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500 Perfect Full Stop

 Just as the atmosphere became extremely awkward, while Chu Xiao was just sitting by and watching them, feeling that Yuan Zhou could really be an arrogant rival, and while Li Minghui, Liu Tong, and Zhou Shijie couldn't help getting ready to beat Yuan Zhou, Wu Hai uttered something.

"Hey. The fish dumplings are going to cool down and the fish meat will start to stink then. Let me help you take some, alright?" Wu Hai was already keeping an eye out for his chance to eat the All-Fish Banquet.

No wonder he said so. These people not only ate, but also explained and praised by the side how delicious the fish meat tasted and how fresh and tasty the fish soup was. Wu Hai, who happened to sit beside them, of course suffered a lot.

Therefore, he couldn't help asking them with a consciously courteous tone.

The words of Wu Hai suddenly broke the weird atmosphere among the several people, as if a stone was thrown into the calm lake surface.

"Please take your time and enjoy." After Yuan Zhou said that, he turned around back to the kitchen and continued preparing dinner.

"Forget it. Eating the dumplings matters more." Zhou Shijie picked a fish dumpling into his bowl quickly.

There were 12 Dace Meat Stuffed Green Dumplings in all, namely, three for each person on average. Although the number could be averaged, the taste couldn't.

"Hey hey. I said I am able to help you. Can we discuss this matter?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and appeared quite earnest.

"No need. You better continue eating your Egg Fried Rice." Liu Tong disliked Yuan Zhou, but he didn't say that he wouldn't eat his delicious dish.

"No good deed goes unpunished. Human hearts are not like what they were in the old days." Seeing no hope, Wu Hai immediately murmured indignantly.

As for Yuan Zhou, he had already made a clean break from Wu Hai. He absolutely didn't know this person who cheated and swindled just for something to eat. He surprisingly called himself an artist. Shame on him.

Yuan Zhou started to take pity on his agent, Zheng Jiawei, as he routinely did. However, he might have forgotten that he was almost beaten to death for how he postured just now. They were a perfect match.

"Just by its appearance, the fish dumplings appear quite delectable." Instead of arguing with him, Liu Tong picked up a golden yellow fish dumpling and appeared to be drooling.

That was naturally acted for Wu Hai on purpose.

"Humph." Wu Hai snorted coldly before he lowered his head and started to eat his Egg Fried Rice.

"These are all handmade dumpling wrappers. Boss Yuan is really skillful with his hands." Zhou Shijie said immediately when he took the first bite.

"I originally thought they are just the ordinary wonton wrappers." Li Minghui also nodded and echoed.

"He's indeed remarkable." This time, Liu Tong nodded his head without hesitation and said affirmatively, too.

"Remove all the fish meat from the spine and then add them into the dumpling wrappers along with the fish soup for dough making. It's truly an intricate thought." Chu Xiao had already savored the difference between these fish dumplings from others once it entered his mouth.

That's right. The fish dumplings made by Yuan Zhou this time were different from others. It wasn't just some meat being wrapped up in wrappers.

First, the dough. Just in this stage, the procedures were quite complicated. The broth used to make the dough was stewed with the fish bones. When it was about to become cool, he had to pour it into the wheat flour little by little. After stirring them clockwise, it became a stiffer dough.

At that time, Yuan Zhou would start to knead the dough. He would knead them ceaselessly for at least 10 minutes. Only in that way could the wrappers become chewy and taste better.

"Normally, it should have a fishy smell since there is fish meat and fish soup in the dough. Moreover, this kind of freshwater fish would contain an earthy smell." Chu Xiao ate it carefully and then analyzed slowly.

Chu Xiao was right. When Yuan Zhou was stewing the soup, he naturally tried to remove the fishy smell, but it would produce some oil from the bones while stewing the soup. Under those conditions, the oil would cause the dough to contain a fishy taste and would also affect the dough from forming.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou skimmed off the grease little by little. He kneaded the dough with the clear fish soup and also pickled the fish meat with the juice of the leaves and tender shoots of purple perilla to remove the fishy smell. Furthermore, it even had a faint kind of grass aroma.

