had originally felt that the environment had a sort of suburb feel, but when he lowered his head and took a look, the primitive and plain stone table and stone chair weren't matching. There was only one stone chair to go with the stone table. Right now, they were sitting on four different chairs, of which three were plastic ones.

"Sir, we only prepare one chair for each stone table." Shen Min went up and explained.

"If there is more than one person, will he stand here to drink?" Mr. Qin said straightforwardly and discontentedly.

"Of course not. The customer can bring the chair by himself." Shen Min said earnestly.

"People have to bring chairs by themselves if they come to drink? Does that mean I have to prepare the dishes by myself?" Mr. Qin said sarcastically.

"Of course, that is also possible." Shen Min nodded her head without any hesitation.

Upon hearing that, Mr. Qin smiled due to the great anger. Then, he said nothing more and directly took a seat on the chair.

"I have to see what your wine is made of and what makes you behave so arrogantly?" Mr. Qin snorted coldly.

The director and Jolie felt rather embarrassed. They didn't say anything, but just glared at Yin Ya secretly. Of course, they also scolded Yuan Zhou in their heart. Why was he so arrogant as to prepare only one chair?

Shen Min just started to carry the liquor to them without saying anything.

Only when she carried the liquor to Mr. Qin and his companions did she asked, "Sister Yin, do you want the dishes to go with the wine?"

"Yes. We want both." Yin Ya immediately nodded her head.

"Okay. They'll be here in no time." Shen Min nodded her head. After Yin Ya paid the money, she carried the Drunkard's Spiced Peanut and Oil Friend Chili from the countertop.

Having finished her work, Shen Min left them alone and returned to her position, preparing to do her homework.

"What a shabby restaurant it is! The waitress surprisingly goes to do her homework?" Mr. Qin finally couldn't help complaining severely when he saw a small pot of liquor and two cups, which apparently weren't a complete set, plus some dishes in coarse porcelain bowls on the table.