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478 Possessing Complete Cuisines For A Banque

 "The five dishes all look very nice. The only problem is that the vegetable dishes are too little." Yuan Zhou was quite satisfied with the reward.

The size of the broken pieces that he had drawn this time was fairly good. It was pretty satisfying to get five dishes at a time, although all of them were related to Master Su.

After drawing the lottery, Yuan Zhou took a rest for a little while and then said again.

"System, what's the special reward?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "You'll know after you receive it."

"Alright." Yuan Zhou shrugged.

It turned out that the system did not have a habit of giving out spoilers. It would not tell anybody anything in advance every time.

"I had better check the reward of the middle-rank chef now." Looking at the remaining two rewards, Yuan Zhou still decided to postpone the lottery until the last minute.

"System, am I a middle-rank chef after the level-up this time?" Yuan Zhou asked positively.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"So I was only a junior chef before?" Yuan Zhou continued saying.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"If so, where's the reward for the junior chef?" Yuan Zhou asked directly this time.

That's right. He asked so many questions just to lay the groundwork for this question.

The system displayed, "There's no reward for a junior chef."

"Then why are there the rewards for middle-rank chef?" Yuan Zhou pointed at the rewards and asked.

The system displayed, "After the level up, you can receive the reward of the middle-rank chef automatically. Or, you can also give up the opportunity."

"Ahem Ahem Ahem. Receive." Yuan Zhou choked on the system's words and then received the reward immediately.

The system displayed, "The reward has been received."

Then, Yuan Zhou felt at ease. It would be a great loss to lose this reward if he wasn't careful enough.

The reward of the middle-rank chef was displayed in the form of a gift package. After receiving it, Yuan Zhou opened the box straightforwardly and then he sat there dumbfounded for quite a while before he returned to his senses.

Because there were a total of ten dishes this time. The reward of the middle-rank chef was so magnificent.

"The usually stingy system surprisingly gave me ten dishes at a time. How generous it is!" Yuan Zhou was quite satisfied when he leafed through the menu in his mind.

"System, will there be such rewards when I level-up next time?" Yuan Zhou asked excitedly.

The system displayed, "When you reach the senior chef and become the Master Chef, you'll have another chance to receive such kinds of reward."

"There are truly more." Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and became quite happy.

The reward obtained this time was much more than the reward just now. It was really a magnificent gift package.

It was an entire fish banquet. The ten dishes were cooked with every part of the fish body.

"Haw-haw. I'm now a chef that masters dishes of an entire banquet." Yuan Zhou smiled contentedly.

That's right. Yuan Zhou had always been a little regretful. If there was a very important banquet, others would usually serve the dishes in the order of cold dishes, hot dishes, whole chicken, fish, and then soup as well as desserts.

At present, however, Yuan Zhou really wasn't able to make a complete banquet like that.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou never asked Chu Xiao when he and Zhou Shijie would come to eat dinner even if he had been here for so many times.

However, the situation changed. Yuan Zhou was now a man that had mastered the fish banquet.

There were indeed fish banquets in the market, but very few chefs were able to cook an authentic one.

Just when Yuan Zhou was laughing with his hands on his waist, his phone rang.

It was still the old-fashioned music of "Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling".

There appeared the two glistening characters of "Chairman Zhou"on the phone screen.

"He phoned me just when I thought of him. What a coincidence!" Yuan Zhou took his phone and directly answered.

"Little Boss Yuan, are you done now?" Chairman Zhou asked kindly once the phone was put through.

"Hi, Chairman Zhou. I've just finished." Yuan Zhou said courteously.

"Haw-haw. It seems this old guy called you just in time." Chairman Zhou said complacently.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded and answered.

"Chu Xiao is back home." Chairman Zhou changed the topic to proper business.

"Yeah, I know." Yuan Zhou thought of Chu Xiao's behaviors for the last one month and said positively.

"I promised him last time to invite him to dinner when he came back. Let's eat in your restaurant. What do you think?" Chairman Zhou wasn't much too courteous. He just said straightforwardly.

Due to the previous journey to France together, Chairman Zhou and Yuan Zhou were quite familiar with each other.

"No problem." If it was yesterday, Yuan Zhou might have been a little hesitant. But now, he wouldn't.

"Well, great. You have to show us your genuine capabilities this time if you want to suppress Chu Xiao's arrogance." Chairman Zhou said smilingly.

"Of course. That's for sure." Yuan Zhou said deservedly.

Chu Xiao was nicknamed by Yuan Zhou as Arrogant Chu previously. But now, Yuan Zhou was quite sure that he was not likely to be defeated by him.

"Haw-haw. I'm going to count on you then. It will be in the evening four days later." Chairman Zhou smiled contentedly.

"Um. But I'm afraid that you two can't eat the entire banquet prepared this time. You can bring two more people and do remember to come earlier to line up." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and reminded him.

"Banquet? Alright. No problem. I know your rules, little stubborn donkey." Chairman Zhou thought of two candidates and then agreed readily.

"So see you, Chairman Zhou." Yuan Zhou directly said goodbye to him.

"Ok. I'm not going to bother your preparation of the dishes." Chairman Zhou hung off the phone leisurely.

After a moment, he took the phone again and straightforwardly dialed the candidates that he was prepared to bring.

Having hung off the phone, Yuan Zhou prepared to process the fish and started to get familiar with various cooking methods of the fish banquet.

He even stopped paying close attention to the remaining reward.

In Yuan Zhou's opinion, Chu Xiao was quite a competitor. That's right. Yuan Zhou took him as his competitor. Yuan Zhou naturally wouldn't fail, but he still couldn't be careless.

Four days were fairly sufficient for Yuan Zhou to get familiar with it and cooking it deftly.

Before he got familiar with it, Yuan Zhou turned and opened the menu to check the name of the fish dish. This time, however, he surprisingly found something new.

A line of small characters was written at the bottom of the menu. Judging from the position, it was written by the system.

[Note: The fish dishes are specially prepared for a banquet. They aren't available for sale during normal times.]

"Damn it!" After reading that, Yuan Zhou couldn't help cursing.

"System, what does that mean?" Yuan Zhou felt that his understanding of Chinese was pretty bad.

Just now, he didn't understand how Master Su Dongpo supported the entire Dongjiang Cuisines while now, he didn't even understand the meaning of this sentence.

The system displayed, "Only on occasions such as the birthday dinner, important treats, marriage and commemoration, etc. is the fish banquet available."

"Just now you told me the fish dishes can't be ordered separately and must be ordered as a whole. And now there's surprisingly another scam. System, did you specially plant mines before and thus is able to do such things invisibly?" Yuan Zhou complained straightforwardly.

However, the system didn't anything at all.

Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and comforted himself in the heart that it was useless to dispute with the capricious system. Only after that did he say again.

"Is it a big event if the chairman of the China Chef's Alliance stands treat?"

The system displayed, "It's all up to you to decide on the important treating matters."

"System, you don't seem to be that deceptive sometimes." Only then did Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief and was relieved.

Although it was a little suspicious formerly, this answer nevertheless made Yuan Zhou very pleased. After all, not everyone could eat up a complete fish banquet with ten dishes.

If they couldn't eat it up, then a rule is a rule...