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479 Yuan Zhou’s Anger

 Although the receiving the rewards were a little deceptive, they were enjoyable on most occasions. Therefore, Yuan Zhou couldn't wait to try the various cooking methods of the fish dishes.

As a result, Yuan Zhou ate fish dishes for a midnight snack that night and Broth also ate some fish bones conveniently.

"Aren't you a Maltese? Why do you eat fish bones?" Looking at Broth that was holding the bowl and eating blissfully, Yuan Zhou couldn't help but ask.

However, the reaction from Broth was no reaction. It just continued eating the fish bones blissfully.

"Fortunately, the fish bones are crisp. How odd it is that you are not a cat but eat fish." Yuan Zhou originally thought the fish bones were also bones and hence wanted to see if Broth ate them.

The results were far beyond Yuan Zhou's imagination. Broth not only ate them, but also ate them happily and quickly. Thus, Yuan Zhou couldn't help ridiculing at that.

Having been laughed at, Broth still ate the fish bones attentively and blissfully.

As for the matter of being mocked by Yuan Zhou, Broth indicated that he didn't care as long as he could eat the fish bones. After all, he didn't understand the words at all.

Seeing Broth could truly eat them up, Yuan Zhou returned upstairs and prepared to wash up and sleep.

Treating was important but so was resting. It was one of the standards of a prince charming to sleep and get up early.

"Ling Ling Ling, Ling Ling Ling"

Along with the routine ringing of the alarm clock, Yuan Zhou went to wash up with his eyes still closed. After he woke up completely, he went out to exercise and then wash up again. Following that was the busy breakfast time.

The amount of visitors by the side street were in accordance with Yuan Zhou's business hours. Therefore, the side street was quite bustling right now. Nowadays, the store owners started to do business according to Yuan Zhou's business hours to guarantee the most customer flow.

Just as usual, the one-hour breakfast time passed soon in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He rested for a short moment and prepared to continue processing the fish.

"I might as well eat another fish dish for lunch today." Having decided on his own lunch, Yuan Zhou took the kitchen knife and prepared to cook.

"Boss. Hi, Boss Yuan." A man who was dressed in a dark blue business suit with a crew cut said to Yuan Zhou with a full smile on his face once he entered the restaurant.

"Hello. Breakfast time has ended and the lunch time is still a few hours away." Yuan Zhou told him straightforwardly once he started to say.

"I'm not here to eat. I come here to look for a business cooperation." The man in the suit and a crew cut said smilingly.

"I'm sorry. It's not during business hours now, so I won't entertain anybody." Yuan Zhou wasn't interested in other business.

"I know, I know. It's not convenient for you and me to talk about this during business hours." The man in the suit said with a tone like "I'm doing this for you", which made Yuan Zhou frown slightly.

"My business is good and I don't need other business." Yuan Zhou refused blankly.

"It is because your business is so good that I came to cooperate with you. I'm helping you earn money." The man in a suit turned a deaf ear to Yuan Zhou's words that were hinting at him to leave.

"Not necessary." This time, Yuan Zhou replied him plainly.

"No, no, no. Listen to me. You'll definitely have an interest in it. I'm helping you to earn money." The man in the suit still said with a big smile.

In Yuan Zhou's eyes, however, this man was grinning cheekily, which made him dislike this man more.

"I won't think about it." After saying that, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly lowered his head and washed his hands, preparing to catch the fish.

"This is a win-win opportunity. It's also what you lack here in your restaurant. I can provide you with the drinks for free and you decide on how much you sell. I only want the cost." The man in the suit said confidently.

"I'm sorry, I'm going to be busy. I don't care about your win-win business opportunity and I have no interest at all. Please get out of the door and turn right to get out of the street." Yuan Zhou gestured to him the door which was wide open.

"Let me put it this way, I want to place a vending machine beside your door. Look! There are so many people going back and forth around here every day. Therefore, the sales will definitely be very good. I will pay you some extra money for renting a place to store the drinks. When they are all sold, you just reload the drinks. Of course, the electric charge is to be paid separately. And I will give you the original price for the drinks." The man in a suit and a crew cut looked at Yuan Zhou with an affirmative expression after saying that.

He was very sure that Yuan Zhou would agree. In his eyes, it was definitely because the restaurant was too small which caused Yuan Zhou's business time to be so short every day. Now that he could make some more money, he would surely agree.

After all, no one would refuse more money.

Moreover, he had promised to provide the electricity charge and rental fee. Even for the drinks, he only charged the original price. He clearly knew how expensive the dishes were sold in this restaurant. There was definitely no problem to raise the price by two or three times.

"Ho Ho. Take care and goodbye." Seeing the man in the suit talk to himself for quite a while, Yuan Zhou answered plainly.

"Are you sure you don't want to earn the money? My drinks are all branded Cokes or milky tea and will undoubtedly sell well. They are both popular and cheap." The man in a suit and a crew cut knitted his brows slightly this time, but he still said earnestly.

"I think I have made myself well understood. Bye." Yuan Zhou directly started to drive him away.

"I just want to put the machine in your restaurant for advertising. This is an opportunity to earn some money without any cost. Are you really going to drop it?" The man in the suit and a crew cut said again.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou directly ignored him and didn't look at him.

"Hey. Boss Yuan!" The man in the suit didn't seem to be happy.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't answer him at all. Then, the man in the suit suddenly lost his temper and walked out of the restaurant quickly.

"What a fool! He doesn't even pick up the money in front of him." When the man in a suit walked further, he spat at the restaurant.

Yuan Zhou felt that he finally sent away a tough guy, but the subsequent situation nevertheless made Yuan Zhou a little speechless.

Because the man in the suit and a crew cut came to the restaurant again in the evening. Furthermore, it happened during business time.

"I'm sorry. You can't get in the restaurant for a meal unless you line up." Zhou Jia stopped him directly.

"I know your boss. I have business to talk to him." At any rate, the man in the suit made a living with his face. He said that without even blinking.

"Even so, you can't get inside." Zhou Jia directly refused him.

The two people spoke a little loudly and thus Yuan Zhou heard it all. When he carried the dishes on the table, he said straightforwardly.

"I'm sorry. I'm not planning to expand my business." Looking at the man in a suit and a crew cut, Yuan Zhou still refused him blankly.

This time, the man in the suit couldn't endure anymore. He directly said, "Ho Ho. You are the boss and you decide. But you'll never encounter such a good opportunity to earn money without any cost again."

"Where did this idiot come from?" Yuan Zhou was too lazy to answer such words with sarcasm. However, Wu Hai just stroked his small mustaches and looked at the man in the suit with an expression as if he were looking at an idiot.

"Humph." Without saying anything more, the man in the suit turned around and left immediately.

"Tsk. People are really different." Wu Hai looked at the man in the suit that was leaving with interest.

After all, this kind of eccentric person was not easy to be found.

Last time, a person wanted to pay his respects to Yuan Zhou as his teacher and appeared as if it was an intolerable injustice if Yuan Zhou didn't take him as his disciple while this time, this person intended to look for cooperation but nevertheless revealed an expression of "I'm thinking highly of you by doing that."

"Boss Yuan, you are so popular among various kinds of people." Wu Hai said with sarcasm.

"I'm not as good as you." Yuan Zhou said cleanly.

Right now, Yuan Zhou still had the mood to joke with others. Tomorrow, however, he wouldn't have that mood. Something directly made Yuan Zhou lose his temper...