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487 A New Drink

 There were 10 dishes in all for the all-fish banquet, including nine dishes and one soup. And all of them were from the reward of the Intermediate Chef.

"Let me just cook a pot of fish soup. Then I can leave half a bowl of the soup to Broth." While scooping up the fish, Yuan Zhou decided on the dish to be cooked.

When he had meals alone, Yuan Zhou was quite random.

"The wild-growing pleurotus ferulae really has a distinct taste." Yuan Zhou picked some mushrooms with the chopsticks and directly chewed it.

That's right. What Yuan Zhou randomly ate was the Stewed Fish with Pleurotus Ferulae, the wild-growing variety, of course.

As for what the pleurotus ferulae was, it was simple.

It was the perennial ferula umbelliferae medicinal plant with another name of Asafetida, of which the root was a precious Chinese herbal medicine. It had the functions of relieving distension and fullness, whetting the appetite, invigorating spleen, curing arthritis, and even inhibit the growth of tumors. Besides, the pleurotus ferulae also belonged to the basidiomycotina hymenomycetes agaricales pleurotaceae pleurotus and was also the representative macrofungi growing in the arid grassland.

Moreover, it was regarded by the local people as the divine mushroom in Tianshan Mountain and white glossy ganoderma in the west. Due to over-exploitation and livestock trampling, the natural resources were severely destroyed and the wild-growing pleurotus ferulae was becoming lesser and lesser every year. Currently, the pleurotus ferulae sold in the market were mostly cultivated artificially. Neither the taste nor the fragrance was as good as that of the wild-growing ones.

"It is truly the best quality since it is provided by the system." Yuan Zhou drank a mouthful of fish soup and sighed with emotion.

Speaking of the best quality, Yuan Zhou suddenly remembered that he still hadn't received a reward. He hadn't received all of the rewards at a time.

"It seems that my obsessive-compulsive disorder isn't as serious as I imagined." Yuan Zhou said with a tone of narcissism.

Fortunately, there was nobody around. Otherwise, Yuan Zhou would be mocked to death. His obsessive-compulsive disorder had been so serious that he even built a ladder to ensure the painting was in order. How come that it got better?

"System, I still have a special reward that hasn't been obtained, right?" Yuan Zhou uttered and asked.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"I want to get it now." Yuan Zhou said cleanly.

The system displayed, "Host, please draw the lottery by yourself."

"Lottery again? Wait for a second." Yuan Zhou drank up the remaining fish soup with a gulp and then wiped his hands and cleaned them continuously. Only after that did he prepare to draw the lottery.

"How many times can I draw the special reward?" Yuan Zhou asked first.

The system displayed, "Once."

"Only once for a special reward? You are so mean, system." Yuan Zhou murmured.

"It seems that I have to do some preparatory work." Yuan Zhou thought seriously.

"Hua". Yuan Zhou opened the drawer, took out the bright red 100 RMB notes and took them in his hands for a while. Meanwhile, he muttered something and only put them down after some time.

"Okay. We can start." As Yuan Zhou finished saying that, there appeared a rotary table in his mind.

Just like what usual during normal times. The names of various rewards were written on the rotary table.

Like 100 varieties of milk tea and a complete collection of fruit drinks, etc. These were contained in one grid. Apart from that, there was also only one other variety in each grid. For example, mint water, lemon water and apple juice, etc.

"So the special reward is actually all drinks?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"If I can draw the 100 varieties of milk tea, I think I can start a milk tea store." Yuan Zhou couldn't help ridiculing.

Then, he was ignored by the system. Luckily, Yuan Zhou had gotten used to that and thus continued watching the rotary table.

"System, what is the mineral water doing here since I'm now drawing the drinks?" Yuan Zhou really couldn't understand why the mineral water was also counted as the drinks. It was no more than clean water.

The system displayed, "The mineral water is Lourdes Spring Water. It's rumored that the water can cure incurable diseases in the current medical community and has great effects."

"Pardon?" Yuan Zhou was muddled about that.

When did the system learn to say "rumored"? Did that mean it was a legend?

Did that mean his restaurant would become a hospital rather than a restaurant in the future?

"Isn't it the hot spring? Many people are said to go there every year to bathe or drink." Yuan Zhou didn't feel comfortable with that. If it was real, the spring was actually the bath water.

The system displayed, "You are right."

"If so, isn't it the bath water?" Yuan Zhou rolled his eyes and said discontentedly.

The system displayed, "What the system provides is the Lourdes Spring Water that has never been used."

"I beg to be excused. It still feels like the bath water." Yuan Zhou indicated that he wasn't curious at all. Besides, he was most reluctant to get it.

The system displayed, "The water provided by this system is absolutely superior with top-class effects."

"Can it really cure cancer? It's said that the spring water can make the severed limb grow again, right?" Then, Yuan Zhou became more curious.

The system displayed, "No, it can't. The spring water just has abundant nutrient substance and antiviral factors, which have slight relieving effects on some diseases."

"I see." Yuan Zhou indicated that he wasn't really interested in that. Since it can't cure diseases, the minor effects might not be as good as that of exercising.

Health can keep diseases away, therefore Yuan Zhou felt he didn't want the bath water.

"What's the grand prize at the top?" Having paused for a moment, Yuan Zhou pointed at the grid beside the hand and asked.

The system displayed, "You'll know after you get it."

"Ho Ho. Do you think I'm a fool? That position is the most difficult one to draw." Yuan Zhou ridiculed.

That's right. The position mentioned by Yuan Zhou was the next grid beside the hand. According to probability, the hand was most unlikely to stop at this position. Yuan Zhou was very clear about that.

"However, any reward is good for me. There's not even fruit juice to drink during the meal except the watermelon juice." Yuan Zhou still felt satisfied with that.

"Breathe." Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and then started to draw the lottery.

As a matter of fact, Yuan Zhou was apparently drawing the lottery in his mind, but why was he taking the money with his hands? After all, that had nothing to do with his hands.

"Start." Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

Then, the roulette began to rotate in his mind. During the process, Yuan Zhou closed his eyes and waited earnestly for it to stop.

"Ding." The reminder set by Yuan Zhou sounded.

"What the f*ck!" Once he opened his eyes, Yuan Zhou couldn't help cursing.

Because the hand was pointing to the two characters of 'grand prize', which Yuan Zhou was very excited.

"What reward is it?" Yuan Zhou asked happily.

The system displayed, "Host, you can draw the lottery another three times."

"It is actually this kind of reward?" Yuan Zhou was stupefied for an instant before he reacted.

Looking at the rotary table full of rewards, Yuan Zhou became a little more satisfied.

Originally, he could only get one reward. Now that he could get three, it was fairly good.

"What shall I do if I get a grand prize again?" Yuan Zhou asked worriedly, but his tone indicated that he was quite complacent.

The system displayed, "The grand prize only appears once at a time. So don't worry about that, host."

"Ahem, perfect. Anyhow, it's not good to get too many grand prizes." Yuan Zhou coughed to conceal his embarrassment and then began to draw the lottery.

"Ding Ding Ding." After he started, Yuan Zhou closed his eyes as usual. Not long after that, however, there came the sound of stopping three times.

"Damn it! When did I all three times in one go?" Yuan Zhou was a little speechless while looking at the three rewards.

The system displayed, "For the grand prize, you have three chances to draw the lottery and you can get three rewards at a time."

"It's really impossible to take advantage of the system." Yuan Zhou supported his forehead.

However, he was fairly delighted in the heart because he was quite satisfied with the rewards this time. The satisfaction was even greater than expected.