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477 A Man Supporting An Entire Region’s Cuisines

 "The mission was completed during the dinner time today. So will you calculate the new share of revenue based on the new 60%?" Yuan Zhou asked with a solemn look.

The system displayed, "The calculation will be adjusted tomorrow morning."

"As a system, why do you earn so much money for? It's the safest to give it all to me." Yuan Zhou tried hard to persuade the system.

The system displayed, "Host, there were no expense records in your bank account after you visited the clothing shop last time."

"Right. So now you see how frugal I am. Let's just start calculating from today so that we can become more frugal." Yuan Zhou said as if it were obvious.

He totally ignored what the system meant.

The system displayed, "There are no expense records considering your proportion of revenue."

"Yes. I just like seeing the account balance rise rapidly, but stay unused." Seeing the same words, Yuan Zhou said proudly.

That's right. Yuan Zhou sent a text message to inquire about the balance in his bank account every night before going to bed.

After all, he was a person that liked emptying all the coins from the cash box and counting them when he wasn't in a good mood. The key point was that he would feel better after counting the money.

The system displayed, "The reward is available to be received. Host, please accept it."

"Of course I remember the reward. But you don't forget the matter of revenue sharing." Yuan Zhou constantly thought of his higher share of revenue.

The system displayed, "It will change from tomorrow on."

"No, no, no. We can discuss about it on the basis of fairness. After all, I completed the mission today." Yuan Zhou revealed a serious manner.

"Besides, the business time hasn't ended today. See?" Yuan Zhou gestured to the small pub that was currently in business to the system.

"And you also start to split the revenue after business time ends every day, system." Yuan Zhou continued saying.

"So all in all, the calculation of the revenue sharing should change starting from this evening." Yuan Zhou quoted copiously from many sources and said ceaselessly with fluency

The system displayed, "But you hadn't completed the mission at breakfast time or lunch time."

This time, the system was a little hesitant when it displayed those words.

"Never mind. I'm a quite impartial person. You can start to calculate the new proportion from dinner time." Yuan Zhou said generously.

He said that as if it weren't him that argued strongly on just grounds.

The system displayed, "Based on the facts the host said, the 60% revenue sharing should only apply to the dinner today."

"Um. Thank you, system." Yuan Zhou thanked the system with a reserved expression.

Fortunately, the system didn't have the human emotions. Otherwise, it would probably reply to him with the two meaningful words, "Ho Ho".

"Since we have happily agreed on the new revenue sharing, I can receive the reward now." Speaking of the reward, Yuan Zhou appeared quite delighted.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released and is now available to be received."

"Okay. Let me see my current level, please." Yuan Zhou read silently in his mind.

Then, the system displayed Yuan Zhou's current level straightforwardly.

Text description: This system came from a galaxy unknown to you. It was invented by the famous Dr. A, in order to let humans obtain higher levels of spiritual enjoyment. It was cast away to the earth 2500 years ago and has experienced 10 hosts. You are No. 11."

Target: The system will help you to get a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese foods so you can become the top Master Chef in the world.

Host: Yuan Zhou (Ordinary Human, Nationality: Chinese Han)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Physical quality: B+ (overall evaluations of neural response, strength, coordination and dexterity, etc.)

Cooking talent: Unknown

Skill: None

Tools: Incomplete Master Chef Suit

5 Dimensions Cooking evaluation: Proficiency

(A chef that hasn't mastered even one complete region's cuisines cannot be regarded as a senior chef. A title of middle-rank chef is hereby offered to you reluctantly.)

Grade: 5 (60% revenue sharing)

"I have truly levelled up and obtained the title of a middle-rank chef. Sounds great." Yuan Zhou looked at the characters of 60% revenue sharing with satisfaction.

"Show me the reward of the mission." Yuan Zhou continued saying.

[Upgrade mission] Coming here for you (completed)

(Mission tips: Please complete the mission that requires 100 customers to come specifically to eat the delicacies in the restaurant within 30 days.)

[Mission reward] Upgrade once (finished); drawing a lottery once; a special reward; a reward for the intermediate chef (Available)

(Reward tips: More rewards are in the hand of the master chef system. Work hard to level up, young man!)

Seeing all rewards displaying available, Yuan Zhou indicated that he was very glad.

There were three rewards in all. Yuan Zhou was a decisive man. He only hesitated for 5 minutes before he decided to draw the lottery.

"Let me draw the lottery first. By the way, is it still for drawing the regional cuisines?" Yuan Zhou asked before he started.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"So are the existing regional cuisines still the priority?" Yuan Zhou asked again.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Is there anything wrong with the system?" Yuan Zhou looked at the system that had answered "yes" twice in a row and got a little worried.

He was worried about the matter of the reward.

Having hesitated for a while, Yuan Zhou still prepared to draw the lottery.

The drawing of the regional cuisines was almost the same every time. Therefore, Yuan Zhou did it quite deftly and easily. He spun the wheel in his mind and just waited for it to stop.

"I hope it's the spicy and fragrant Sichuan Cuisines, which are quite popular among the customers." Yuan Zhou thought optimistically.

However, the system always gave people surprises.

The system displayed, "Congratulation, host. You have obtained the Dongjing Cuisines among the various Cantonese Cuisines. There are five dishes in all. Please receive them."

"Huh, Dongjiang Cuisines?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

The system displayed, "Dongjiang Cuisines are represented by Huizhou dishes, which belong to the water-related school of the Hakkas dishes including Dongjiang Salt Baked Chicken, Dongjiang Stuffed Tofu and Preserved Vegetable & Pork, etc. Dongjiang Cuisines have become an indispensable part of the Dongjiang cultural characteristics.

"System, this content seems to be copied from Baidu." Yuan Zhou couldn't help ridiculing.

The system displayed, "It is good as long as you understand."

"Yes, quite well." Yuan Zhou nodded.

The system displayed, "Host, please receive the reward."

"Receive." Yuan Zhou answered cleanly.

The broken piece of the regional cuisines immediately flew into Yuan Zhou's deep mind. The cooking method of the five dishes and the summary began to appear in his heart and mind.

After checking each of them, however, Yuan Zhou felt that he needed to make a complaint.

"System, is Su Dongpo one of your relatives? Among the five dishes rewarded, four are related to him." Yuan Zhou appeared quite helpless.

The system displayed, "Su Dongpo's real name is Su Shi. His assumed name is Zizhan or Zizhong and he is known as Tieguan Taoist or Lay Buddhist Dongpo. People usually call him Su Dongpo or Su Xian. He has nothing to do with this system. I suggest that you pay attention to his background and you'll know the reason."

"Are you looking down on my cultured self? I'm merely a chef." Yuan Zhou clearly felt the contempt from the system.

The system displayed, "Host, you'll become a Master Chef that will have a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese foods."

"Well, this reason has me convinced." Yuan Zhou took the phone and began to check things about this person.

Speaking of which, the knowledge of Chinese literature that he had learned before had already been returned to his teacher. However, he could still recite some poems written by Su Shi. However, concerning his background, he didn't really know much.

After checking, Yuan Zhou was greatly astounded.

"There are 12 classical dishes in total here, six are related to him. Awesome, Master Su! Did you even bring so many cuisines to Huizhou when you were banished from the court over there?" Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

This single person supported the entire Dongjiang Cuisines. Frankly speaking, all Dongjiang Cuisines had something to do with Su Dongpo, just to different extents.

This reward is so nice!