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476 Another Level Of Enjoymen

 During dinner time, some people once again did not believe in Yuan Zhou's culinary skills.

Just as usual, Chu Xiao, that appeared and disappeared mysteriously, encountered them again. With bitter sarcasm, he started a debate against them and then, Yuan Zhou no longer needed to get involved.

Therefore, the three chefs that had come from afar to taste Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship and then pick his faults suddenly found that they hated Chu Xiao more rather than Yuan Zhou himself.

"You are no different from the two idiots who were here last time at all. Go back and train your tongue before coming out again." After Chu Xiao said that, he turned around and left arrogantly.

"Damn it. I'm pissed. Even if he's Chu Xiao, he can't say that to us." The tallest one among the three pointed at Chu Xiao's back and became exasperated.

"Stop it. Don't play the fool. Let's leave." After saying that, one left first.

"Bad luck. What bad luck!" Another one also left while muttering bad luck.

"Humph." The tallest man was so angry that he wanted to slap the table. When he found the customers in the restaurant were all staring at him with bright piercing eyes, however, he was a little terrified. After that, he snorted coldly and left with quick steps.

"Does this guy specifically come to my restaurant to posture in front of me?" Looking at Chu Xiao and the several chefs that had left, Yuan Zhou murmured inwardly to himself.

"There's surprisingly no place for me to show my abilities." Ling Hong looked at Chu Xiao discontentedly.

"This guy has often appeared suddenly and disappeared mysteriously in Yuan Zhou's restaurant in recent days." Wu Hai stroked his small mustache and appeared quite interested.

"This person is fairly interesting." Other customers started to discuss about him.

"I think Master Chu has such a behavior because of Boss Yuan's craftsmanship." Master Cheng showed enough understanding concerning Chu Xiao's behavior this time.

"Um. That's true." On hearing that, the customers nodded one after another to indicate that they agreed.

The other protagonist of this matter was quite delighted from the bottom of the heart right now as the three chefs were the last three required by the mission. In other words, Yuan Zhou had completed the levelling-up mission now.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host! You have completed the mission and become a middle-rank chef now. The reward has been released and is available to be received now."

The words of the system made Yuan Zhou relived. At that time, some customers happened to enter the restaurant and Yuan Zhou immediately greeted them warmly.

"Please order your dishes, everybody." Yuan Zhou sounded quite gentle when he said that.

"Boss Yuan seems so happy all of a sudden." Zhou Jia took a look at Yuan Zhou and muttered in her heart. Meanwhile, she went up quickly and led the customers to the seats.

At the other side, Chu Xiao that had exited the restaurant turned his head and looked at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What an interesting chef that came from nowhere." Chu Xiao's tone was filled with seriousness when he said that.

"Ta Ta Ta". The footsteps of Chu Xiao sounded energetic and uniform. Not until he got on the car did he take out his phone and begin to dial a number.

"How are you doing recently, Chairman Zhou?" Once the phone was put through, Chu Xiao greeted courteously.

"Haw-haw, it's you. Of course I'm doing great. Are you back home?" The moment Zhou Shijie answered the phone, he revealed a big smile on his face.

"Yes, I'm back." Chu Xiao said cleanly.

"East or west, home is best. How long are you going to stay this time?" Zhou Shijie asked smilingly.

"One week." Chu Xiao answered plainly.

Chu Xiao had a purpose when he intended to call Zhou Shijie. If Zhou Shijie didn't mention that, however, he wouldn't mention that, either.

"Why don't you stay longer?" Zhou Shijie asked.

"It's fairly busy over there in France." Thinking of the sous chef that shouted and screamed through the phone, Chu Xiao said that as if he had was moved by conscience.

"How many days have you been back? I promised to invite you to dinner. You haven't forgotten about that, have you?" Zhou Shijie finally got to the point.

"Just two days. I still remember that. You name the place and I pay." Chu Xiao said cleanly.

