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485 The Biter Is Sometimes Bi

 "What the hell are you guys? Don't be so arrogant even if you are wealthy." The female boss that had been disregarded appeared quite irritated and spat with a low voice.

"Isn't it easy to take advantage of Boss Yuan? As chance would have it, I did. Ho Ho." The man in the suit and a crew cut indicated that he would never take out the money that had entered his pocket.

That's right. The vending machine belongs to the company, but the extra money he earned privately had already entered his pocket securely.

"What are you talking with them for? They will know the results later." There came the voice of Ling Hong from a distance.

"I'm afraid it will be disappointing if the lead roles aren't present." Wu Hai said with a smile on his face.

"That's true." Ling Hong nodded his head.

"What big words! It is none of your business how I sell my drinks." The man in the suit couldn't help scolding.

"Absolutely. This person has no reason to poke his nose into others' business." The female boss also spat.

However, Ling Hong and Wu Hai couldn't hear them.

Ling Hong had intended to go to Jiang Changxi to discuss the matter at noon and in the evening with Wu Hai. Thus, he brought Wu Hai, the forever "Shut-in", out of his house.

As for the man in the suit, he unexpectedly didn't leave. He decided to stay there until noontime in order to see the scene where the customers came in an endless stream to buy the drinks, which had appeared yesterday.

Meanwhile, the female boss replenished the vending machine again and even dismantled many cartons filled with the drinks so that she could replenish the machine quickly when the business started booming at noon.

Time passed quickly, especially in the morning. For Yuan Zhou, it was only the time required to sculpt a piece of broccoli and prepare the ingredients, which passed very soon.

Then, the side street became boisterous. All customers waited in line to swipe their identification card before they got the number ticket and eat there.

"Hey, what are you going there for?" A young and tall person stopped his friend.

"I'm thirsty and want to buy a cola." The young man that had been stopped revealed a puzzled look.

"No, no, you'd better not. Didn't you hear Boss Yuan say that drinking the drinks would affect the taste of the food? Boss Yuan will provide the mineral water shortly. Only that was the genuine taste would go with the mineral water." The young and tall person said immediately.

"Are you serious?" His friend asked with puzzlement.

"Of course. Didn't you check your Wechat Moments? Everybody is transmitting Boss Yuan's warm reminder." The young and tall person nodded his head.

"Alright. We come to eat with great difficulty, so I don't want my good mood to be spoiled by this matter." His friend nodded and wasn't so thirsty after thinking about Yuan Zhou's delicacies.

After all, he could drink the drinks at any time, but seldom did he have an opportunity to eat Boss Yuan's delicacies.

"My friend, have you ever heard of the queuing committee? We are now providing the mineral water for free. You don't need to pay." Judging from the tone, it was naturally the fatty of the four people from the queuing committee.

"I know. Aren't all queuing matters in the charge of you guys?" The young and tall person answered.

"That's good. Go there to get the water." The fatty guy pointed at the queuing machine. Over there, the slim and tall guy was distributing the water.

It was Jiang Changxi's second strategy, which happened to coordinate with Yuan Zhou's warm reminder. They complemented each other and directly made the buyers stop buying the drinks.

There were still 10 minutes before Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened for business.

"Um. It seems that nobody is going there to buy drinks anymore." Yuan Zhou stood on the second floor and looked at the vending machine without a single person around.

"Haw-haw. I seem to be a person that relies on my attractiveness to live too. I have nothing but slightly superior culinary skills. What shall I do with that?" On the next second, Yuan Zhou turned around, burst into laughter and then said to himself complacently.

It was lucky that Yuan Zhou, who lived based on his attractiveness, went downstairs after checking the time. After all, the culinary skills were still quite important.

"What's the matter? Why isn't even one bottle of the drinks sold?" Having ran over to check the vending machine six times, the female boss appeared worried.

"Remember what I said? The tail of the rabbit won't be long. Am I right?" Boss Tong said gently with a big smile.

"It's none of your business. Mind your own business." The female boss scolded directly.

"It's indeed none of my business, but I have a hobby of watching the fun of others." Boss Tong burst into laughter after she said that.

"Humph." The female boss snorted coldly and then turned her head and said to the man in the suit loudly.

"Can you tell me what the problem is?" She asked indignantly.

"Let's wait for a while longer." The man in the suit frowned and said.

"Wait? What the hell are we waiting for? You said the same thing to me three times. I have sold a great pile of drinks during the same time yesterday. Why is it so different from yesterday?" The female boss became quite angry.

"It might be because you set the price too high. Why not lower the price for a try? After all, this isn't the tourist area." Looking at Yuan Zhou's restaurant with crowds of customers, the man in the suit started getting nervous.

"Lower the price?" The female boss shouted in surprise.

"Yes. Lower them to the normal price. Let's play hardball." The suited man turned to look at the female boss earnestly.

"Will that work?" The female boss asked tentatively.

"Absolutely." The suited man was quite confident.

"Okay." What the female boss actually considered now was how to sell them out rather than how to make more money.

"Ding Ding." After some simple operations, the prices were all lowered to the normal level by her.

This was the human nature. Things bought by many people would attract more people to buy them while those that products that few people bought would be eventually not be bought, even if the price was lowered. This was a kind of sales psychology.

As a result of Yuan Zhou's warm reminder and the action of the queuing committee, the vending machine was visited by no one during lunchtime at noon.

"You said it would work to lower the price. What's the matter? I sold only a little bit of drinks in the morning and now, not one of them could be sold." The female boss turned around and looked at the man in a suit with an indignant gaze.

"Wait. You didn't even sell much in the morning?" The suited man concentrated on this crucial point.

"Yeah. It's understandable if fewer people drink these drinks in the morning, but now, what do you say about the situation at noon? Is there anything wrong with your drinks? They no longer come to buy after they drink it once." The female boss looked at the suited man with puzzlement.

"That's impossible. All these drinks are purchased from branded producers and are free from any problems. It might be because you sold them so expensively yesterday and then they no longer come again today." The man in the suit shrunk from his responsibility instantly.

"I adjusted the price yesterday evening and even then, I sold out a dozen cartons. There must be something wrong with your drinks. Otherwise, why is that damn guy unwilling to cooperate with you? Trust me, you can never get out of this street if you dare to cheat me." With her eyes widely open, the female boss became more suspicious about this person in front of her.

Then, even the male boss of the noodle restaurant turned to look at the man in the suit with puzzlement.

After all, only fools didn't like earning money and were afraid of having more money. It was definitely because of the inferior drinks that made Yuan Zhou stop doing business with him.

"But this young Boss Yuan is so wicked that he didn't even remind us. Doesn't he know that we are his neighbors?" The male boss took a look at the bustling Yuan Zhou's restaurant discontentedly.

"Woo. I have an itchy nose. It seems somebody is talking about me." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and refrained himself from sneezing. He just continued cooking the dishes seriously.

During the process, Yuan Zhou wouldn't allow himself to sneeze, even if he was wearing a face mask.

While Yuan Zhou was enjoying the feeling of cooking delicacies at his end, the other two people were quarreling heatedly.

"What are you threatening me for? I'm doing business legally. What exactly can you do to me?" The man in the suit was quite speechless with the female boss.

"Haw. You dare to cheat me of so much money. Give it back to me, hurry up." The female boss and her husband blocked the way out secretly.

A fight was going to break out at any time.

The man in the suit that had taken action against Yuan Zhou encountered the female boss of the noodle restaurant now. This might be the so-called "The Biter Is Sometimes Bit."...