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502 The Tortoiseshell = Yuan Zhou’s Restaurant Final

 "Do you think I should go and ask her?" Ling Hong had a favorable impression of this woman.

"Hey, why do you have good feelings for her again?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and revealed a manner of disdain.

No wonder Wu Hai said so. After all, Ling Hong always had good feelings toward girls who were beautiful and conformed to his requirements.

"Uh-huh." Ling Hong snorted with an indistinct meaning.

"You are really a stud horse." Wu Hai thought of his own sister's words and immediately used it to describe Ling Hong.

"Hello." Ling Hong didn't hear Wu Hai as he had approached the girl that had just barely entered the restaurant.

Ling Hong didn't ask that way due to Wu Hai's suggestion, he just said that casually. It could be considered to be an announcement that he would be approaching her with intentions. Therefore, Wu Hai didn't really answer him straightforwardly.

"Slurp slurp." The woman just chewed silently as if she didn't hear anything.

"Why do you eat plain white rice only?" Ling Hong wasn't a person that tended to give up so easily, not to mention this person was just seated beside him.

"Um? Are you asking me?" Then, the woman finally had reactions. She looked at Ling Hong with puzzlement.

"Exactly. After all, there's only one beauty beside me right now. And I only talk to beautiful woman." Ling Hong smiled and said confidently.

In the movie Days of Being Wild, Leslie Cheung managed to date the goddess Maggie Cheung with the same line within one minute. However, this ploy only applied to the handsome guys.

The main point wasn't the plot, but the single word of "handsome". Ling Hong felt he lived up to that word. For example, the words would contrarily sound obscene if spoken by others.

Nevertheless, Ling Hong had a bright and handsome appearance and, moreover, was dressed in branded clothes, which made him appear like a second-generation tycoon who needed a beating. Of course, the latter sentence was said by Wu Hai.

Therefore, the woman really answered him as expected.

"I don't need to report to you what I eat." The woman confirmed that Ling Hong was talking to her and then said immediately.

Although she said that with a seemingly courteous manner, her wording was actually pretty impolite.

"Of course, you don't. I'm just asking casually." Ling Hong shrugged his shoulders and didn't care about that.

"Um." The woman nodded her head and then lowered her head to continue her meal.

"What I mean is that if you can't afford the meal, I can buy you a serving of the dish, for example, the Tremella worth 1 RMB." Ling Hong said with a big smile.

"No need." The woman refused him cleanly.

"Alright." Ling Hong shrugged and revealed an indifferent manner.

"Woahhh. Handsome Ling, even you could be refused by others?" Wu Hai laughed at him.

"It can't be helped. After all, not everyone is qualified to appreciate my charm." Ling Hong said naturally.

"This woman has a good upbringing. If it was some other hot-tempered girl, you'll definitely be beaten to death." Wu Hai said without hesitation.

"Impossible. That kind of tragedy only happens to you." Ling Hong smiled with malicious intentions and then said affirmatively.

Speaking of which, these two people had too many old scores. As a man who had lots of girlfriends, Ling Hong had been mocking at Wu Hai ever since the moment he knew Wu Hai had no girlfriend.

Originally, Ling Hong could laugh at Yuan Zhou from time to time. However, since Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship became better and better, Ling Hong didn't do it anymore. He always adhered to the principle of "Those who suit their actions to the time are wise".

After all, Yuan Zhou had a hold on his stomach. It was fairly sufficient to mock Wu Hai and have some fun.

However, Wu Hai wasn't a person who could suffer losses and thus it was inevitable to take score.

"Ahem. Let's stop talking about this. Do you know why this person eats plain white rice every time?" When Ling Hong found Wu Hai was about to lose temper, he immediately changed the subject.

"I'm not a guy that gossips." Wu Hai snorted coldly.

"We are not gossiping. Think. Even when you want to paint, you need the models and you definitely need to know about her if you want to draw her image. Only that way, the painting can display the spirit of the person." Ling Hong continued to bamboozle Wu Hai primly.

"That indeed makes some sense." While stroking his small mustaches, Wu Hai turned his head and looked at the woman who was immersed in the meal.

"Of course. Just because I don't paint doesn't mean I don't understand paintings." Ling Hong said with great confidence.

"He's so easy to lie to." Looking at Wu Hai who was thinking at the side, Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion in his heart.

"There seem to be fewer and fewer men who have a high IQ and wonderful craftsmanship like me." Yuan Zhou set down the dinner plate and thought very seriously.

As the center of the topic, the woman didn't care about them at all. She was still eating the plain white rice in the bowl one mouthful after another as if it were a heavenly delicacy and anything else wasn't worth mentioning.

The rice used by Yuan Zhou was all tribute rice. The rice particles were crystal clear and bewitchingly fragrant. It tasted neither too hard, nor too soft and carried a slightly sticky texture. But that wasn't the reason why this woman ate so seriously, either.

If she lifted up her long hair, others could see her tears dropping into the bowl from her eyes slowly while she was eating. But her expression changed from the grievance, sadness and sorrow to peacefulness slowly.

And that was also the reason why she could answer Ling Hong with a normal tone.

Dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were not only delicious but also exquisite. Therefore, the bowl of rice would be eaten up even if the woman ate slowly.

At the other side, Ling Hong who liked gossiping and Wu Hai who liked studying things were still guessing about the woman.

"I think it should be the matter of price." Wu Hai thought for quite a while and said earnestly.

"No, I don't think so. She is wearing Girdear brand clothes. Such kind of clothes are worth approximately 700 to 800RMB per piece and 2000 to 3000RMB is also a very common price for a coat. So there should be no problem for her to spend 200 or 300RMB on a meal." Ling Hong distinguished the brand of her clothes immediately.

This was one of the advantages of him having many girlfriends. He could distinguish the brands of the woman's clothes very easily at first glance.

"If so, it must be because she indeed likes it." Wu Hai thought for a while and had only to say so.

"Please, be imaginative." Ling Hong frowned.

"I don't know." Wu Hai indicated that he wasn't good at gossiping and thus he couldn't think of the reason.

"It might be because of a poignant love that made her choose the plain white rice." Ling Hong said with a meaningful expression.

"She did nothing but eat the plain white rice. I think you are thinking too much." Wu Hai directly became speechless.

"Oh. Forget it. It's better to have some suspense." Ling Hong always had a brief period of enthusiasm. Seeing Wu Hai unable to guess the right answer, he no longer intended to say anything.

"Um. Let's not affect others eating." Wu Hai nodded his head approvingly.

Then, the two people just continued to eat the delicacies as if nothing had happened. Their intentions of gossiping arrived fast and left quickly.

Having finished the meal, the woman set down the chopsticks silently and then drank up that cup of clean water. In the end, she ate a piece of after-meal candy. After that, the bland sugar taste pervaded in her mouth.

"Ta Ta Ta", the woman stood up and walked away like that.

When she walked to the door, she looked at the tiny restaurant without even a shop sign and suddenly said softly, "How nice. Please keep continuing doing business."

"This place is like my shell. A place that I can stay in when I'm sad. How nice!"

It was said so softly that even Yuan Zhou, who had unusually sharp ears, didn't hear that.

In the restaurant, however, Ling Hong was still speculating about the reason.