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495 The 5th Course: Candied Floss Fish

 "By the way, steaming is your secret to keeping the fish skin fresh and delicate, isn't that right?" Even before saying anything, Chu Xiao asked Yuan Zhou straightforwardly. Although it sounded interrogative, he asked with an affirmative tone.

"Wait. How could steaming not make the fish skin shrink?" Liu Tong stared straight at Yuan Zhou as if he had found Yuan Zhou's loophole.

"Yeah, that is also my question." Chu Xiao didn't understand this point, although he had revealed Yuan Zhou's knife skills of skinning the fish skin with one simple cut and his secret of maintaining it fresh and delicate.

"I used ice to maintain the temperature of the fish skin and then just steam the fish meat." Yuan Zhou said it with a tone full of ease as if it were as simple as putting the fish into the steaming pot.

As for how many times Yuan Zhou had practiced that, he just ignored it.

"I feel that I can't understand Chinese now." Liu Tong stared at Yuan Zhou blankly and couldn't react to Yuan Zhou's words immediately.

"How is it possible that the ice didn't melt in such a high temperature and the fish meat isn't affected?" Li Minghui totally couldn't stay calm. He stood up immediately and looked at Yuan Zhou in disbelief.

"I see, I see. It surprisingly can be cooked in this way. So, your best performance wasn't the skinning of the fish skin off with one simple cut!" Chu Xiao looked at Yuan Zhou fervently as if he were facing a life-long rival.

"Well, yes." Yuan Zhou nodded his head lightly.

"The young are really to be regarded with awe. It's time for this old guy to retire." Zhou Shijie figured out what superb craftsmanship Yuan Zhou had used with just a little thought, thus he sighed with emotion.

"This dish is really delicious. I'm looking forward to the next dish very much." Chu Xiao suddenly took out a bright-colored notebook from his pocket of the business suit and started to write something.

"Wow! He surprisingly took out the small notebook of delicacies. It's the first time I saw it." Liu Tong looked at Chu Xiao fervently and then took a look at Yuan Zhou.

He looked at him attentively as if he had suddenly become a fabulously beautiful woman. However, Yuan Zhou took a step back while maintaining his composure for the sake of his safety. After all, it was quite annoying to be a prince charming.

"Why is there still only two pages in your small notebook?" Zhou Shijie revealed an expression of "This comes as no surprise," and asked straightforwardly.

"Because I'm am particular." Chu Xiao said immodestly.

Meanwhile, he recorded the dish, Weave Brocade Diligently While Wearing Winter Clothing, seriously and also Yuan Zhou's name by the side in the notebook, with the pen and paper emitting the sound of "Shua Shua" upon getting into contact.

As for Yuan Zhou, he said, "Okay. One moment, please."

After he said that, Yuan Zhou turned around into the kitchen directly and started to prepare the next dishes wholeheartedly.

To him, all customers in the restaurant were equal; therefore, he prepared the dishes according to the sequence of payment.

It was no longer a difficult thing for Yuan Zhou now to prepare several dishes at a time. He was quite familiar with that.

Having recorded the dish in the notebook, Chu Xiao began to stare at Yuan Zhou without even blinking. He didn't let go of anything that Yuan Zhou was doing.

Zhou Shijie stood at the side and also reminded his two disciples, "Keep your eyes open and follow Master Chu. Don't stand there like lifeless trees."

"Okay, teacher." Li Minghui also started to stare at Yuan Zhou.

"Got it." Liu Tong had already been looking at Yuan Zhou. After all, Chu Xiao even took out his small notebook of delicacies.

Chu Xiao made a name for himself very early. After all, he was the youngest Michelin Three Star Chef in history. And his small notebook of delicacies was as well-known as himself. Chu Xiao was said to be a very particular person, but whenever he found anything delicious, he would record them in the small notebook.

Then, he would do everything possible to defeat that chef to improve himself. Ever since he made a name for himself, he had written only two pages in that notebook.

Therefore, many chefs took pride in being listed in that notebook, which meant that they were recognized by the talented genius Chu Xiao.

Liu Tong had been trying his best to let Chu Xiao remember him. And now, Yuan Zhou was the best person that he could learn from.

After that, Chu Xiao didn't take out his small notebook anymore, thus Liu Tong let out a sigh of relief. In just a little while, the fifth dish was served.

"This dish is called Candied Floss Fish. Please enjoy." Every time Yuan Zhou served a dish up, he would say the name.

The dish that Yuan Zhou carried up this time was a little different from others as this one was slightly larger.

For the first few dishes, the four people could only share a little before they ate it up soon. The amount was considered to be barely enough. After eating one up, they waited for another. When it came to the end of each dish, they became more expectant of the next one.

Their tastebuds had never been satisfied and they were continuously waiting for the next dish. Nonetheless, this dish appeared much larger.

It was dark green like leaves, large leaves. On these leaves, there were four containers similar to water drops and the clear water was filled in them. The amber-colored-butterfly-like fish slices were stacked above the leaf neatly.

The dark green color and the red amber butterfly fish slices formed a splendid scene.

"What a beautiful plate presentation!" Li Minghui said positively.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou nodded and then turned around and left.

"Is it sweet fish?" Liu Tong frowned and was reluctant to eat it, even if the previous few dishes were all very palatable, he wasn't willing to admit Yuan Zhou was more awesome. Furthermore, he didn't like eating sweet fish.

"Interesting. It's, surprisingly, the candied floss dish." Chu Xiao revealed an expression of interest.

"Young people are really bold to innovate." Zhou Shijie said smilingly.

As the name suggests, the Candied Floss Fish belongs to the candied floss family like Candied Floss Apple or Candied Floss Banana. Such dishes are quite popular among the children as it not only tastes sweet but also bring along a thread of candied floss when picked up. It was quite interesting.

However, adults would think otherwise. As the candied floss was both long and sticky, one will not maintain a good image if he doesn't pay special attention to how to eat it. After all, the adults aren't carefree like the children. As a result, this dish isn't so popular among the adults. And that was why Chu Xiao and Zhou Shijie felt Yuan Zhou's actions were bold and interesting.

"Let this old guy have a taste first." Zhou Shijie didn't have that kind of burden. Contrarily, he was quite expectant of Yuan Zhou's ingenious conception on this dish.

"Please." Chu Xiao took the chopsticks and prepared to pick it. Before he did that, however, he said to Zhou Shijie respectfully.

Zhou Shijie nodded and then reached out the chopsticks to pick the fish meat immediately.

Generally speaking, candied floss dishes would harden and stick together once they were cooled, making it very hard to pick up. If it was too hot, however, the candied floss would stick to the dish. Therefore, the key point of this dish was to eat it in time; thus Zhou Shijie didn't stand too much on ceremony.

"Zi". When Zhou Shijie picked the fish meat up, the shimmering sugar syrup on the surface immediately produced a beautiful floss.

Unlike other similar dish where the floss wouldn't break at all, the candied floss of this dish broke automatically whenever Yuan Zhou pulled it to about 30cm long. Zhou Shijie put the fish meat in the container similar to the water drops in the leaves to cool it with cold water.

At that time, a strange phenomenon took place. The candied floss surprisingly shrank, curled up, and formed a beautiful decorative pattern immediately. It directly attached itself to the butterfly-shaped fish slices like a gorgeous decorative pattern appearing on an originally plain butterfly.

"Haw-haw. Interesting." At this moment, even Zhou Shijie became expectant.

"I have to give it a good taste." Zhou Shijie said that smilingly. After that, he stuffed the fish into his mouth directly.