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505 You Are F*cking Kidding Me!

 The car pulled up at the entrance of the side street and Yin Ya got off the taxi first to lead the way.

"Is it located inside?" Mr. Qin asked her.

He was dressed in the well-tailored business suit and had a medium height and build. With a round face, he looked quite lovable. And judging from his appearance, he was a middle-aged man that was easy to talk with.

"Yeah. It's at the other half of this street." Yin Ya said gently and courteously.

"Um." Mr. Qin nodded his head.

The driver stayed put and Yin Ya brought Mr. Qin into the side street slowly. It was 7:55 p.m. now and frankly speaking, Mr. Qin hadn't eaten dinner.

Mr. Qin's character was like that. As soon as he heard there was good wine, he couldn't wait to come over here. However, Yin Ya only brought him here after she introduced the rules of Yuan Zhou's restaurant carefully to him.

As for the dinner, good wine was the best replacement for Mr. Qin.

When the two of them arrived at the door of the restaurant, Wu Hai happened to came downstairs.

"Hey. Here's your stuff." Wu Hai was wearing cotton slippers and dark blue home wear. He stroked his small mustaches and appeared quite dispirited. On seeing Yin Ya, he handed his red ball to her.

"Thank you, Brother Wu. I have made the bank transfer to your bank account." Yin Ya didn't say many polite greetings. She just smiled to him and said seriously.

"Ok." Wu Hai answered lightly. Then, he went back upstairs again in his slippers.

"Mr. Qin, shall we go inside now?" Yin Ya turned around and said while looking at Mr. Qin.

Nonetheless, Mr. Qin was still immersed in the displeasure and disappointment of seeing the old and shabby restaurant.

"Wait." Mr. Qin raised his hand and said directly.

"Yes?" Yin Ya stood still and looked at Mr. Qin earnestly.

"Is this restaurant the one you mentioned to serve the good wine? This tiny restaurant that doesn't even have a shop sigh?" Mr. Qin was quite restrained. He didn't even reach out his hand to point at Yuan Zhou's restaurant without a shop sign, but just gave her a look with a solemn complexion.

"Yes. Although this restaurant is small, it serves great things. Trust me, please." Yin Ya said affirmatively.

"Hoa. I heard that good wine needs no bush, but never heard an old and shabby restaurant could serve any delicacies." Mr. Qin's gentle expression disappeared instantly and his tone also became impolite.

"Assistant Yin, what's going on?" Yin Ya hadn't got time to explain to him when the director brought Jolie walking to them.

"Hi, director. Hi, Head Secretary Jolie." Yin Ya first greeted them and then started to explain.

"It's like this. Mr. Qin doesn't believe this tiny restaurant served good wine. I'm explaining to him." Yin Ya summarized the whole event with only a few words.

"Mr. Qin, I have to say sorry. This subordinate doesn't have a sense of propriety. She must have wasted your time." Instead of saying anything concerning Yin Ya's explanation, the director turned to apologize to Mr. Qin.

"You are indeed wasting my time." Mr. Qin said immodestly.

He was not likely to lose temper to a delicately pretty girl. In front of a man inferior to him, however, he wouldn't be so constrained.

"Yes, it's my fault. But since Assistant Yin has recommended this place, I hope Mr. Qin can do me the favor and have a taste of the wine." The director didn't belittle Yin Ya's recommendation. Instead, he began to help her to persuade Mr. Qin.

"I have told you it's also a kind of ability to find good wine. I don't have other requirements to work with you but just find some good wine for me. But if you can't even do this small thing satisfactorily, how can you expect to sell my products on behalf of me?" Mr. Qin didn't accept the director's words, but started to speak of the business.

"Look! It's already 8:00 now and you can't catch your plane. Why not take this evening as a tour over here? Let us treat you to dinner. We won't talk about the business, alright?" The director proposed mildly. He didn't want to offend Mr. Qin, thus he still advised him seriously.

"Mr. Qin, you showed interest to the wine since you followed me here just now. Now that you have been at the door, I hope you can judge the wine after drinking it." Yin Ya went up and said when she found Mr. Qin was still dissatisfied.

"Okay. I am a tourist today and you perform the duties as the host." Looking at the road back and the seemingly old and shabby Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Mr. Qin still prepared to enter.

In the business circle, people gave each other respect. Since he had scolded them, there wasn't any difference whether he entered it or not. Therefore, Mr. Qin no longer resisted against them. However, he was still contemptuous of the statement that there was good wine inside.

"Mr. Qin is magnanimous. This way, please. Jolie, lead the way." The inspector-general complimented him smilingly and then turned his head and said to the head secretary.

"Okay." Jolie nodded and then walked in front to lead the way.

"This way, please, Mr. Qin." Jolie brought him into the restaurant.

"Um." After nodding his head, Mr. Qin walked inside unhurriedly.

"Come here." The director stared at Yin Ya and said solemnly.

"Director." Yin Ya knew what she would face later, but she still came to the director with a smile on her face.

"Leaving aside others, I need a legitimate explanation on the matter that you contacted a major client of our company privately. Hand in a written explanation to me tomorrow." When the director said that, he even spared a few seconds and smiled at Mr. Qin who turned his head and looked at them. But when he faced Yin Ya, he was incomparably harsh.

"Okay." Yin Ya nodded earnestly.

"We have offended Mr. Qin today. I will discuss with head secretary Jolie how to deal with this matter. You better pray the wine served here can enable Mr. Qin to sign the agreement with us. Otherwise, I think you know better than others how you will end up." The director criticized Yin Ya severely, but meanwhile had some expectations.

"Director, trust me. The wine served here will definitely make Mr. Qin satisfied." Yin Ya paid no attention to the director's threats to dismiss her, but instead promised with an affirmative tone.

"It will be great if so. Otherwise, you can't take this loss with just your two-year performance working here." After he said that, the director entered the restaurant first.

This time, Yin Ya didn't answer him, but just slightly revealed her prettiest smile and said softly, "I trust my judgement."

With a firm look, Yin Ya still behaved decently and gently. Then, she walked into the familiar Yuan Zhou's restaurant right after him.

"Everyone is here. Shen Min, lead them to the second floor." Yuan Zhou wasn't really surprised when he found it was Yin Ya who entered the restaurant last. Instead, he said that with a gentler tone.

"Okay, boss." Shen Min nodded her head seriously.

Yuan Zhou was a sensitive man. He immediately knew that the issue wasn't as simple as drinking liquor when he saw Mr. Qin who walked inside first with a dissatisfied look, Jolie that comforted him constantly at the side, and the director with a forced expression plus Yin Ya, who came inside last.

"The rules are still the same. You remember it, right?" Yuan Zhou didn't ask anything, but reminded Yin Ya specifically.

Yuan Zhou was naturally talking about the matter that there was only one cup available. He knew Yin Ya had only drunk the liquor once when Jiang Changxi stood treat, thus he reminded specially.

"I know. Thank you, Boss Yuan." Yin Ya thanked him smilingly.

"Sometimes, Boss Yuan is quite gentle." Fang Heng ridiculed her smilingly.

"Is there really good wine here?" Even before Yuan Zhou had time to answer Fang Heng, Mr. Qin couldn't help asking loudly.