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482 Yuan Zhou’s Warm Reminder

 "Is this the vending machine mentioned?" Ling Hong took the phone and gradually approached.

"Yes. That's it. It simply destroys the aesthetic feeling." With his brows knitted tight, Wu Hai was still thinking of that oil painting of his.

After it was sold out, Wu Hai even paid the buyer to redeem it. This was a first. Because of that, he made some concessions to Zheng Jiawei on some matters. Judging from that, one could imagine how Wu Hai treasured that oil painting of People Passing by A Small Restaurant.

But now, this machine that had no aesthetic feeling at all was placed at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Wu Hai was really unable to tolerate that.

"Indeed. He actually sold the drink over here. What good do these drinks do to people?" It was once in a blue moon where Ling Hong shared the same opinion with Wu Hai on a matter.

Ling Hong never drank those drinks. Without any reason, he just didn't like drinking them.

As a rich and capricious second generation tycoon, he naturally didn't want others to drink it either. Yeap, that was the simple and crude logic.

"Ho Ho. I will let him know what being unable to sell means." Jiang Changxi stood behind the two people and said confidently.

"Of course." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and nodded.

"I will provide the money needed," said the wealthy Ling Hong.

"Okay. So starting from tomorrow, we send soybean milk to everyone free of charge during breakfast." Jiang Changxi worked out a plan quickly.

"Will that work?" Wu Hai indicated that he really had no idea of things on business.

"No problem. Let's buy out all the soybean milk from the street peddlers and then give them out to the customers. We can put them beside the queuing machine and that will be perfect." Ling Hong nodded his head and then said that.

"Why don't we move this machine away directly?" Wu Hai thought of a simple and crude method.

"First of all, he must have got the approval from the Street Administration Office before he placed the machine over here. That is why it's not good to move it away directly now. Secondly, we are all civilized people and therefore should treat everybody gently when it comes to business." Jiang Changxi grinned.

"Does giving out the soybean milk for free also count?" Wu Hai murmured with a low voice.

"Of course. After all, we are squeezing him out of the business openly." Jiang Changxi turned his head, looking at Wu Hai, and then said mildly.

"I'm going to inform Boss Yuan that we are going to put a shelf beside the queuing machine." Wu Hai had a very sensitive instinct. He said that immediately when he saw the smile of Jiang Changxi.

"Um. Let's just take this matter as being the perks to the customers from the committee." Ling Hong waved his hand in a generous manner.

"Tsk. I also have much money." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and walked into Yuan Zhou's restaurant swaggeringly.

"Shua Shua". Yuan Zhou was writing something on the LED panel seriously.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan?" Wu Hai saw Yuan Zhou taking the LED panel, standing at the stairs and writing.

"Um. There are still ten minutes before the business time." Yuan Zhou put the pen down and said earnestly.

"I know, I know. I have learned the time by heart." Wu Hai nodded his head.

Then, Yuan Zhou stared at Wu Hai just like that and revealed a very clear meaning as if to say, "Since you know everything, why are you still standing there? Why don't you go out?"

"I have something to say. I'll put a basket beside your queuing machine to provide the drinks to the customers in line." Wu Hai instantly understood Yuan Zhou's meaning and said immediately.

"Okay. Don't occupy too much space." Yuan Zhou nodded.

In Yuan Zhou's opinion, it wasn't a big deal to put a basket there. Besides, he was very sure that the drinks were free. After all, Wu Hai didn't seem to be a person good at doing business.

"Alright. That's it." Wu Hai turned around and left.

Neither Wu Hai, Ling Hong nor Jiang Changxi intended to tell Yuan Zhou about their intention. It was the matter of the queuing committee.

And Yuan Zhou also thought of a good solution.

Along with the arrival of the business time at noon, the customers outside became more as usual.

It was a little cold and there were also hot drinks in the vending machine. Besides, it was close to Yuan Zhou's restaurant and thus more people came to buy.

In no more than half an hour after the business time commenced, the female boss of the noodle restaurant had replenished the drinks three times. She appeared to be as proud as a peacock every time she carried the drinks.

The fourth time she did so, the female boss said to Boss Tong directly.

"Ouch! I'm so exhausted. Why is my business so good? Even if it's 2 RMB more expensive, so many people still come to buy it." The female boss revealed uncontrollable complacence.

"Humph." Boss Tong snorted coldly. On his skinny face, there appeared an expression of contempt.

"You guys are all big boss. You don't care about so little money, but I do. I'm poor. Look! I have earned a profit of over 200 RMB in such a short time." The female boss covered her mouth and appeared quite complacent.

She was right. Boss Tong was the second candidate that the suited man with a crew cut found, but she straightforwardly refused him.

After all, Boss Tong had really encountered such a matter where Yuan Zhou had refused people twice already.

In her opinion, one had to get others' consent if they wanted to use others' customers to do business. Even Boss Tong had thanked Yuan Zhou since her business became better, let alone this man in the suit who wanted to steal Yuan Zhou's business. Naturally, Boss Tong wouldn't agree.

"I indeed don't care about the money earned this way." Unlike Yuan Zhou, Boss Tong wasn't good at the speaking. She directly answered immodestly.

"Of course, of course. But I have to say Boss Yuan is really a good person that brings us the money." The female boss laughed and said.

"Although you bounced up and down happily now, you are no more than the tail of a rabbit. It won't be long." Boss Tong pointed at the female boss and said straightforwardly.

"Ho Ho. It will last until Boss Yuan no longer opens his restaurant anymore." The female boss said that indignantly and afterwards, turned around and left.

She had to check if the drinks in the vending machine were sold out. If so, she must replenish them. Only that was the most important thing.

As for Boss Tong, the female boss only took her as a jealous old woman.

In Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, it was still as bustling as before. The customers talked about the current affairs and the delicacies. And some tried to get others' food with various tricks. Everyone of them was as same as usual.

If there was any difference, it might be that everyone was holding a drink, some were normal-temperature carbonated drinks while some were hot milk tea.

"Well, it seems that many people are buying it." Yuan Zhou nodded his head privately.

Yuan Zhou wasn't worried at all. After all, only the good business today could give a contrast to the worse business tomorrow. When there was contrast, there will be pain.

Not only Yuan Zhou, but also the three people, Jiang Changxi, Ling Hong, and Wu Hai that had reached an agreement were thinking this way.

During the dinner time, the sales of the vending machine were even more fearful. The female boss almost had to replenish the drinks every 15 minutes. The frequency lasted until Yuan Zhou closed his restaurant.

"I'm so exhausted. The cash box is too small." The complacency on her face almost flowed out.

"I said it would work. Now you see that I'm right. It doesn't matter if the drinks are more expensive. I charge more than that and that's considered quite normal." The female boss said to his husband with a prideful tone.

"Yeah, you are right." The boss of the noodle restaurant was an honest person. On hearing that, he just echoed without saying anything else.

"Of course I'm right. I have to call that person and order more drinks. It is better if we store more drinks. The more, the better." The female boss thought that shrewdly.

"Okay. Let me tidy them up," said the boss obediently.

Once the phone call was put through, the man in the suit and a crew cut started to boast. After they praised themselves for having the unique foresight, they confirmed an order for more drinks.

Early next morning, however, an LED panel was placed outside of the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

It was still the colorful neon lamps that twinkled with Yuan Zhou's special taste. Nevertheless, it wasn't about a new dish or a promotion activity this time. Upon raising their head, the customers could easily see the characters of "Warm Reminder".