"Leaving others aside, this old man feels that the fish meat wrapped inside contrarily tastes very delicious." Zhou Shijie squinted his eyes and gasped in admiration.

"Did you taste something from the dumplings?" Zhou Shijie asked his disciples again.

"It's pear." The two disciples were quite awesome this time and answered correctly immediately. After all, Yuan Zhou didn't cut the pear into very little pieces, but into moderate-sized ones so one could feel them while chewing.

"It's the Cangxi Snow Pear." Chu Xiao added timely at the side.

Then, the two disciples became speechless. Now that the pear had been diced into such small pieces, how could he know what breed it was? By the way, they had been thoroughly cooked, so it was more difficult to distinguish them.

"Once the fish dumpling enters the mouth, the wrapper tastes a little chewy and sticky while the fish meat inside was tightly wrapped. As soon as it is bit open, the fresh and sweet gravy would immediately leap out. I have a feeling that the fish is about to become alive in my mouth." Zhou Shijie described carefully.

"Indeed. The fish meat was wrapped very well in the tough wonton wrappers that were as thin as a cicada's wings. As a result, no air leaks out and there even appears to be a temporary vacuum inside. In that vacuum environment, the fish meat is cooked thoroughly." Chu Xiao nodded and said after Zhou Shijie.

"But the surface of the fish dumplings isn't too hot at all. Only when we bite it and the tasty gravy burst out would it be a little hot. However, the taste is so wonderful that I almost forget anything else and just concentrated on swallowing." Liu Tong narrated the taste carefully at the side, too.

"The fish meat wrapped inside has some fruit pulp of Cangxi Snow Pear, which tastes crisp, juicy, fresh and sweet. It's a perfect match with the bland and delicate fish meat." Li Minghui said, pretending to be serious.

Actually, it was really like what he described. The fish dumplings were irreproachable no matter on the aspect of chewiness of the dumpling wrappers or the taste of the fish meat.

The several people started to talk about the delicacy of the fish dumplings one after another.

Basically, these few people were all professional chefs. Although their culinary skills varied from one another, there was no problem for them to savor the fish dumplings with conspicuous advantages.

Therefore, they spoke extraordinarily heatedly and described the dish extraordinarily delicious.

Consequently, Wu Hai felt awful at the side. He heard the beautiful descriptions of the dish, but couldn't eat it.

"Zhou Jia, I want one serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle. Hurry up." Wu Hai was wealthy, thus he directly ordered a meat dish to satisfy his craving for good food.

"Okay. One moment, please." Zhou Jia answered loudly.

"I think the Dongpo Pig Knuckle tastes really nice." It was unknown that Wu Hai said that to himself or to Li Minghui and Liu Tong beside him.

That's right. At the very beginning, Zhou Shijie just sighed with emotion how delicious the fish dumplings were. After all, it was the last course. Although he felt that he still hadn't eaten his fill, he was satisfied with the splendid feast.

Nonetheless, Liu Tong said that intentionally as Wu Hai had coveted his food just now.

"The Cangxi Snow Pear is the absolute finishing touch." Chu Xiao swallowed up the last mouthful of dumplings unhurriedly.

"Exactly. That way, the dessert and fruits are all prepared." Li Minghui said after that.

"This little brat Yuan is so stingy. There's no tea when we come and no fruits when we leave." Zhou Shijie pretended to be discontented, saying that.

"Exactly." Liu Tong nodded with a seriously discontented manner.

Although Yuan Zhou heard that, he pretended not to hear them. After all, he had wasted 50g of tea leaves extravagantly yesterday afternoon. Even he himself had to drink the tea very frugally. How was it possible he would treat others to a mouthful?