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501 The Tortoiseshell = Yuan Zhou’s Restaurant Firs

 "Take care, gentlemen." Yuan Zhou said courteously.

"Don't you want to ask about our opinions?" Zhou Shijie joked with him smilingly.

"Please speak." Yuan Zhou didn't refuse him but said earnestly.

Yuan Zhou didn't ask if they were satisfied with the food at the beginning as he was quite confident in his own craftsmanship. Since they wanted to tell their opinions, however, he was quite willing to listen to that.

"My opinion is very simple, that is, the amount in each dish is too little." Zhou Shijie appeared quite solemn and said seriously.

"Yeah. The amount is not worth mentioning." On this point, Liu Tong also agreed with him.

This time, even Chu Xiao chimed in with him once in a blue moon, "Yuan Zhou, the amount of your dishes is even less than those of my western-style foods."

"No, it's not. The amount is set according to your food intake capacity." Yuan Zhou revealed his sincere gaze and said earnestly.

"This old man hasn't eaten my fill." Zhou Shijie said immodestly.

"Me, neither." Liu Tong shrugged his shoulders.

"Me, neither." Li Minghui also shook his head seriously.

"Of course, including me." Chu Xiao nodded and said.

"According to the old saying, one must eat his fill for breakfast, eat well for lunch and eat less for dinner. So 80% full is the best condition for everybody." Yuan Zhou said on a well-founded basis.

"It's not the same. How can you let the customers leave the banquet without eating their fill?" Zhou Shijie wasn't a person who could be coaxed.

"But for this banquet, I set the amount according to the standard of dinner." Yuan Zhou didn't answer Zhou Shijie's question, but said based on his own reasons.

"Human's satiety comes from the increase of glucose in the blood and the satiety center will be stimulated after one eats. Then, humans will have a feeling of fullness and no longer want to eat. Therefore, this requires some time." Yuan Zhou explained seriously.

"Stop it. If we continue, Yuan Zhou will probably popularize this health knowledge." Chu Xiao uttered and saved Yuan Zhou from the embarrassment.

Actually, the four people were quite clear that they did eat their fill, but they just felt it was too delicious and wanted to eat more. Zhou Shijie was originally saying that with a joking tone.

However, Yuan Zhou was an earnest person. As a result, Chu Xiao had to come up and save him first.

"Humph. This little brat is so stubborn." Zhou Shijie muttered to himself and then turned around and left.

"Thank you for your compliment." Yuan Zhou felt that was also a kind of compliment.

"Hey. This brat seems to be in high spirits." Zhou Shijie stroked his goatee and appeared quite helpless.

"See you at the Chef's Association." After saying that, Chu Xiao followed him out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou just frowned and said nothing.

"What the hell is with the Chef's Association?" Yuan Zhou looked calm and indifferent on the surface, however, he was quite puzzled in the heart.

"Damn it. He surprisingly proposed a challenge to him?" Liu Tong looked at Yuan Zhou and Chu Xiao with a manner of surprise before he followed Zhou Shijie out of the door.

"Thank you for your treat." Li Minghui finally recovered his polite attitude and thus said courteously.

"My pleasure." Yuan Zhou nodded his head politely.

After they all walked out of the restaurant, Yuan Zhou went back into his kitchen and continued to cook as calmly as before. He didn't put Chu Xiao's announcement in his mind at all.

After all, Yuan Zhou hadn't been in the cooking community for too long and, of course, didn't know the meaning of the Chef's Association. However, he would definitely be excited if he got to know it as many international renowned chefs would all enter this association. And these people could hardly be seen during normal times.

While Yuan Zhou left aside the matter of Chef's Association temporarily, Wu Hai was still thinking of the All-Fish Banquet at his end.

"If you treat me to a meal, I will tell you a solution." Looking at Wu Hai who appeared distressed, Ling Hong said with a brotherly tone.

"Still buying the painting?" Wu Hai revealed a manner of scorn.

He didn't think the idea was good.

"No. I don't feel so good recently. It seems that I need some nutrition." Ling Hong pointed at the Dongpo Pig Knuckle and Tea Egg explicitly with an evil laugh.

"Zhou Jia, this Mr. Ling needs a serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle and Tea Egg." Wu Hai said quickly without hesitation.

"Okay. It's 3968RMB in all. May I ask if you want to pay by cash or by bank transfer?" Zhou Jie reported the price to him gently.

"Um. He is paying." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and pointed at Ling Hong quite sincerely.

"If I pay, you'll have no opportunity to know my idea." Ling Hong took out his phone indifferently and threatened him.

"Never mind. I can ask Jiang Changxi." Wu Hai indicated that he didn't give a sh*t about Ling Hong's rotten idea.

"Well, it's all up to you." Ling Hong shrugged and made the bank transfer without hesitation.

"Want to cheat me? No way." Wu Hai appeared quite complacent while stroking his mustaches.

Yuan Zhou was already used to their arguments. He could do nothing but to stay away from them and pretend not to know them.

After all, Wu Hai was sometimes as stupid as the Alaskan Malamute, the stupidest among the 3 sled dogs, Alaskan Malamute, Husky, and Samoyed.

"Look! That woman come again." Just as Ling Hong and Wu Hai were arguing with each other, a customer beside them said softly.

Although he said that with a low voice, he was very close to the two people. Therefore, Ling Hong and Wu Hai raised their head and had a look at her. Yuan Zhou also raised his head and had a look subconsciously.

It was a woman. She was dressed in a beige wind coat, white sweater, and black skinny jeans. Besides that, she had reddish-brown curled hair. On the whole, she appeared to be quite intellectual and capable. Nevertheless, the red eye socket destroyed such a feeling and even made her appear slightly wronged.

"Exactly. I have met her twice." The customer also had some impressions of this woman.

Upon hearing that discussion, Yuan Zhou had some impression. Sometimes, the restaurant was about to close when this woman would come. She would order a serving of plain white rice in the last five minutes.

She had done the same twice, therefore Yuan Zhou immediately remembered her.

She often came in the evening and only ordered the plain white rice when she was here, which was quite distinctive. Of course, the discussion stopped automatically when the woman sat down.

"Do you know her?" Ling Hong didn't came as frequently as Wu Hai did.

After all, Wu Hai had always taken Yuan Zhou's restaurant as his private canteen.

"Um. She often comes here and orders the plain white rice every time. Once she eats the rice, she would weep privately." Wu Hai nodded.

Although Wu Hai didn't really know everybody dining here, he was quite familiar with one that had such characteristics.

In his heart, almost everybody was a painting that had stories.

"Is she really so strange?" Ling Hong revealed a manner of great interest.

"Yes. She's really strange." Wu Hai nodded his head.

"A bowl of plain white rice of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines." The voice of the woman was clean and clear without any trace of crying.

"Okay. One moment, please." Zhou Jia went up and answered.

Yuan Zhou cooked fairly quickly. Since it was merely a bowl of plain white rice, it was carried to her very soon.

"Here's your plain white rice of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine. Please take your time and enjoy." Zhou Jia set down the celadon bowl lightly and said courteously.

"Thank you." When the woman lowered her head, her curled hair covered her face. Therefore, others couldn't see her complexion clearly.

"Ta Ta Ta". Zhou Jia smiled politely before she turned around and left. Only then did the woman pick the chopsticks and start to eat.

She ate very slowly, needing to chew for quite a while before continuing with another bite.