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491 The All-Fish Banque

 "Shua". Upon hearing Yuan Zhou asking Mu Xiaoyun to fill his tea cup again, Division Chief Lin immediately handed his cup to her.

Yes, he did that even before Yuan Zhou brought up his own cup.

"Come on. Fill my cup 90% full. I can handle it." Division Chief Lin said affirmatively.

"But this is for Brother Yuan." Looking at Division Chief Lin, Mu Xiaoyun said seriously.

"Never mind. Boss Yuan is a talented master and won't make a fuss about that." Division Chief Lin bamboozled Mu Xiaoyun with a smile.

"Not really." Yuan Zhou shook his head and said coldly.

"Aha, okay. You first and I will follow." Division Chief Lin just followed up after Yuan Zhou. He wasn't angry at all.

After that, Yuan Zhou didn't know what to say. In order to drink the tea, Division Chief Lin had decided to do anything, even if he had to lose face.

Because of Division Lin's unending efforts, Mu Xiaoyun had to pour tea for him.

Yuan Zhou didn't have much leisure time. As dinner time was about to arrive, Yuan Zhou started to get things ready and then returned to the kitchen.

"Why did you come over here today?" While rinsing and washing the teapot and cups, Yuan Zhou asked Mu Xiaoyun casually.

"I just wanted to ask if I can come to work again during the winter vacation." Once she said that, she immediately covered her mouth in surprise.

Mu Xiaoyun indeed came over here today for something, but she was just too embarrassed to tell Yuan Zhou. After all, she knew that Yuan Zhou had recruited two helpers. When she was drinking tea later, she had intended to forget the idea. But in the end, Yuan Zhou still asked her.

"Boss Yuan, how did you know I came here for something?" Mu Xiaoyun stared at Yuan Zhou with her eyes wide open and her ponytail wagging worriedly.

"Yes, you can. The pay is the same as before." Yuan Zhou didn't answer the second question, but just said straightforwardly.

"Huh? Thank you. Thank you, Boss Yuan. That is so kind of you." Mu Xiaoyun was so happy now that she didn't care how Yuan Zhou knew about the issue anymore. She just kept thanking him.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then put the teaware away before he went back to his restaurant.

"Fantastic." Mu Xiaoyun clenched her fists happily and prepared to follow Yuan Zhou into the restaurant.

"Go back earlier." Yuan Zhou uttered and stopped her directly.

"Ok. I'll come by next time." Immediately, Mu Xiaoyun followed Yuan Zhou's advice and left.

"There's no tea anymore." Yuan Zhou looked at Division Chief Lin who followed him into the room unhappily.

"I only drank two cups of the tea." Division Chief Lin made a gesture with two fingers and said irritably.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou nodded his head, without saying yes or no.

"So I still want some more." Division Chief Lin said immodestly.

"I don't have more." Yuan Zhou refused him cleanly.

"There are still some tea leaves over there. I want to buy 50g, only 50g." Division Chief Lin estimated his salary and said reluctantly.

The tea leaves were definitely top-quality, therefore Division Chief Lin didn't dare to buy too much. But no matter what, 50g of the tea leaves should still be affordable.

"I am not selling them." Yuan Zhou refused.

"Why?" Division Chief Lin stared at Yuan Zhou's tea box without even blinking.

"Dinner time has not yet arrived. No service is available at the moment." Yuan Zhou started to drive him away directly.

"Okay, I'll stand by the door." Division Chief Lin didn't dare to disobey Yuan Zhou.

The life of Division Chief Lin was like the tea leaves in Yuan Zhou's hands, being grasped by Yuan Zhou. If it were the grandpa, however, he would probably would have snatched it forcibly or helplessly collapse on the ground to get it. After all, the grandpa had been taking care of his grandson recently and might have learned these little tricks from his grandson.

"The tea leaves are not for sale." After Yuan Zhou said that, he returned to the kitchen and started to prepare dinner.

