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484 Taking Advantage of Yuan Zhou Isn’t That Easy.

 Yuan Zhou's warm reminder didn't really have much influence on customers who liked drinking the drinks and meanwhile eating the delicacies of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. They could come over here after drinking. As a result, the only one affected was the vending machine of the man in the suit with a crew cut.

"What's the matter? They decide not to drink in the morning?" The female boss was a little anxious inwardly.

Looking at the customers that were prepared to leave one after another, the female boss went up to a girl and asked her.

"Beauty, why are you not having drinks in the morning?" The shrewd face of the female boss was full of smiles.

"I won't drink them from now on. I must follow Boss Yuan's advice." The girl said earnestly.

"Did that boss suggest that you not have the drinks?" The female boss immediately answered.

"Yeah. Because he cares about us very much." The girl turned around and left after she said that.

"Damn it. What did that little thing say to the customers?" The female boss stared at the empty restaurant and murmured angrily.

"I must go to ask around." The female boss wasn't really a person that gave up so easily.

Not to mention it was no more than one hour.

After she asked three customers, however, they all said it was because of Yuan Zhou's reminder, the so-called warm reminder.

"This damn little guy seems to be sealing my road for gaining money." The female boss was very angry. She decided to go up and look at the warm reminder.

The place where the warm reminder was placed was quite conspicuous. It was exactly at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Therefore, she caught sight of that as soon as she approached.

After reading them one by one, the female boss laughed in her heart.

"Is that all? I thought it was something very special." Then, she felt at ease.

In her opinion, such a kind of reminder was totally useless. Nowadays, the young liked behaving contrary to others' expectations. Even their parents' words didn't work, let alone a boss of a small restaurant.

"He doesn't even know that the young hates to be sermonized. He's really an innocent youngster." The female boss snorted coldly and returned at ease.

Not long after the breakfast time ended, the man in the suit with a crew cut led a van full of the drinks here.

"This is way too much. We don't have sufficient space to store them." Looking at the drinks that filled the van, the boss became slightly overwhelmed.

"Let's just put them under the tables in our restaurant. Anyhow, they can be stored." The female boss said with an indifferent tone.

"Yeah, right. Put all of them under the tables so that we can move them out easily." The man in the suit immediately echoed.

"Exactly. I moved the drinks all day long yesterday and hence I was really exhausted." Although the female boss was complaining, there was a complacent smile on her face.

"It's indeed tiring. We have sold almost 35 cartons of the drinks in only half a day yesterday, right?" The suited man was also very happy.

"Yes. We'll have to replenish the drinks again shortly." The female boss nodded her head.

"Are these 65 cartons of drinks enough for your business till the evening?" The suited man smiled and said.

"I'm not sure." The female boss also smiled. Both of their smiles were quite complacent.

"If we put them under the tables, how will our customers eat?" The boss said helplessly at the side.

"How many customers do you think can eat your noodles? Even the business of selling drinks is better than the noodle business." The female boss contradicted him immediately.

"Alright. You decide." Asked by his wife in that way, the boss instantly became speechless and had to agree.

"Move them in. All of them." While the couples were talking, the suited man led the workers to move the drinks inside.

"Here's the deal. You buy these drinks at the market price and I'm responsible for the cost and repair of the vending machine. You decide on the selling price of the drinks by yourself. This is the total cost of the 65 cartons of drinks." The man in the suit took out the calculator and figured out the total cost before he handed it to the female boss.

"No problem." After she calculated again, she confirmed the number and then agreed readily.

Normally, the buyers would get extra 5 bottles when they purchased a carton of 12 bottles of drinks, or they bought at 2.5 RMB and sold at 3.0 RMB. But the female boss had truly bought the drinks at the market price, just because this place was way too good.

After that, the remaining profit naturally belonged to the man in the suit. It was also the reason why he tried his best to put the vending machine in Yuan Zhou's restaurant formerly. People were always tempted by money.

People could easily reach that conclusion after they checked the astonishing sales volume from the half day yesterday. It was only the sales volume on cold days. If it were on hot days, the drinks sold could possibly be much higher than that.

After all, the vending machine was different from the small stores. It was quite normal for things sold from the vending machine to be more expensive while in small stores, people wouldn't accept that price. After all, the vending machine was covered by a high-tech cloak.

After they finalized the transaction happily, the man in the suit proposed to go and check the vending machine.

"Let's go to have a look. Anyhow, we have taken advantage of others. I don't know if he sells drinks and if there's any impact on his business." The man in the suit said beautiful words hypocritically.

"Yeah. We might have to replenish the drinks." The female boss was very proactive in watching the fun of Yuan Zhou.

"Yes. Let's go." The suited man nodded.

"Ta Ta Ta". The two of them walked to the vending machine in less than 2 minutes.

After they checked, however, they found there were still plenty of drinks inside.

"Why are there still so many drinks?" The female boss muttered.

"It's still not the lunch time yet and fewer people would buy them. Besides, your price is different from others'. Those passers-by would definitely go to the small store over there to buy drinks." The suited man immediately knew the reason when he saw the doubled price.

"That makes sense. Those customers who wait in line haven't arrived." The female boss nodded.

"So don't worry." The man in the suit said to her in a comforting tone.

"I'm not worried. The sales volume yesterday is there." The female boss said complacently.

"Em. What's that?" The suited man pointed the panel that twinkled with colorful radiance in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and asked.

"That's the reminder from that person about not drinking the drinks." After the female boss said that, she explained in details what was written on that. Of course, she didn't forget to mention her opinions.

"Haw-haw. He surprisingly figured out such a stupid method. It's really so ridiculous. You forbid others from drinking the drinks and they have to obey you? Don't affect our business after your own business goes down." The man in the suit burst into laughter and glanced at Yuan Zhou who was sculpting with a gaze of great contempt.

"Is this damn thing yours?" Wu Hai suddenly appeared at the stairs and asked.

"Yes. Whatever you like, pay and take it." The female boss immediately greeted them affably.

She knew this person was very wealthy. Everyone looking for him drove luxury cars.

"You think that reminder is useless?" Instead of answering the female boss, Wu Hai just looked at the man in the suit with a crew cut and said that.

"Of course. He's just an insignificant boss. Who will obey him?" The man in the suit said with a tone of contempt.

"Okay. Don't leave at noon. I would like to invite you to watch the fun." Wu Hai squinted and said that while stroking his small mustaches.

"What kind of fun?" The suited man asked with puzzlement.

"The name is 'taking advantage of Boss Yuan isn't that easy'. What do you think?" Wu Hai turned his head and said to Ling Hong who had just come downstairs.

"Good. The name is perfect. Let's go." Ling Hong nodded his head and paid no attention to the two people.