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480 Move It Back The Way You Moved It Here

 Early next morning, Yuan Zhou moved a chair from the second floor to the shelf at the door after the breakfast time ended as usual, preparing to sculpt.

"Come over here. Put it here. Yeah, right over here." A resounding and complacent male voice in high and vigorous spirits suddenly came into Yuan Zhou's ears.

"Okay, just put it there. I have prepared an extension cord as long as 15 meters. Is it enough?" The female voice was distinguishable more clearly this time. Judging from the voice, it was the female boss from the noodle restaurant next to Boss Tong's store.

"Tsk-tsk. There are definitely many people that will buy the drinks in future." The shrill voice passed to Yuan Zhou again.

"Haw-haw, of course. This location is well-selected. We have to thank Boss Yuan." When the man mentioned the two characters of Boss Yuan, he especially said loudly for fear that Yuan Zhou couldn't hear him.

"Exactly. It's all because he has so many customers in his restaurant." Others could hear a strong feeling of envy from the voice of the female boss.

"What a stupid action to put the vending machines over there since there is such a good position!" The man in the suit and a crew cut pointed at the start of the street sneeringly. There were two vending machines that belonged to two different companies over there.

"Haw-haw, of course. You are so smart." The female boss smiled and praised him generously.

However, he had indeed reached his purpose. Yuan Zhou raised his head and took a look.

Instantly, he knitted his brows tight.

As far as he could see, a bright yellow automatic vending machine as large as two queuing machines was erected beside his queuing machine that was filled with the sci-fi style.

The male voice was naturally from the man in the suit and a crew cut that had pestered Yuan Zhou for quite a few days.

The site that the man in the suit had originally settled on was where Yuan Zhou placed the shelf to display the radish sculptures, namely, at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

After he was refused flatly for a few times, however, the man in the suit also lost his temper. Therefore, he straightforwardly placed the vending machine next to the queuing machine of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. By doing this, he was simply trying to disgust Yuan Zhou.

Although that didn't disturb Yuan Zhou, it offended him as if a toad had jumped on his foot, not biting him but stinking the place. Yes, Yuan Zhou was offended.

Immediately, Yuan Zhou stood up.

"Hey, don't mess things up, Boss Yuan. I have the informed consent from the Street Administration Office and I rented this place." The man in the suit and a crew cut took out a piece of paper sneeringly.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou just turned around and moved the chair back. Not to mention a reply, he didn't even give him a glance. Seeing that, the man in the suit felt slightly embarrassed.

"Let's just ignore him. He's simply eccentric." The female boss said that with a cold snort and helped him out of the predicament.

"Yeah, you are right. Let's plug in the power quickly and then you can get an extra income. The big boss turns up his nose at such little money." The man in the suit with a crew cut said loudly and cynically.

"Flies coming from nowhere are really clamorous and disturbing people. When did a toilet appear in this side street?" Yuan Zhou was closing the door and didn't intend to talk with them. It was Boss Tong who said that loudly while looking at the two clamorous persons.

"You!" The female boss immediately turned her head and wanted to curse her, but was then stopped by the man in the suit. They started to operate the vending machine and stopped saying anything more.

"Humph. They can do nothing but some small tricks." Boss Tong snorted coldly at the vending machine that the two people were fooling with and gave her comments.

"Even so, they are disgusting." Yuan Zhou smiled faintly to Boss Tong and said.

"Take it easy. That's no more than a small trick." Boss Tong revealed a look of contempt. She wasn't optimistic about those two people.

"Um. I'm going to the Street Administration Office." Yuan Zhou nodded mildly and then said that.

"Go ahead. The staff of the Street Administration Office must be crazy to let that person place the machine over there." Boss Tong was biased towards Yuan Zhou and naturally she spoke in favor of him.

"I'm going now." Instead of following her to blame the staff, Yuan Zhou thanked Boss Tong and then turned around and left.

Yuan Zhou walked to the Street Administration Office unhurriedly in 5 minutes.

The Street Administration Office of Taoxi Road was like an ordinary business hall, but was a little smaller. There was a young girl seated not far from the glass door.

After a sound of "Zhi Ya", Yuan Zhou pushed the door open and entered the business hall.

"Boss Yuan, what brought you here?" The young girl immediately stood up and asked him.

"I'm here to talk to the director." Yuan Zhou turned to look at the young girl and said earnestly.

"She's in the office now. Let me take you there." The young girl immediately answered.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou nodded and thanked her.

If it were others, the assistant and receptionist girl actually wouldn't take him inside. Anyhow, Director Wu was an officer. It wouldn't work if anyone who wanted to see her could see her at once; furthermore, she was also a public servant.

It was impossible for one to be admitted to her office without being questioned. At the very least, one had to take out one's ID for registration before the young girl called Director Wu for confirmation and only then would they get the opportunity to see her.

However, Yuan Zhou was different. First of all, the young girl had followed Director Wu to deal with the matter of Brother Jun surrounding Yuan Zhou's restaurant last time and therefore knew Yuan Zhou. Secondly and most importantly, she was very clear of whom Yuan Zhou was. He was a man that boosted the GDP of an entire division with single-handedly.

He directly brought Taoxi Road great prosperity. Thus, it was way too normal to give him due respect.

"She's inside." The young girl pointed at the door in front of them, turned around, and then said to Yuan Zhou.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head peacefully.

"Director Wu, here comes Boss Yuan." The young girl knocked at the door politely.

"Come in, come in." There passed the enthusiastic voice of Director Wu. Right after that, the door was opened.

"Why did you bother to knock on the door? Just come on in. Boss Yuan, the formalities are unnecessary." Director Wu looked at Yuan Zhou reproachfully.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded coldly as usual.

Director Wu was quite clear that Yuan Zhou didn't like talking. She sent the young girl to prepare tea for them with a few words.

"Go prepare two cups of tea." Director Wu said to the young girl.

"Alright. It won't take long." The young girl answered and intended to turn around.

"You don't need to prepare tea. I'll leave right away after saying something to Director Wu." Yuan Zhou stopped her and said lightly.

"Okay. What's the matter, Boss Yuan? Have a seat and tell me." Director Wu didn't insist on preparing tea. She pointed at the sofa beside them and said to Yuan Zhou.

"No need. I'll leave once I finish." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"What's the matter?" Director Wu looked at with puzzlement.

"A man came to my restaurant and caused trouble at the door. I hope you move him away. He has affected my business." Yuan Zhou defined the man in the suit and a crew cut as the one who caused trouble straightforwardly.

"What happened? Which stall dares to make trouble at the door of your restaurant? Does he take me as an easy person with no reason?" On hearing that, Director Wu immediately revealed an angry look.

The anger was 100% real. After all, the importance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was self-evident.

What a joke! Yuan Zhou was a man that boosted the GDP of an entire division single-handedly.

"A man who has your consent has placed his vending machine at the door of my restaurant." There was still blandness on Yuan Zhou's face.

"Well..., it's all my fault. I originally thought he could provide the customers the convenience to buy drinks around your restaurant. Then, I will let him move away." Director Wu immediately thought of the man in the suit and a crew cut and became embarrassed. Next, she compromised and made the promise.

"No need. I will let him move it back the way he moved it there." Yuan Zhou was quite affirmative when he said that.

"Little Yuan, just do it. I will let him move to other places first if he stands in the way." Director Wu answered directly with a smile.