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497 The Persistence To Eat Mea

 This question asked by Yuan Zhou was straightforward and piercing. It simply arrived straight at the bottom of Wu Hai's heart.

"It's none of your business. What I shall do for my birthday?" Wu Hai revealed a manner of "I want nothing but the fish."

"Please follow the rules." Yuan Zhou said primly.

"I was born in a leap month of leap year. How do you think I can celebrate it?" Wu Hai gnashed his teeth and asked him.

"Never mind. You will get your turn one day." Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

"Let me say this. I have only celebrated my birthday once until now. Do you know when it is? About 13 years before!" Wu Hai attempted to get Yuan Zhou's sympathy.

"Well. My birthday is one month later. Every time, it comes when the Chinese New Year approaches. It's not that good." Yuan Zhou frowned and said with an indifferent tone as if there were friends.

If Yuan Zhou spoke in this way in normal times, Wu Hai would be quite happy to make fun of him. For now, however, he had only one thought, that was, to beat Yuan Zhou to death. Nonetheless, he had to consider carefully what to eat in future.

In this regard, Wu Hai could only answer two extensive and profound characters, "Ho Ho."

"You can treat me to dinner." Ling Hong answered. If he didn't like he was teasing him, Wu Hai would have thanked him for offering that good idea.

"Only for important treats can you order that. The ten dishes of the all-fish banquet can't be wasted." Yuan Zhou knew the two people were both wealthy guys and thus reminded them specially.

"Never mind. Your paintings are terrific and I am prepared to buy one. If so, it's necessary for you to treat me to dinner, isn't it?" Ling Hong indicated that he had a solution to solve this problem.

"Do you also understand paintings?" Wu Hai didn't react for a while. He said to Ling Hong with a disgusted tone.

"Nonsense. If not, what would I buy it for?" Ling Hong smoothed his hair with his fingers and said handsomely.

"Don't you like traditional Chinese paintings only? Mine are all oil paintings." Wu Hai asked with puzzlement.

"Artists are all stupid. Don't you know that I'm helping you?" Ling Hong took a look at Wu Hai with irritation.

"Oh, yeah. If you buy my painting, I have to treat you to dinner. No, no. If you want to buy my painting, shouldn't you fawn on me?" Wu Hai suddenly reacted and echoed Ling Hong first. But then, he had a different opinion.

"He can't be saved. I don't even know what to say." Ling Hong covered his forehead. Since it made no sense to reason with Wu Hai, Ling Hong sat down cleanly and straightforwardly ignored him.

"Others are all begging me in order to buy my paintings. You don't treat me to dinner and moreover, even asked me to treat you?" As a famous painter, Wu Hai felt he had been severely insulted.

"Stupid idiot." Ling Hong scolded him. He felt his IQ was insulted by Wu Hai and thus didn't talk with this insane person at all.

"Humph. I don't want to sell my oil paintings to one that can only appreciate the traditional Chinese paintings." Speaking of his paintings, Wu Hai was just as uncompromising.

After all, it was the only thing that he was good at.

After Wu Hai dealt with Ling Hong, who he suspected, had insulted his paintings, he turned his head and started to reason with Yuan Zhou, attempting to let Yuan Zhou compromise and sell him the All-Fish Banquet.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou responded fairly straightforwardly. He took a step back and returned into the kitchen before he began to prepare the dishes.

What a joke! As an onlooker all over the process, Yuan Zhou finally witnessed the stupidity of Wu Hai and meanwhile felt great sympathy for his agent Zheng Jiawei.

How difficult it would be for Zheng Jiawei to sell Wu Hai's paintings with that fellow's low IQ. Thus, it could be seen this Zheng Jiawei was really capable.

It was boisterous in the restaurant and so was it in the side street.

Customers that were waiting in line were chatting about work, football, and basketball. But what they talked about most was still the All-Fish Banquet provided by Yuan Zhou.

Ever since Yuan Zhou appeared in the TV program Folk Talent, which was even made into a series, Yuan Zhou's fame in Chengdu City was striking, yet only in the territory of Chengdu. Tang Song, who came here from Guangzhou to visit his girlfriend, didn't know a thing about Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"I got to give Meimei a surprise. So let me choose a place for our dinner." As soon as Tan Song got off the car, he murmured with a low voice while looking at the strange and familiar city and revealing a smile on his face.

