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475 Giving You Some Interes

 The conversation between Chu Xiao and Yuan Zhou didn't affect Yang Da. He was still watching carefully.

After all, there wasn't much time left and he needed to prepare the surprise.

Yang Da arrived late today. So it wasn't long before Yuan Zhou brought out the daily sentence.

"Lunchtime ends now. See you in the evening, everybody."

With his back perfectly straight, Yuan Zhou stood at the long curved table. He was wearing the Han Chinese clothing with lotus-flower patterns and had refreshing and clean hair. On his face was the usual look of seriousness. He appeared like the prince charming mentioned by his girlfriend.

That was the very impression of Yuan Zhou that Yang Da had when he first saw him.

This time, Yang Da even observed his appearance and actions carefully in order to study them.

"Goodbye." Like all others, Yang Da said goodbye to Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou answered every one of them earnestly and politely.

Yang Da had barely exited the restaurant and got on his electric bicycle when his phone rang.

"Hello, is that Mr. Yang Da? Your express delivery arrived. Please sign." Once the phone was put through, there passed the sound of a young deliveryman from the other end of the phone.

"Yes, it's me. Where are you?" Yang Da asked him directly.

"I'm at the entrance of the Fengling Residential Area you wrote on the bill. Please come and receive it." The young deliveryman said earnestly.

"Alright. I'll be there in five minutes. Please wait for a moment." Yang Da also answered courteously.

"Okay. Hurry up, please." The deliveryman urged him habitually.

"Got it, got it. I'll be there in five minutes." Yang Da answered repeatedly and then hung off the phone.

He switched on the power and directly drove the electric bicycle away.

"The last one finally arrived. It seems that I should do that today." Yang Da said with satisfaction.

The electric bicycle was running quickly on the streets. Even so, he didn't forget to make a call when he was waiting for the green light.

He took out his phone and dialed a person called "Partner".

"Beep Beep". The phone was answered very soon.

"What's the matter? Brother Yang." It was a male voice that sounded smart and sincere at the other end of the phone.

"I'm unable to come to work in the afternoon and evening. I'm calling to ask for leave." Yang Da said quickly and straightfowardly.

"Do you have an emergency? We have a lot of business recently." The man at the other end said hesitantly.

"I'm sorry. It's a very important private matter. I will have to trouble you to make some arrangements." Yang Da said with a firm tone.

"Only today, right? But if so, there will be no full-attendance bonus this month. You know, I have to give everyone their due." The man at the other end stayed silent for a while and then continued saying.

"Okay. No problem." Yang Da knitted his brows tight, but still said resolutely.

"Fine. You keep busy, Brother Yang." Once he said that, the man hung off the phone first.

"Goodbye." This word was directly chocked back in Yang Da's throat.

"This guy is still like that." Yang Da muttered to himself with slight embarrassment.

At that time, the red light switched to green and then Yang Da rode back to the residential area.

"Zi". Yang Da stopped the bicycle. He saw from a distance that a man dressed in a delivery uniform was standing at the entrance of the residential area.

"Hello. I'm here to receive Yang Da's express delivery." Yang Da went up and said directly.

"Here's it. Please check if there are any damages." The young deliveryman looked at him carefully for confirmation before he took out a carton and handed it to him.

"Sure." Yang Da unpacked the carton and then sighed his name when he found there wasn't any damage.

It was the chinaware made to order from Taobao. Of course, he had to check it to be relieved.

After receiving the express delivery, however, Yang Da didn't go back immediately. Instead, he turned around and headed to the food market and started to buy vegetables.

"It's not early now. I'd better prepare earlier." While he was selecting the vegetables, he checked the time.

What he meant was naturally the time when his girlfriend Little Ruo got off work.

After he bought the vegetables, Yang Da returned to their rented house and began to wash and process them in the narrow kitchen.

"Ping Ping Pang Pang". The kitchen was so small that it could only allow one single person to cook inside. Yang Da had a figure as tall as 1.75m and thus the kitchen appeared slightly cramped for him. However, the smile on his face had never stopped.

Being busy in his own kitchen, Yang Da naturally didn't go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, which was realized by Master Cheng.

"Why didn't that guy come this evening?" Master Cheng craned his neck and looked at the long line outside. When he found Yang Da wasn't here, he couldn't help muttering.

"He's been here for 23 days this month." Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

"Boss Yuan, you can even remember this?" There appeared an incredible look on the fat face of Master Cheng.

"Good chefs should observe all happenings around himself just like what he does to his ingredients." Yuan Zhou checked the various kitchenware in the kitchen carefully without even raising his head.

"Yes, sure. I got it." Master Cheng lowered his head and immediately answered.

"Then what did you see?" Yuan Zhou turned his head and took a glance at Master Cheng.

"He didn't come this time, either. I'm thinking that he might be learning about plate presentation rather than the genuine culinary skills." Master Cheng considered for a while and then continued saying.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head, but didn't comment if he was right or wrong.

Then, Master Cheng started to consider earnestly.

Yuan Zhou also felt quite competent inwardly, "It feels like I'm posturing more and more deftly. And it seems that I can also start a specific school to develop Yuan Culinary Arts."

He felt he was doing better in teaching his disciples. Meanwhile, Yang Da also successfully completed the surprise that he had prepared today.

He put the food that he had just cooked into the chinaware that arrived this afternoon very carefully and carried it on the small table lightly.

The small table was a very small ordinary wooden table. In normal times, they usually sat face to face while eating. And there was no exception today.

Yang Da filled the bowls with the rice and laid out the chopsticks. After that, the fragrance of the food started to float in the small room.

"Ka La La". There passed the sound of the door being unlocked. Yang Da covered the food and dishes quickly when Little Ruo opened the door and entered the room.

"Huh? Yang Da, why are you at home today?" Just when she opened the door, Little Ruo asked in surprise.

"Go wash your hands quickly and then let's eat." Yang Da revealed a smile to his girlfriend and urged her quickly.

"Wow, even the food has been prepared. Thank you, Brother Yang." Little Ruo glanced at the table and immediately said happily.

"Of course, there will also be a surprise later." Yang Da said complacently.

"Okay. I can't wait to see it." Little Ruo said smilingly while washing her hands.

As she was happy and anxious to eat, Little Ruo sat at her own position very soon.

"Why are they still covered? What dishes are they?" Little Ruo asked curiously with her eyes widely open.

"You uncover them and check it yourself." Yang Da said mysteriously.

"Okay." Little Ruo reached out her white hands directly and removed the cover.

There were four dishes on the table, a plain-fried Jinling Grass, a seaweed soup, a cold-dish tremella and some meatballs loaded in a big chinaware.

"What's this?" Little Ruo was stupefied for a little while before she raised her head and looked at Yang Da.

"It's the interest. Next time, I can give the principal back to you." Yang Da looked at Little Ruo and said to her with a smile.

"Interest? Um. I will be waiting for your principal." Little Ruo also looked at Yang Da and nodded solemnly with happiness in her eyes.

"Let's eat, shall we?" Yang Da said while pointing at the dishes on the table.

"Sure." After a nod, Little Ruo took the chopsticks and started to eat.

These were all dishes served in Yuan Zhou's restaurant that Little Ruo had muttered several times.

Even if the Jinling Grass was slightly yellow from being burnt; even if it was only ordinary seaweed in the seaweed soup; even if the tremella was actually a little excessively sweet after the honey was added, and even if the chinaware used to load the Swedish Meatballs didn't have that ingenious mechanism.

However, Little Ruo ate them very happily. It was great to be able to eat them even though they were not the authentic ones.