Division Chief Lin was still there. Even if he heard Yuan Zhou's words, he didn't leave and remained standing at the door.

Therefore, the customers that came to line up for the dinner surprisingly saw Division Chief Lin standing at the door and looking toward the inside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant eagerly, not intending to go line up.

"What's the matter?" Yin Yin asked curiously.

Yin Yin was the girl who was always confused by Yuan Zhou's strange leave requests. She was also a regular customer that was known by Yuan Zhou.

"Don't you know? He's definitely waiting for something to eat." Wu Hai said in an insightful manner.

"Then why isn't he going to line up?" Yin Yin asked him back.

"How do I know that?" Wu Hai said boldly.

"You can go to ask." Yin Yini said smilingly with her eyes curved.

"It's not me who wants to know that. You should go ask yourself." Wu Hai answered immediately.

"But I really want to know. Could you ask for me, please?" Yin Yin's tone was slightly flirty.

"What does that have anything to do with me?" Wu Hai revealed a puzzled look.

Well, it was quite understandable why Wu Hai couldn't find a girlfriend. After all, his EQ was alike to Yuan Zhou's.

Having watched them all along, Ling Hong that had high EQ said, "If you just stand there and don't come to line up, you'll never be able to eat."

"Thank you." When she heard that, Yin Yin turned to look at Ling Hong and thanked him.

"Never mind. I am not eating." Division Chief Lin said directly.

"Boss Yuan doesn't talk about business with others during the opening hours." Wu Hai shrugged.

"I have no business to talk with him." Division Chief Lin merely wanted to buy 50g of top-quality tea leaves, so he shook his head and added these words in his heart.

"Not for food, nor for business?" Then, all the customers in line became curious.

Since he didn't aim for a meal nor for business purposes, Ling Hong and Wu Hai stopped asking him anymore. After all, this person had stood here since the very beginning, but didn't go to get the number ticket. Naturally, they needed to ask him about that. Since he was here for neither, they weren't curious anymore.

"Then what are you here for?" Yin Yin asked on the contrary.

Division Chief Lin turned his head and shook his head hurriedly when he saw many customers staring at him, "Nothing. I am just watching something."

He wasn't so foolish as to tell them that Yuan Zhou had top-quality tea leaves. If he didn't tell them, he might get a portion. But if he told them, he probably wouldn't have the opportunity.

"It's so strange." The customers murmured on one accord and then ignored that.

After all, there were many eccentrics in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Just ten minutes before Yuan Zhou's business commenced, Yuan Zhou's phone rang.

"Ling Ling Ling, Ling Ling Ling." When it rang for the first time, Yuan Zhou didn't answer. Not until had it rang for the third time did Yuan Zhou wipe his hands and answer it.

"Chairman Zhou, my business hours will start right away." The moment Yuan Zhou answered the phone, he said that first.

"I know, I know. I still remember your timetable. There are still ten minutes left." Chairman Zhou cared little about Yuan Zhou's impatient tone and even explained earnestly.

"Please speak," Yuan Zhou paused a little while and then said lightly.

"I just wanted to ask what dishes are you going to cook tomorrow. Shouldn't you inquire about our dietetic restraints?" Zhou Shijie asked straightforwardly.

This time, Yuan Zhou paused a little longer. Normally, he didn't tell others about the new dishes in advance, but what Chairman Zhou said did make sense. He felt a little embarrassed as Yuan Zhou had never treated others so formally.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't reveal any special expression on his face. He took a deep breath and then said naturally.

"Fish. Both Chu Xiao and you eat fish. I hope the other people you will bring here also eat fish."

"Of course. The taste of the Empurau Fish in Boiling Soup you cooked last time is still lingering in my mouth. Fish is good. It's good to cook fish dishes." Zhou Shijie's tone was full of satisfaction.

"Ok. That's it." Yuan Zhou nodded and then hung off the phone.

Now, they were all waiting to see how Yuan Zhou would compete against Chu Xiao's goose liver with his all-fish banquet...