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486 “Nice Guy Card” Yuan Zhou

 "Let me tell you. I'm not to be trifled with. If you don't give the money back to me today, don't even think about leaving this place." The female boss glared at the suited man with her arms on her waist.

Meanwhile, the male boss also glared at him at the side and revealed an unforgiving manner.

"This is way too unreasonable. This vending machine is provided by me. And how would you know that it failed in less than one day?" Having measured the strengths of both sides, the man in the suit admitted defeat and then said mildly.

"Do you see anybody coming to buy the drinks?" The female boss indicated that she wasn't a fool. She pointed at the vending machine with nobody around across the street and said ferociously.

"What can such a short time stand for? Let's just wait a moment longer patiently and then talk about that." The man in the suit tried to comfort them.

"I don't see any sign of success." The male boss shook his head straightforwardly. He didn't really believe in the words of the man in the suit.

While the three people were debating ceaselessly over there, it was quite harmonious and natural in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Seeing the vending machine visited by nobody, the three originators were also very happy.

"I have big breasts, but not everyone can look at them casually." Jiang Changxi drank a mouthful of water and thought coldly in the heart.

"I'm afraid that he won't have the time now." Ling Hong shrugged his shoulders.

"It really ruins the sense of beauty." Wu Hai was still dissatisfied with the machine as it had affected his painting.

"Of course. This is the idea that I worked out personally." Jiang Changxi was fairly confident.

"He will probably move the machine away by tomorrow. Those two guys are not that easy to get along with." Naturally, Ling Hong was talking about the couple from the noodle restaurant.

"It's good as long as it's moved away." Wu Hai nodded his head.

"I think the success should be attributed to Boss Yuan this time." Ling Hong thought for a while and said suddenly.

"Yeah, you are right. If not for the warm reminder, our idea wouldn't work so well in such a short time." Jiang Changxi nodded her head.

"That's right." Wu Hai nodded and echoed.

"Is it you who told Boss Yuan about our plan?" Jiang Changxi looked at Wu Hai suspiciously.

"I'm not that bored." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and revealed a look of contempt.

"There seems to be one reason only. Boss Yuan definitely helped us in that way because he is touched by my beautiful appearance." Jiang Changxi stroked her own face and appeared rather proud.

"Hey, 'three lost' woman. I don't think Boss Yuan has a crush on you." Ling Hong's sharp tongue gave a blow to Jiang Changxi.

"Presumably, he offered the help when he saw we were so busy. After all, he is Yuan Zhou." Wu Hai shrugged his shoulders.

"That's really possible." Jiang Changxi rolled her eyes to Ling Hong and then said that.

"I have never expected that Boss Yuan is such a good person." Ling Hong said meaningfully.

"Boss Yuan is indeed a nice person." Wu Hai nodded his head.

"A Nice Guy Card is hereby given to Boss Yuan." Jiang Changxi remembered the matter that she was called back at midnight to pick up the young girl and then said lightly with a nod.

Without Yuan Zhou himself knowing that, he had received three "Nice Guy Cards", one of which was even from a beauty like Jiang Changxi.

If Yuan Zhou had known that, he probably wouldn't be too happy.

Among the numerous reason to break up, the most frequently-used one was the sentence of "You are a nice guy."

Without a girlfriend yet, Yuan Zhou naturally didn't like to receive these kind of words.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou had no idea of that.

The lunchtime also passed very soon. In the noodle restaurant, the three people were still discussing about the vending machine.

The female boss insisted that the drinks of the man in the suit were too expensive and the idea was a bad idea and hence requested to return the drinks to him.

Nonetheless, the man in the suit believed that he would never money in his pocket out. Thus, he had constantly been trying to persuade the couple to accept the fact.

As for the male boss, he felt it was all because of the great piles of drinks under the tables that caused nobody to come and eat his noodles for lunch today. Therefore, he also hoped that they can return the drinks to the man in the suit.

"It seems that I still have to eat the fish dishes today." After Yuan Zhou had taken a rest in his chair for quite a while, he muttered to himself.

"Zhi Ya". Yuan Zhou opened the back door.

"Broth, we are going to eat the fish today again." Yuan Zhou said to the dog that lay prone on the ground outside the door.

Having looked up at Yuan Zhou, Broth continued lowering its head and lying there.

"You agree, right? Ok, I'm going to cook the fish." Yuan Zhou said naturally.

However, it was only because Broth couldn't talk. If it could talk, it would absolutely contradict him.

"You give me the damn fish bones without any meat every time, although they also taste good."

It was the agreed day of the treat tomorrow. Therefore, Yuan Zhou had been eating the fish these few days.

All the fish dishes had been cooked once and every time was a success. After all, Yuan Zhou had sculpting skills for the medium and had thoroughly mastered it.

It was fairly easy to kill the fish and make the cuisines.

Yuan Zhou closed the back door and went to catch the fish in the water tank.

"Speaking of which, there are not only the prawns, but also mussels and various fishes now in the water tank. Is it really alright, System?" Yuan Zhou wore the face mask and started to complain straightforwardly.

The system displayed, "Host, you don't actually need to worry about the living conditions of the fishes, prawns, and mussels."

"How can I not worry about that? What if the mussels suddenly spit out a prawn?" Yuan Zhou shook his head.

He suddenly imagined a scene where there appeared a lively prawn rather than the fresh and sweet mussel meat when he opened the mussels. The scene was so beautiful that he really dared not continue imagining it.

The system displayed, "The water tank provided by the system is only used for transshipment and doesn't really affect the lives of these ingredients."

"If so, I probably won't be surprised if I scoop up a whale from inside one day." Yuan Zhou sighed.

The system displayed, "The whale isn't an ingredient for now."

"Awesome, my system! Do you really intend to put a whale inside?" Yuan Zhou was totally scared by the system.

The system displayed, "Thank you for your compliments."

"You are welcome." Yuan Zhou said naturally.

"Since we are talking about this topic, do we possibly have the ingredients of the deep-sea species like half-ton salmons and others later?" Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the sashimi which was popular in an island country.

The system displayed, "Host, please work hard to level up."

"Can we continue talking with each other happily?" Yuan Zhou was quite speechless.

Then, there was no "then". The system didn't answer him anymore. And Yuan Zhou was also immersed in cooking the fish and couldn't escape from that.

In the office of Zhou Shijie, it was still the female assistant that had invited Yuan Zhou last time.

"Chairman Zhou, whom do you want to accompany you to the dinner tomorrow?" The assistant asked seriously and earnestly.

"Tell Li Minghui and Liu Tong to go with me. Of them, one is the eldest brother and the other is the genius apprentice. Let them witness that Chu Xiao is not the only talent." Zhou Shijie said smilingly.

"Okay. I'm going to inform them." The assistant nodded her head.

"You won't blame me for not taking you there, will you?" Zhou Shijie said quite gently. He was originally the elder of the assistant.

"Of course not. I'm looking forward to your craftsmanship even more." The assistant immediately said that with a smile.

"Haw-haw. Great. I will cook a meal during the Chinese Lunar New Year to satisfy your craving, you little gluttonous cat." Having been complimented that way, Zhou Shijie immediately said happily.

"Then I have to go on a diet and lose weight from today on so that I can eat more by then." The assistant smiled and said mischievously.

"No, you can't. If you become thin, your father will complain about me." Zhou Shijie was made quite delighted by the assistant.

"That won't happen. Okay. I'm leaving to notify the two chefs now." The assistant only left after she said that.

"This cute little thing!" Zhou Shijie smiled and scolded.