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503 Where Is The Good Wine?

 The All-Fish Banquet had been on the menu for days. Apart from Yuan Zhou's treat last time, only Su Mu and his business partner had eaten it once. Well, his business partner was Jiang Changxi, the "three lost" woman.

After all, their companies really did do business with each other. During the meal, Wu Hai managed to eat some dishes by pestering them again and again.

In front of good foods, Wu Hai never cared about his self-respect and thus ate it quite blissfully.

The breeze blew around noon, but it wasn't very cold. The weather was good and people could feel the warmth of the sunshine on their bodies. Therefore, even if it was winter time, many girls wore short skirts and stockings, which were quite pleasing to the eye.

Yin Ya was also dressed like that today. She was wearing a pair of black, thick, warm stockings, a dark gray velvet skirt with a lower hem of 10cm above the knees, a light gray batwing coat and a black wind coat as well as 5cm high-heels. The attire from top to bottom made her appear both pretty and capable.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yin Ya stepped into Yuan Zhou's restaurant strongly, which immediately made people know that the floor was fairly solid.

"Damn it. It's so cold outside." Yin Ya pouted and complained.

"It's already December. Of course it's cold." Wearing wool slippers and a large quilted jacket, Wu Hai drank a mouthful of hot noodle soup quite comfortably before he said that.

"Jia Jia, one bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." Yin Ya's voice was clear and melodious as well as loud.

"Okay. One moment, please." Yuan Zhou said personally.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan." Being stupefied for an instant, Yin Ya smoothed her hair with her fingers and said with a low voice.

"You are welcome." After Yuan Zhou said that gently, he turned around and returned to the kitchen.

Only after a while did Yin Ya let out a sigh of relief. Then, her complexion suddenly became dark.

"He is really too much." Yin Ya clutched her handbag tightly and said angrily.

"What's wrong?" Wu Hai asked randomly.

"It's my superior. He scolded me again for no reason today." Yin Ya happened to lack a listener. As soon as Wu Hai asked, she started to tell him.

"The surname of your director is Gao, right?" Wu Hai had a good memory and he still remembered what Yin Ya had said.

"Yes. Director Gao rushed into the secretarial department this morning and scolded everyone severely. What bad luck!" When Yin Ya complained, she pursed her full lips with a look of dissatisfaction. She didn't appear to be as aloof as usual today, but instead, a little cute.

"Aren't you his assistant?" Wu Hai swallowed the chewy noodles in his mouth and asked leisurely.

"Yes, I am. But I actually belong to the secretarial department." Yin Ya said helplessly.

"Don't you know the reason?" Wu Hai was actually only responsible for chatting with others, so he was just asking that casually.

"Yes, I do. It's said that my director treated our biggest supplier to a drink, but failed in the end. The wine was said to be not good." Yin Ya sighed.

"It's so easy to drink good wine. Why not bring them to Boss Yuan's pub over here?" Wu Hai said deservedly.

"But my director brought the supplier to the local Chateau Mouton-Rothschild. The wine served there all come from the native chateau in France, the best wine in the area of Bordeaux." Yin Ya said with a helpless tone.

"Oh." Wu Hai answered simply, not saying yes or no.

The atmosphere suddenly became silent.

"Here's your Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." At that time, Yuan Zhou carried her dishes.

"Thank you." Yin Ya thanked him with her beautiful face blushing slightly.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded and said nothing more.

Since the dishes had been served, Yin Ya took up the noodle soup at the earliest time and sipped it.

"Finally, it's warm now." Office ladies naturally needed to sacrifice some warmth if they wanted to dress beautiful and Yin Ya was no exception. Therefore, the steaming hot noodles soup was served quite timely.

The delicious and smooth noodle soup that made people's spirit rise suddenly let Yin Ya straighten out her thinking.

"Brother Wu, how do you feel the wine of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild is compared with Boss Yuan's liquor?" Yin Ya asked with the sparkle in her eyes.

Yin Ya had drunk only a cup of Yuan Zhou's Bamboo Liquor before when Jiang Changxi treated her to that. The liquor was as sweet and refreshing as the pear juice that had a lingering taste and was indeed delicious. However, she had never drunk the wine of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild.

"I don't know. I have never drunk it before. You can ask Ling Hong. He has drunk it before." Wu Hai said cleanly.

"Thank you." Yin Ya first thanked Wu Hai before she turned her head and asked Ling Hong.

"Brother Ling, you have drunk the wine of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild. Which one tastes better, this one or Boss Yuan's Bamboo Liquor?" Yin Ya asked courteously.

"You want me to compare them?" Ling Hong was made quite puzzled.

"Which one do you think is more delicious?" Yin Ya asked persistently.

"It makes no sense to compare them. Of course, Boss Yuan's liquor tastes better. I was a regular customer of that chateau, but not recently. I don't know whether their new products taste perfect or not, but it's supposedly not so good." Ling Hong shrugged and said indifferently.

"So that's why. Thank you, Brother Ling and Brother Wu." Having obtained the answer, Yin Ya lowered her head thoughtfully and started to think while eating.

"She's really an interesting woman." Ling Hong shook his head with a smile and didn't say much.

As for Wu Hai, he was still busy to savor his delicacies and thus he just nodded his head in response to Yin Ya's gratitude.

This time, Yin Ya finished the Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set very quickly, about 5 minutes earlier than in usual. After that, she didn't rest anymore but just turned around and left.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yin Ya walked toward her company with quick steps.

"The head secretary, Jolie, usually goes to the private-home-cuisine restaurant downstairs for lunch. It's 1:30 now and she should have almost arrived at the company now." Yin Ya picked up her phone and checked the time before she said with an affirmative tone.

"It might be good if I go up now and talk to her." While Yin Ya was muttering to herself, she had arrived at the entrance of the elevator.

After a sound of "Ding", the elevator arrived. Then, Yin Ya entered it and directly pressed the button of 23rd Floor.

While the elevator was running up, Yin Ya took out her cosmetic mirror from her handbag and checked her appearance carefully. After she confirmed everything was alright, she walked quickly out of the elevator.

Yin Ya had really a good luck. Once she walked out of the elevator, she found the door of the secretarial department was wide open and the head secretary, Jolie, was carrying a coffee cup and drinking the coffee in her seat.

With the sound of "Ta Ta Ta", Yin Ya walked toward Jolie's office steadily.

"Dong Dong". Yin Ya raised her hand and knocked the door.

"Come in." Jolie looked up at her and said with a strong American accent.

"Jolie, I want to report something to you." Yin Ya came straight to the point.

"Say it." Jolie set down the cup and prepared to listen to her.

"Here's the thing. I know a great pub that serves delicious liquor near our company about 10 ten minutes' walk from here. It's Yuan Zhou's restaurant. And I think it definitely deserves a try." Yin Ya came straight to the point, which was the way this head secretary preferred.

"Thank you for your suggestion. But as far as I know, there's not a famous chateau within a radius of 5km. You ought to do your own things rather than poke your nose into others' business." Having heard Yin Ya's suggestion, Jolie didn't appear to be very happy, but contrarily said harshly.

"Okay. Jolie, I'd like to consult you concerning something within my scope of work." Yin Ya took a deep breath and didn't say much. Instead, she started to ask something else.

"Um." Jolie only nodded her head and said nothing more.

Apparently, she didn't like Yin Ya acting on her own just now.

Jolie was the head secretary of the secretarial department while Yin Ya was only an assistant of the director. They were not on the same rank and as a result, such a straightforward suggestion of Yin Ya wouldn't be adopted by her. On the contrary, Jolie would dislike it very much.