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488 One Person Drinks While Two People Taste

 "They are actually three very practical rewards. I must have good morals." Yuan Zhou said with great satisfaction.

Yuan Zhou drew the lottery for three consecutive times this time. The first reward was the lemon water. One could easily know what it was judging by its name.

The second one was the Longan and Red Jujube Tea, which was quite suitable for the current weather and especially suitable for girls. Of course, there was a special prompt for this drinks, that is, no tea was contained therein.

"Isn't there tea in other Longan and Red Jujube Tea? Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "The version provided by the system doesn't have tea inside."

"Alright. Everything you say is right." Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

Yuan Zhou had no interest in making a fuss about that because the last reward was quite satisfying and even made Yuan Zhou surprised. It was tea, Longjing Tea, more specifically, Pre-Ching Ming Longjing Tea, which was the most precious tea.

"It seems that my Eggshell-Thin Delicate Porcelain Cups can finally work normally." Yuan Zhou said with quite an excited tone.

That's right. Yuan Zhou obtained this reward a long long time ago, but had never used it ever since then. Instead, he just kept it.

After all, there wasn't any matching tea.

The Keemun Black Tea? Yuan Zhou had indeed thought of making tea with it, but his craftsmanship was just too normal. After all, the tea ceremony also required a lot of time to get to a certain stage. This time, however, it was a little different.

The reward of the system included a complete set of water, tea leaves, and the matching techniques required to make tea. It had everything but the teapot and cups. The reward was simply offered to match the Eggshell-Thin Delicate Porcelain Cups.

"Receive. Let me receive the tea leaves, Pre-Ching Ming Longjing tea, first." Yuan Zhou said with an excited tone.

He had already heard that the tea was as precious as gold.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released and is now available to be received."

"Receive." Yuan Zhou received the technique of making tea first and comprehended it carefully for a while.

The technique was simple and elegant. It was natural and smooth like the floating clouds and flowing water without any smoke and fire.

"I finally understand why the heroines are frequently asked to make tea for the hero in those novels." Yuan Zhou sat on the chair and sighed with emotion.

"The actions and postures are definitely perfect. It's simply a sharp weapon to attract girls." Yuan Zhou thought of the moment when he was doing that and said earnestly.

After all, he mastered good craftsmanship of making tea and besides, had a good-looking face. Good-looking. Good-looking.

"Is the tea in the cabinet like usual?" Yuan Zhou searched around and asked when he didn't find the tea box.

The system displayed, "Yes."

Yuan Zhou stood up and searched around and finally found the label of tea leaves on a cabinet at the top.

At that time, the chair that could rise automatically was needed to help Yuan Zhou reach the tea.

God knows what psychological process Yuan Zhou had experienced before he could face the reality that he couldn't reach things at the top with his height being less than 1.8m. Previously, he wasn't able to accept that but now he could do that with ease.

"Zhi Ya". Once the cabinet was opened, there appeared a box, specifically, a small box.

It was really small, as large as Yuan Zhou's two palms.

"It's so small." Yuan Zhou murmured and then took out the box straightforwardly.

The box was very beautiful. Even if the system didn't tell him, Yuan Zhou knew it was definitely quite valuable as it felt wonderful in his hands.

It was as warm and smooth like the skin of a maiden. Judging from the appearance, however, it was obviously made of tin, but was surprisingly so fine and smooth.

"It's supposed to be a tin box. And it's considered to be the best on the aspects of leak-tightness, antioxidation and moisture resistance. Furthermore, it has the appellation of green metal." Yuan Zhou checked it carefully and said affirmatively.

"I just feel that the box is too small." Yuan Zhou murmured.

After a sound of "Bo", Yuan Zhou opened the box lightly.

"System, the tea provided is way too little." Yuan Zhou looked at the tea that filled half a box and said that.

The system displayed, "It's the Pre-Ching Ming Longjing Tribute Tea. The yield is only 400g every year and that is all here in your hand."

Yuan Zhou covered the box subconsciously and reacted very quickly, saying, "Do you mean it only produces so little tea every year?"

The system displayed, "Yes."

"No wonder it's the Pre-Ching Ming Tea. It's as precious as the gold, but this is way too little." Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion.

The system displayed, "Lu Yu, the Sage of Tea in Tang Dynasty, described the production record of the tea grown in both Tianzhu Temple and Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou in his literary work Book of Tea. In the Northern Song Dynasty, tea production began to take shape. The Eminent Monk Biancai once tasted the tea and composed poems at the foot of Shifeng Hill in Longjing district with Su Shi. After that, he wrote the three characters of Old Long Jing personally to make it a horizontal inscribed board. Later, the successive reigns and dynasties all spoke highly of the tea."

"During Qianlong Period of Qing Dynasty, the emperor designated the 18 tea plants in front of Hugong Temple at the foot of Shifeng Hill as the tribute tea. The tea in your hand is produced from those 18 tea plants, therefore the amount is quite little."

"But you are the system. Don't you have more?" For precious stuff, Yuan Zhou had always believed the more, the better.

The system displayed, "Pre-Ching Ming Tea is harvested before the Qingming Festival."

"Understood." Yuan Zhou indicated that he understood that instantly.

The time of harvesting was just the reason why the Pre-Ching Ming Tea was so precious. It was the treasure when harvested three days earlier while it became worthless grass when harvested three days late. Besides, there were only 18 tea plants in all. Having known about that, Yuan Zhou was reluctant to sell it anymore. It was so little that he'd rather keep it and drink it by himself.

Looking at the box, Yuan Zhou felt he was so lucky. Even if one had money, he probably couldn't buy it for sure.

"It seems that I can enjoy the precious tea this afternoon." Yuan Zhou looked at the warm sunshine and wanted to have a try.

That's right. Yuan Zhou was prepared to make tea to drink. He just intended to sit at the door instead of other places as he wanted others to know that he had mastered the tea ceremony.

Otherwise, that would be no different from wearing gorgeous silk clothing but walking in the night. Yuan Zhou was quite considerate to others.

"Xi Xi Suo Suo". After quite a while, Yuan Zhou carried out other tea sets provided by the system and put them on the table on which he usually sculpted. Having placed the Eggshell-Thin Delicate Porcelain Cups well carefully, he sat down and prepared to start.

"Boss Yuan, Brother Yuan." There passed a clear and melodious female sound.

"Hi, Xiaoyun. There you are." Yuan Zhou raised his head and greeted her warmly.

"Yes. Brother Yuan, are you busy?" With a blush on her face, Mu Xiaoyun looked at Yuan Zhou curiously. She was wearing a beige sweater, a dark blue short skirt, and a pair of snow-white tennis shoes.

"You don't have classes today?" Instead of answering her, Yuan Zhou asked again.

"It is Saturday today. I come over to my dad's home to find my brother." Mu Xiaoyun answered obediently.

"Alright. Wait a moment. Let's drink tea together." Instead of waiting for Mu Xiaoyun's answer, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly prepared a position and turned back to the second floor to carry a chair downstairs.

"Drink tea? Thank you so much, Brother Yuan." Mu Xiaoyun agreed obediently.

"Um. My treat, this time." Yuan Zhou indicated that he didn't stand treat just because she called him "Brother".

Even if he was called "Uncle" by others, Yuan Zhou could guarantee it wasn't because of that.

It was just because one person would merely drink tea while two companions would taste tea, even if Mu Xiaoyun was a little girl.

"Um, um." Mu Xiaoyun nodded her head and sat on the chair.

"Don't talk while drinking tea," said Yuan Zhou before he began to make tea.