Tan Song's knowledge about this city was all for his girlfriend Liu Mei. They were in a long distance relationship in two different cities for two months and it was the first time that he had some spare time thus came to her. Before that, Liu Mei went to look for him every time.

"Now it's my turn." While looking for somewhere to live, Tan Song smiled and said.

The accommodation naturally couldn't be too far from his girlfriend's home, therefore, Tan Song took a taxi and got into it.

"Hey, master. Take me to this Bali Village." Tan Song tapped open the app of a group purchase, located the address of the hotel he had booked, and then said straightforwardly.

"Okay." The taxi-driver answered and immediately drove away.

"Let me search for the delicious foods in Chengdu and see which has the highest rating." There were many apps for group purchases in Tan Song's phone. All these were downloaded to look for palatable dishes.

His girlfriend only enjoyed eating and moreover, she liked letting him find nice foods for her, saying it felt quite pleasing.

Therefore, Tan Song also let her rely on him. Every time, he was the one who looked for delicious foods and his girlfriend, Liu Mei, was only responsible for eating. They had a quite a tacit understanding. Liu Mei never looked for delicious foods voluntarily and she only relied on Tan Song in this regard. It could be considered to be the fun between the lovers.

With his fingers scrolling through the screen flexibly, Tan Song tapped open a highly-rated ranking list on this app.

The name was simple and straightforward, Ranking List of Delicacies in Chengdu City. The first one was exactly Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Is this restaurant the first?" Tan Song looked at the brief introductions and appeared a little puzzled.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant: the size is about 20sqm and the average spending is extremely high. However, the taste of the food is just peerless. All in all, it deserves a try.

"It's surprisingly a tiny restaurant that takes the first place? Tsk-tsk. It seems that ballot rigging exists everywhere. This tiny restaurant is so powerful." Tan Song shook his head and indicated that he didn't believe that.

"Look! How unconvincing it is!" With his years of experience, Tan Song had sufficient reason to believe it was a ballot rigging.

It was definitely impossible that a restaurant could have 100% favorable comments without any unfavorable one.

[It's the first time in my life that I wanted to kidnap the boss back to my home after I ate the dishes here. It is a pity I don't have a lot of money. Otherwise, I would also want to go there everyday. The dishes are way too tasty and definitely deserve a taste. Five Star Favorable Comment] from Shen Da Ren Qian Xun.

[Having eaten once in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, I have to live on the instant noodles for the remaining month, but I'm still happy. This is an illness and I have to go for a doctor. Forget it. I'd rather save more money and then go there again. Five Star Recommendation] from Yao Wei Zhi Lian.

[My girlfriend sold my equipment in the E-game and went to eat, but I didn't break up with her, because we went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Jealous, envious? Haw-haw. The only thing is that I have sold out all the equipment and consequently, we have no more money to eat there. Strongly recommended] from Yu Lan Shi.

"Having been recommended by you guys, I went to eat there. Now, you guys better compensate me. My money is all gone. Help! How shall I live for the coming half month? I ordered quite a few dishes carelessly. Whoooh...] from Xi Sha Gong Zhen.

"Ho Ho. The comments are so identical to each other. Can't you guys at least show some sincerity?" Tan Song just watched the comments for fun. He definitely wouldn't go there to eat.

After all, the dishes were definitely not delicious since they bought so many fake comments. That was what Tan Song was thinking.

Yuan Zhou, who was regarded as a guy who rigged ballots, was severely harassed by Wu Hai for the sake of the All-Fish Banquet and meat.

"Boss Yuan, let us not mention other rules, this rule is totally unfair. Think! Won't we, who were born in a leap month of a leap year, not have a single opportunity to come to eat the banquet on our birthday?" Whenever Yuan Zhou carried the dishes out to the customers, Wu Hai said a different phrase, yet all with the same meaning.

"I want to eat meat. I want to eat the All-Fish Banquet. I want to eat meat without any vegetables." Wu Hai was thinking that.