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483 Working Both Ways

 "What's this?" The grandpa, a regular customer who often came to eat Soup Dumplings, looked at the colorful LED panel while squinting and trying to ignore the twinkles.

"Warm reminder?" Another customer who came right after the grandpa also saw that and then read that out.

"What are you talking about? What did Boss Yuan post again?" Those who couldn't see the panel behind them immediately asked.

What a joke! The customers were most afraid of Yuan Zhou suddenly posting a notice. It meant that he would ask for leave again.

"It's not the leave request, but a sort of warm reminder." A customer ahead of others tried to comfort the anxious people.

"That's great. But what exactly is the warm reminder?" The customer asked again after that.

When they heard there was the warm reminder, the customers behind came up and surrounded again. Then, the small LED panel was surrounded by crowds of people.

"Hey, bro. Please read it for us. We are behind you guys and can't see it." Ma Zhida arrived late. He tried to read the content by himself, but failed. Therefore, he had to shout that way.

"Yeah, yeah. Please read it so that we can know what Boss Yuan wrote there." Those customers that couldn't see the panel behind others started to say that one after another.

"Please. Read it for all of us." The customers continued saying that.

"Okay. Let me read for you guys." The grandpa answered loudly.

Then, those customers behind stopped shouting anymore and just waited there to hear what Yuan Zhou did again. Hopefully, there was a new dish.

As for what the others saying that it was a warm reminder rather than the menu, wasn't it possible that it was a warm method of new dishes? The customers were quite good at guessing.

"Warm reminder: Firstly, the banquet dishes are to be released very soon. It'll be coming soon." The grandpa read that in measured tones.

"Secondly, respecting the old and cherishing the children are a good tradition while couples in harmony end up in happiness. So it's very important to get along with each other well." While reading that, the grandpa seem to feel this sentence was a little familiar."

"Thirdly, people that smile are the most beautiful; people that learn are the best; people that are healthy are the most awesome! Please drink fewer drinks."

"The drinks contain abundant substances including colorings, additives, and preservatives, etc. These compositions require plenty of water during the metabolism in the body. Besides that, the caffeine contained in the cola has the function of diuresis and will accelerate the discharge of water. Therefore, the more you drink carbonated drinks, the thirstier you become."

"While the carbon dioxide inhibits the bacteria contained in the drinks, it also produces inhibitory effects to the beneficial bacterium thus, the digestive system will be ruined. So, having drinks before the meal will result in abdominal distension, affecting the appetite and taste or even cause irritable bowel syndrome which may lead to gastrointestinal disease."

"All in all, I hope none of my customers have drinks within half an hour before you eat in the restaurant."

"That's all."

"That's all it says." The grandpa read through the lines of professional knowledge in one breath.

"That was so tiring." The grandpa took a rest for a while and then said.

"I know it isn't healthy to have much drinks previously, but I have never thought the result could be so serious." A customer sighed.

"Exactly. I just bought a hot milk tea." Holding a cup of milk tea in his hand, another customer was hesitant to throw it or not.

"It's simply because we are slightly thirsty while waiting." Another customer frowned and said that.

"Boss Yuan said just now that the drinks can't quench thirst." A customer pointed at Yuan Zhou's warm reminder and said.

"But there is no mineral water inside." The customer who had frowned just now said that while pointing at the vending machine at the side.

That's right. In order to disgust Yuan Zhou, the man in the suit and a crew cut studied Yuan Zhou's menu carefully. He knew there was water served in Yuan Zhou's restaurant and hence didn't sell the mineral water. In the vending machine were all kinds of drinks.

"Boss Yuan provides plain boiled water during lunch and dinner now. I think that's definitely a good option." When the customers thought of the sweetness of the water, they instantly became a little thirsty.

"You young people really should have less drinks like that. It's enough just to try the taste of them." Having taken a rest, the grandpa said that.

"Yeah. I tasted the drinks yesterday. Let me drink the soybean milk today." A customer accepted the good advice and said that.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Boss Yuan is actually caring about us, but it's just a little odd." Tang Xi kept silent for quite a while and leaped happily.

"It's indeed so. The concern from Boss Yuan is really so distinctive." Another customer burst into laughter and said that.

"I also think so. If I hadn't read this over there, I would believe it was a slogan written in a housing estate." A customer said that while pointing at Yuan Zhou's warm reminder.

"Now I know why I felt it a little familiar. It's like the slogan appearing at our housing estate." The grandpa said that while pointing at the sentence "Respecting the old and cherishing the children."

"Haw-Haw. Look! There is another line of small characters below." A customer who found that first pointed at the lower part of the LED panel.

[The first and second slogans are from Baidu. If there is any infringement of the law, please contact me so I can delete it. Thank you.]

"Puff.... Haw-haw-haw-haw."

"What the hell is that? The slogans really are from Baidu. The last one was definitely said by Boss Yuan." The one that the customer was talking about was naturally the slogan that advised customers not to have the drinks.

After all, no official slogan would suggest that people not have drinks.

Then, these customers contrarily felt that Yuan Zhou was so interesting. Originally, Yuan Zhou was an aloof, earnest, and principled person who spoke little and who was cold on the surface but warm on the inside.

After all, it greatly warmed their hearts when Yuan Zhou prepared new towels for the customers on rainy days.

"Come on. Here comes the first benefit from the queuing committee. Everyone can get a cup of soybean milk for free." Just when the customers sighed with emotion, Man Man's vigorous voice sounded.

"Soybean milk? No wonder I feel it was so silent around here today and that nobody was selling soybean milk. So they were all bought by you guys?" On turning his head, a customer saw the big basket beside Man Man and thus said with a smile.

"You are right. They are all bought by us. This morning, we'll treat all you guys to a cup of soybean milk each." Man Man nodded her head smilingly.

"It seems that they really don't want us to drink the drinks." A customer sighed with emotion.

"Exactly. Boss Yuan has just posted the warm reminder and then our queuing committee brings us soybean milk." The customers said that one after another.

"Speaking of which, the soybean milk sold around here is very tasty and authentic." A customer took the soybean milk and started to drink.

"That's right. I think they all learn from Boss Yuan and use authentic ingredients." Another customer squinted and smiled.

Yuan Zhou's slogans were publicized very soon to others. Some even took photos of the slogans and posted them on their Wechat Moments or microblog. Not long after that, all customers got to know that.

As Yuan Zhou suggested that people shouldn't have the drinks within half an hour before the meal, the slogans had no influence on others who sold drinks. What they really affected was the vending machine in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Having got up early and replenished the drinks once, the female boss of the noodle restaurant became puzzled.

"What's wrong with them? There are so many people but why are they not buying my drinks?" The female boss looked at the customers in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant with puzzlement.

"What happened? Why are all of them drinking soybean milk?" Soon, the female boss of the noodle restaurant found that every customer was holding a cup of soybean milk in their hand, which was so unscientific.

"It is lucky that we just can't drink the drinks within half an hour before the meal. Next time, I'm going to come after drinking." It was the solution that the customers who liked drinking the drinks figured out.

So, this was Yuan Zhou's method. He was indeed unable to let people give up the drinks, but he could at least let them not drink them half hour before the meal. By now, the female boss had felt the horror of being dominated by Yuan Zhou.

She didn't even sell ten bottles within one hour...