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481 The Actions of The Committee

 After Yuan Zhou said that, Director Wu agreed straightforwardly without any consideration.

"I won't interfere in this matter. Just do as you wish." Director Wu said trustfully.

"Um. I'm quite an easy-going person. I will let him move away voluntarily." There was not the slightest discontent appearing on Yuan Zhou's solemn face.

As for what he really thought in the heart, God might know. After all, Yuan Zhou had always been a fair-minded person.

"Little Zhao, you go to let him move to somewhere else." Director Wu straightforwardly told his assistant at the side with a solemn look.

"Okay. I'm going right now." The young girl answered clearly.

"Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou said that to the two people and then turned around and left.

"Take care. Little Yuan, you can give me a call if such things happen again in future." Director Wu said courteously behind Yuan Zhou.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head without giving an affirmative or negative answer.

"Ta Ta Ta". The footsteps of Yuan Zhou gradually faded.

"Director, is it the man that came here yesterday?" Little Zhao was also very smart, thus she directly asked.

"Yes. Luckily Boss Yuan didn't blame us. That man really has a glib tongue. Go tell him to move away." Director Wu was quite angry with the man, but since Yuan Zhou said he would drive him away personally, she couldn't destroy this little fun of Yuan Zhou.

"This can be regarded as the benefits of Yuan Zhou," thought Director Wu.

"Okay. I will tell him to move a little further." Little Zhao nodded her head and said earnestly.

"Don't let him move too far away. Otherwise, Little Yuan won't be glad." Director Wu was quite an experienced person. She knew about such things well.

"Got it." As a smart girl, Little Zhao understood that immediately upon hearing that.

The man must remain in Yuan Zhou's sight but can't affect Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou left there earlier while Little Zhao left a little later as she had spoken with Director Wu for a little moment.

As a result, the man in the suit and a crew cut only saw Yuan Zhou return alone.

"Huh! Where did you go, big boss?" It seemed the man in the suit wanted to win back the respect that he had lost when he bowed and scraped several days ago from Yuan Zhou.

As usual, Yuan Zhou's response was to disregard him. He took out the key and unlocked the door directly. Then, he went back to the second floor and carried the chair downstairs, preparing to watch the fun.

"Well, this is really perfect timing." Yuan Zhou had barely sat down when Little Zhao arrived.

"Mr. Liu, it doesn't conform to our rules to place the automatic vending machine over here. Please move it away." Little Zhao came straight to the point.

"Why? Beauty Zhao, Director Wu gave permission to me yesterday to place it here. Why do you say it no longer conforms to the rules?" The man in the suit asked carefully with a look of embarrassment.

"This is also the instructions from Director Wu. Please hurry up and move it away." Little Zhao kept a straight face and said solemnly.

"Okay. I'll move it to the side a bit." The man in the suit was quite helpless.

However, he didn't intend to stand on ceremony to Yuan Zhou. Therefore, he prepared to move it in front of Yuan Zhou's queuing machine straightforwardly.

"No. You can't put it here, either. Move it over there." Little Zhao pointed to the place about 5 or 6 meters away from the queuing machine across the street primly.

Of course, this place was still in Yuan Zhou's sight in spite of that.

"Beauty Zhao, don't you think it's too far? Look. This is the official seal." The man in the suit didn't want to let go of this opportunity to disgust Yuan Zhou.

"Hurry up. Otherwise, you cannot put the machine around here anymore if Director Wu comes over and sees that." Little Zhao kept a straight face and didn't intend to listen to him.

"Alright, alright. You are the boss. I'll move it right now." The man in the suit was so angry that he gnashed his teeth.

"Um." Little Zhao just stood aside and watched him, not preparing to leave until they moved the machine away.

"What are you doing there? I have paid you guys the money. Come and move it away." The man in the suit dared not lose his temper at Little Zhao from the Street Administration Office, but he naturally wouldn't be so courteous to the workers that were paid to move the machine.

"No, boss. You named this place just now. If you want to move it again, I have to charge you another 50 RMB. Otherwise, no way." The worker in charge said in a low and muffled voice.

"This is a robbery. You can't do business like that." The female boss of the noodle restaurant rushed over here and shouted.

"Excuse me. We are leaving, boss." The workers cared little about that. They stood up and prepared to leave.

"Go ahead. I'll move it by myself." The female boss snorted coldly.

"Ok. Take your time." The worker in charge revealed a sneer.

"Things change so quickly. Interesting." Looking at the workers leaving, Yuan Zhou said that softly.

"She took the workers as people with no temper. The machine is at least 150 kg. Haw-haw." Yuan Zhou thought inwardly yet with an indifferent manner.

Having watched the fun, Yuan Zhou returned to the restaurant to prepare things with which he intended to use to counterattack against that guy. However, it would only be hung out tomorrow.

Wouldn't it be more painful to fall down from a higher place?

"I'm a nice person." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself while writing.

As for the scene where the man in the suit and the female boss of the neighboring noodle restaurant were carrying the machine laboriously, that didn't have anything to do with Yuan Zhou. After all, they deserved the consequences.

With Yuan Zhou's eyesight, he easily saw the originally kind workers become angry when they heard the man in the suit scolding them. Naturally, it came as no surprise that they didn't carry the machine for him.

Little Zhao stood at the side watching them move the machine and only left when the machine was moved to the designated place.

Before she left, she especially said goodbye to Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou was quite satisfied with the current place. Although it was unpleasant to look at, it didn't affect him. Besides, they offered him plenty of reasons to drive him away.

"People from the Street Administration Office are definitely worldly-wise." On second thought, Yuan Zhou understood why Director Wu asked the man in the suit to put the machine over there.

About half an hour before Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened at noon, Wu Hai came downstairs in advance and prepared to breathe some fresh air. After all, he had worked on the conception of his painting for a whole morning.

As for the matter where Wu Hai went back to sleep again after breakfast and only got up at 10:30, there was no reason to mention that.

Once he was downstairs, he walked straight towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant. When he walked halfway, however, he went back a few steps.

"What the hell is this thing? Why is it here?" Looking at the vending machine in the front, Wu Hai said with a frown.

He looked at the vending machine and then at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What the hell is this? It's so ugly when placed here and besides, it greatly affects the aesthetic feeling. No, how could this thing be placed here?" While Wu Hai was muttering to himself, he knitted his brows more tightly.

"Yuan Zhou isn't likely to agree to that and the people from the Street Administration Office won't be so stupid. Wait a minute. The people from the Street Administration Office might have approved that. Then, it's definitely the man in the suit and a crew cut that used some tricks." Wu Hai immediately figured out this matter.

After all, the man in the suit had always been talking to Yuan Zhou with an arrogant attitude, which was well-known to all the regular customers.

Standing across Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Wu Hai took a photo of this vending machine and then uploaded it to the Wechat group of the queuing committee.

There were only a few people in the group. Only Jiang Changxi, the "three-lost" woman and female president, and Ling Hong, the second generation tycoon were online.

"This is the vending machine of that disgusting man. Did he succeed?" Jiang Changxi sent a question mark in the group.

She hated that man in the suit and a crew cut very much. She was known to be both a beautiful woman and a president of a big company. Yet, the first time the man in the suit saw her, he fixed all his attention on her body and that made her feel awfully disgusted. However, she hadn't found an appropriate opportunity to give him a lesson.

"What do people drink those things for? I don't like drinking any of them." This was Ling Hong's reaction.

"So let's take him down." Wu Hai made the decision straightforwardly.

Therefore, the three leaders of the queuing committee, Wu Hai, Ling Hong, and Jiang Changxi, reached an agreement.