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504 Ambition

 "Things are like this. The customer I'm following up has stated clearly he wants to live in the Francis Hotel. I don't know if that will affect Mr. Qin." Yin Ya took out the documents she had prepared just now and asked seriously.

"No problem. Mr. Qin will leave this afternoon. Is that customer Mr. Zhou from Jinling?" Jolie thought for a little while and knew whom the customer was. Then, she agreed straightforwardly.

Yin Ya's question was indeed within her scope of work, thus Jolie naturally said nothing but agreed with her.

Things were almost the same in all companies. There were distinct differences among the staff and even the hotels for the customer were different from each other. They were just very minor. However, this slight distinction enabled Yin Ya to get the answer she wanted to know.

"Okay. I'm leaving." Yin Ya said politely and prepared to leave.

"Go ahead." Jolie nodded her head.

From Jolie's answer, Yin Ya obtained the information she had been looking for. Since she had finished her report, she turned around and left cleanly.

"This girl has quite a few thoughts." Looking at the closed door, Jolie didn't appear to be as angry as she showed toward Yin Ya.

"It seems I have to carry out my plan." Yin Ya held the documents with her white hand forcibly.

That's right. Yin Ya immediately got an idea after she confirmed the wine from Chateau Mouton-Rothschild wasn't as good as Yuan Zhou's liquor.

She wanted to invite the very important supplier of her company to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant and drink the liquor. However, she was merely an assistant of her director and couldn't speak to her boss directly. Therefore, she could do nothing but bypass the immediate leadership and report it to the head secretary.

The result was just as expected by Yin Ya. She failed, however, she wasn't discouraged at all, because she had obtained the answer that she wanted, that was, the hotel where Mr. Qin lived.

"It's Brother Wu, that novelist and likely Fang Heng that will get the liquor today." Seated in the chair, Yin Ya contemplated inwardly while arranging the accommodations for her customers.

Yin Ya was the director's assistant and her work was neither very easy nor very difficult. The only advantage was that she could go out at any time as long as she had decent reasons.

"It's barely 2:00 now. Let me first go to Francis Hotel and wait for Mr. Qin." Having arranged the accommodations for her customer, Yin Ya took up the documents and handbag and then prepared to leave.

"Hey, Beauty Yin Ya. Are you heading out again?" The neighboring Little Zhang was also an assistant. When she saw Yin Ya stand up, she asked with a sneering manner.

As for why Little Zhang disliked Yin Ya, the reason was very simple. Two similar magnetic poles repelled each other, not to mention they were beautiful women of the same gender. Therefore, she became more hostile.

"Yes. I need to collect the information of the customers." Yin Ya said quite naturally.

"Beauties are always so busy." Little Zhang covered his mouth and snickered, saying vaguely.

"Yeah. It doesn't matter that I am busy. We always have to do the work assigned by our director to the best." Yin Ya suddenly revealed a smile and said quite naturally.

Then, Little Zhang stopped saying more. She glared at Yin Ya secretly and then lowered her head, continuing her own work.

When Yin Ya found Little Zhang had been scared by her, she didn't stay there longer, but left with the sound "Ta Ta Ta" of her high-heeled shoes.

As soon as she came downstairs, she began to make a call while hailing a taxi.

"Brother Wu, I need your help." The first call was made to Wu Hai by Yin Ya.

"I know. I can transfer my quota to you this time. You just need to compensate me by lining up for me next time. And if you can, treat me to dinner." Wu Hai said to her straightforwardly even before Yin Ya told him the specific issue.

"No problem. Thank you, Brother Wu. I will treat you to the All-Fish Banquet at the end of this year. It's an important get-together to express my gratitude to you." Yin Ya smiled lightly and answered him considerately.

"Um. You are right." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches at the other end of the phone and nodded contentedly.

When she had just dealt with Wu Hai, the taxi also pulled up steadily in front of Yin Ya.

"Where are you going?" The taxi driver was a young man. When he saw such a beauty like Yin Ya, he instantly revealed a sunny smile.

"Francis Hotel. Thank you." After she said that, she lowered her head and continued to make a call.

Her purpose naturally remained the same. She wanted to get the quotas for the liquor from the other two people, but inevitably, both ended in failure.

Needless to say, the novelist refused her straightforwardly. He was quite eccentric. Even when Yuan Zhou didn't let him drink liquor, he dared to quarrel with him, let alone a beautiful girl. He liked nothing but the liquor.

Fang Heng replied her even simpler.

"Beauty Yin, I can bring some specially-made cold dishes to you. But for the wine, never. You know how stingy that Boss Yuan is! He only provides 200g of liquor per wine pot. What a stingy person he is!" Fang Heng even complained about Yuan Zhou for a little while.

"Okay, thank you, Brother Fang. Don't forget to bring your specially-made cold dishes." Yin Ya answered smilingly.

"Yes, of course. I won't forget a beautiful girl's instructions." Fang Heng nodded his head with a smile.

"Sorry to bother you, Brother Fang." Yin Ya hung off the phone timely when she found the hotel was getting closer.

"Here we are, beauty. The fare is 13RMB." The taxi driver said clearly and clearly.

"Okay, thank you. Here you are." Yin Ya took out the exact amount and handed it to him courteously.

Yin Ya used very little time from opening the car door to getting off the taxi. Meanwhile, she kept her ears and eyes widely open from time to time to observe if Mr. Qin came out.

When she was still in the company, Yin Ya found out that the take-off time of Mr. Qin's plane was 8:00 in the evening. Although she wasn't qualified to receive such an important supplier as Mr. Qin, she collected a lot of information of these big clients during normal times.

In a word, Mr. Qin loved wine very much, but he didn't indulge in excessive drinking. He loved to savor wine most. Apart from that, he didn't have any other hobbies.

Besides, Yin Ya heard from the driver who often came to pick Mr. Qin up that this person liked bathing for two hours before he left for the airport and usually bathed for quite a while. At the first time, the driver didn't know about all these things and thus he waited in the lobby in vain and complained.

Naturally, these had all been recorded in her notebook by Yin Ya.

If one was prepared, one can always accomplish things. Now, Yin Ya was just like that.

She got seated in the lobby quietly with her beautiful face remaining solemn as if she were a ferocious and pretty female leopard waiting to hunt.

What Yin Ya was doing now actually wasn't arranged by anyone of her company, but out of her ambitions and target. Therefore, when the director received the notification from the head secretary, Jolie, he was also quite stupefied.

"What's going on? Isn't Mr. Qin going to take a flight tonight? Why is he going to drink?" The director looked at the head secretary in front of him solemnly.

"Here's the thing. Assistant Yin went to the hotel and visited Mr. Qin personally. She recommended to him wine served by a pub. And Mr. Qin is quite interested in going there for a taste. What do you think?" Jolie said honestly.

"Assistant Yin? Yin Ya?" The director tapped the table and then remembered Yin Ya.

"Yes." Jolie nodded her head.

"Okay. Since Mr. Qin agrees to give us this opportunity, let's go there to have a look." The director was a little discontented but, at the same time, expectant as he tapped the table.

"Sure. Assistant Yin is headed to the place at No.14 of Taoxi Road with Mr. Qin." Jolie reported the name of the place clearly and waited to set out.

"Okay. Let's meet at the gate." The director stood up cleanly.

He was dissatisfied with Yin Ya's own actions, but meanwhile, he was also looking forward to the possibility of success this time.

As a liquor lover, Mr. Qin always believed that if a company couldn't even provide good wine, this company was definitely incapable. They could also do nothing about that as Mr. Qin was very important to them.