How was it possible for Chu Xiao to have been back for just two days? As a matter of fact, he had been back for nearly one month, but he didn't feel embarrassed at all when he told lies. It was unknown how the sous chef would think of that in France.

Presumably, he would point at Chu Xiao and ask him if his conscience hurt.

"Haw-haw, okay. This old guy's pension is probably too little to eat a meal." Zhou Shijie agreed readily and didn't intend to refuse.

Zhou Shijie's promise naturally aimed to let Chu Xiao and Yuan Zhou come into contact. However, the dishes served in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were notoriously expensive, so it was also for increasing their relationship to let Chu Xiao pay for the meal.

Zhou Shijie thought that naturally.

"You name the place and time. I will come over to pick you up." Chu Xiao was quite courteous when he said to Zhou Shijie.

"Master Chef Restaurant at No. 14 of Taoxi Road. It's run by that little brat. Let's go there to eat." Zhou Shijie directly brought out the address of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"No problem. And the time?" Chu Xiao didn't have different opinions, as it was also what he aimed for.

"On the second day before you leave, namely, in the evening four days later. What do you think of the time?" Zhou Shijie considered for a while and brought out the time.

"Okay. I'll come over to pick you up then." Chu Xiao was satisfied with the time, which was sufficient and ample.

"You'd better come earlier by then. That little brat is a stubborn donkey. Even if we two go there together, we have to line up. He has no consideration for others' feelings at all." Zhou Shijie felt it a little funny when speaking of that.

"I know. He's quite a principled chef." Chu Xiao spoke highly of Yuan Zhou.

"Yeah. It's a good thing and also a bad thing to be principled. It is lucky that he's a genius like you." Zhou Shijie sighed and then said affirmatively.

"Thank you for your praise." Chu Xiao indicated that he could only hear Chairman Zhou praise him to be a genius. As for the other thing, he didn't hear it at all.

"Haw-haw. You are welcome. It's a world for you young people nowadays. It's good that you can all do well." Zhou Shijie said generously.

"Um." Chu Xiao nodded and answered plainly.

"Alright. You've just got back and had better overcome the jet lag as soon as possible. That way, you can go to eat in your best state." Zhou Shijie urged Chu Xiao to go to have a rest straightforwardly.

"Ok. See you in the evening four days later, Chairman Zhou." After he said that and got Zhou Shijie's answer, Chu Xiao hung up the phone.

"I'm so eager for the surprise four days later." Chu Xiao sat in the car and looked at the side street where Yuan Zhou's restaurant lay.

At the other side, Zhou Shijie hung off the phone and then prepared to call Yuan Zhou. When he glanced at the time, however, he put the phone down again.

"It seems that the dinner time hasn't ended in the restaurant. I'd better call him at 9:00." Zhou Shijie murmured.

Of course, it wasn't because Chairman Zhou didn't want to bother Yuan Zhou.

Instead, it was because Yuan Zhou never answered his phone when he called Yuan Zhou as long as it was during the meal time. After a few times, Zhou Shijie got to know Yuan Zhou's business time.

It was indeed close to the ending time of the dinner in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Dinner time has ended. You are all welcome to come early next morning." Yuan Zhou brought out the words habitually.

Then, the customers left one after another.

"Bye, boss." "Boss Yuan, I'm going to tidy up the pub." Zhou Jia and Shen Min said with one accord.

"Ok. Go ahead." Yuan Zhou nodded.

The two girls followed his instructions and left respectively.

"Hoo..." Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief and sat down for a rest.

About 5 minutes later, he began to ask the system.

"I have completed the mission today and I am now at Grade 5. So is the revenue sharing adjusted to 60% from today?" The first thing that Yuan Zhou cared about was the revenue sharing.

It definitely wasn't because of the amount of money, but more on the matter of fairness.

Yeah, that's it.

He said that so sincerely that even he himself believed that.