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473 Ways of Communication Between Lovers

 There were a variety of customers that went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Not only were there various customers who ate there, but also people who only watched but never took a bite.

For example, Master Cheng that was allowed by Yuan Zhou to watch, the white-collar that made a detour here but never ate there and the weird man that was once asked by Wu Hai and answered that he only just wanted to look about.

Recently, there were also other onlookers such as Chu Xiao and those who only watched the sergestes silently or only attentively watching Yuan Zhou cook dishes.

Yang Da happened to be the kind of person that only attentively watched Yuan Zhou cook dishes.

He started to work at 7:00 a.m. and got off work at 12:00 p.m. With the lunch break of one hour, he worked until 12:00 a.m. before he got off work again. Of course, he had only half an hour in the evening for dinner. His work was to run errands for others. He stayed outside all day long because there was more work during the dinner time.

He helped other to buy things and send articles. The work was hard, but didn't pay well. He started the business together with others. In this business, he was in charge of running errands while his partner only offered the capital.

He came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant every day during the two-hour lunchtime just to watch Yuan Zhou cook quite earnestly, merely looking at Yuan Zhou's work which included the plate presentation.

Since he spent the two hours in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he could only eat some dry rations to settle his stomach on the way back.

The night was pitch black.

"Ta Ta Ta." Yang Da dragged his exhausted body and returned to his rented home.

"You are finally back. I prepared the Pig Backbone Soup for you to drink. It's still warm." A melodious female voice sounded when Yang Da opened the door.

Immediately, a smile appeared on Yang Da's exhausted face. Then, he said with a slightly blaming tone, "It is 1 o'clock already. Little Ruo, you should go to sleep. You don't need to wait for me."

"Cheh. If I don't wait for you, perhaps we wouldn't see each other for a week." The girl called Little Ruo mischievously stuck out her tongue and said that.

"Okay. I'm going to drink the soup and as for you, go sleep now." Yang Da reached out his hand and stroked his girlfriend's face.

"Okay, no problem. I will go to sleep after you drink up the soup." Little Ruo nodded her head obediently.

They rented and lived in a one bedroom and one living room apartment. There was also a separated bathroom and a small kitchen. Although it wasn't big, it was a fully-equipped home.

"I heard from my colleagues that Boss Yuan served the Honey Tremella worth 1 RMB yesterday. If I had known that earlier, we should have also gone to line up." Little Ruo said.

"There will be an opportunity soon." Yang Da said earnestly as his action of drinking the soup paused for a little while.

"Hey. I don't mean I want to eat it, but just feel it was a pity. You can't go there to eat. We still have to save money." Little Ruo took Yang Da's arm and said that. She acted as if she had guessed something.

"I know. I won't do that. All my money is given to you, isn't it?" Yang Da put the bowl down and then took his girlfriend's hand.

"Humph. Good." Little Ruo pouted playfully.

"Alright. Go to sleep now. I'm going to wash up." Yang Da kissed his girlfriend's face.

"Okay. Got it. You also go to sleep hurriedly. Don't be too tired. My salary will rise by 100 RMB from next month on. Let's work hard together. Don't put too much pressure on yourself." Little Ruo said these kinds of words to Yang Da almost every day.

It was because Yang Da was too tired and she felt sorry about that.

It went so far that she didn't even dare to say that she wanted to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for a meal.

However, Yang Da bore that in mind and went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant every day.

"All right. You are the boss." Yang Da answered smilingly.

"Ok. By the way, let's eat lunch together tomorrow, shall we? I see you have an appointment around my company." Little Ruo thought of the appointment that came through text message and said with a smile.

"No problem." Yang Da answered immediately without any reluctance.

After all, he can't let Little Ruo know about the matter that he went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant every day.

"See you at noon tomorrow." After she said that, Little Ruo went to bed.

At 6:00 the next morning, Little Ruo left home for work first and Yang Da likewise left for work at 7:00.

Not until 12:00 at noon did the two lovers meet downstairs of Little Ruo's eSports Company.

"Boss, get me a bowl of Pea Sauced Noodles. What do want to eat, Little Ruo?" Yang Da turned his head and asked.

"Flammable Noodles. I want to try this one." Little Ruo looked at the menu and said that.

Yang Da nodded and then said to the cashier, "100g of Pea Sauced Noodles and 50g of Flammable Noodles. Hurry up, please."

"Okay. Sit here for a few minutes. The noodles will be served very soon." In this small noodle restaurant, the cashier also worked as the waiter. After he received the payment, he brought them to sit down.

It was inevitably boring to sit there and kept waiting. Therefore, Yang Da took out his phone and prepared to snatch a moment of leisure.

"Is it enough for you to eat only 100g of the noodles? If it's not enough, add some more noodles later." Little Ruo said with a caring tone.

"No need. It's enough for me." Yang Da took the phone in his hand and said without even raising his eyes.

"What about adding an egg for you?" Little Ruo frowned and continued asking.

"No need." Yang Da's eyes still didn't leave the phone mobile screen.

Then, Little Ruo got a little angry. However, she didn't lose temper immediately, but just snorted lightly. Seeing Yang Da still looking at his own phone attentively, she also took out her phone.

They originally had only a little time together. Just because Little Ruo wanted to spend some time with Yang Da, she invited him to come for lunch. After he got seated, however, he just concentrated on playing with his phone. Even when she asked him something, he only answered perfunctorily.

Upon seeing that, Little Ruo became very angry, but she still didn't say anything. Instead, she also took out her own phone from her pocket and started to chat with others.

In an instant, they fell silent.

"Here are the noodles for you two." Only when the waiter carried the two bowls of noodles to them was the silence broken.

"Little Ruo, let's eat now." Yang Da took out the chopsticks for Little Ruo and urged her.

"Um. I'll eat right away." Little Ruo nodded her head.

"Slurp Slurp". Yang Da lowered his head and ate some noodles. When he looked at his girlfriend, she was still playing with her phone.

Instantly, he became a little unhappy and then said, "Eat quickly. The noodles won't taste good when it's cold later. Is there really so much fun in the phone?"

"Okay." After Little Ruo answered, she took the phone with one hand and took the chopsticks with the other and then ate like that.

"What are you looking at?" Yang Da craned his neck and then found his girlfriend was chatting with her colleague. Then, he got helpless.

When Yang Da ate halfway and saw Little Ruo still not intend to put down her phone, he also took his phone.

He tapped open the conversation interface and found the name of Ruoyou Sunny Day and then started to type.

[Don't play with the phone while eating.] from Everything Going Smoothly.

Immediately, Little Ruo caught sight of the message from Yang Da and replied him directly with a smile.

[But the man sitting opposite to me was also playing with his phone.] from Ruoyou Sunny Day.

Yang Da smiled helplessly and began to reply her.

[But he's looking at you whole-heartedly right now.] from Everything Going Smoothly.

There appeared a smile on Little Ruo's face. Nonetheless, she didn't change her position and continued replying him.

[Really?] from Ruoyou Sunny Day.

[Yeah, 100% sure. Please look at my sincere eyes.] from Everything Going Smoothly.

After sending this message, Yang Da immediately raised his head and looked at Little Ruo with the keen and sparkling eyes.

"Alright. Let's eat the noodles." Little Ruo put down the phone smilingly and said.

"I finished. Let me accompany you upstairs." Yang Da ate up the last gulp of noodles and said.

"Okay. Take care while riding the bike and don't run the red light." Little Ruo nodded her head and instructed him carefully.