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472 Are You Going To Eat?

 "Okay." Zhou Jia smiled faintly and then nodded.

"The money has been paid to you via bank transfer." Ma Zhida took his phone up and showed to her.

"Okay. Wait a moment, please." Zhou Jia nodded and left after she confirmed receipt of the payment.

"Manager Silika, just wait for a few minutes to eat it." Ma Zhida said smilingly.

"Ma, you are so smart." Silika first looked at Zhou Jia nervously. Seeing her nod, he revealed a surprised look and then sighed with emotion.

"By the way, is one serving enough for you?" Ma Zhida thought of the two servings of Vegetarian Pilaf and asked tentatively.

After all, no one would feel Yuan Zhou's dish were more than enough. He just asked that casually.

"Hey. Aren't the two servings all for me?" Silika said as if it were obvious.

"Of course. As long as you like it, Silika." The beautiful director immediately gave a mean look at Ma Zhida and then said to Silika smilingly.

On hearing the director's answer, Silika smiled with satisfaction.

"Little beauty, please carry both servings of pilaf to me, please." Silika likewise didn't forget to remind Zhou Jia.

While speaking of that, even the whiskers on his face were releasing hormones.

"What do you think, Mr. Ma?" Zhou Jia knew Ma Zhida. So she gave a smiling look when she asked him.

"Okay. All for him." Stared at by the beautiful director with a threatening look, Ma Zhida had to nod his head reluctantly.

"Hey, little beauty. You won't make mistakes as long as you do as I say." Silika faced Zhou Jia and said to her earnestly.

"Okay. One moment, please. I will send them to you later." Zhou Jia nodded smilingly.

"That's my good girl." Silika nodded his head very happily.

On hearing that, Zhou Jia slightly blushed. She could do nothing but just continue being busy.

"It turns out that bearded men are all good at dealing with girls." Yuan Zhou happened to catch sight of that when he carried the dishes to them and then murmured in the heart.

Just as expected, Silika got another two servings of the Vegetarian Pilaf. The big beard across his whole face couldn't even block his smile.

"It's way too tasty. I've never expected there's such authentic pilaf over here. Nice." Silika praised the dishes from time to time while eating.

Then, the beautiful director became satisfied and even Ma Zhida felt proud of that. It was him who introduced them here. Boss Yuan's craftsmanship really never let people down.

"I want food." Wu Hai said to Zhou Jia feebly after he entered the restaurant.

"Mr. Wu, what's wrong with you?" Zhou Jia asked curiously.

"Sigh. I want to eat now. One serving of Egg Fried Rice and one serving of plain white rice of 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine." Wu Hai sighed first with a low voice and then ordered his dishes.

"Okay. What's the matter with you?" Zhou Jia still asked with a caring tone.

Zhou Jia wasn't actually a meddlesome person. After all, the person who had always rushed here more quickly than others only came today in the third round. It was unreasonable and besides, he wasn't in a good mood. Under such circumstances, Zhou Jia would surely express concern for him.

She was asking on behalf of Yuan Zhou.

"Needless to say, he appeared that way because of Yuan Zhou." Ling Hong smiled complacently at the side.

"Because of my boss?" Zhou Jia revealed a puzzled look.

"Just leave him alone. Report the dishes to me." Yuan Zhou raised his head and said lightly.

"Sigh. I want a pot of Spicy Hotpot Soup." Wu Hai sighed again and still didn't forget to add one more dish.

"Okay. One moment, please." Zhou Jia went to report the order to Yuan Zhou with puzzlement.

"Don't be so disappointed. It doesn't matter if you failed in achieving your goal. You can try harder next time." Ling Hong gloated about Wu Hai's misfortune.

"You don't understand." It was a rare event for Wu Hai not to fight with Ling Hong this time.

"Cough-cough. Actually, the name 'Elongated Steamed Buns' is fairly nice. Others don't even know how to make it even if they want to." Ling Hong coughed to cover his gloat. Then, he held back the laughter and said to him.

That's right. The reason why Wu Hai became upset was that the Mandarin duck cake cooked by him was mistaken as steamed buns, more specifically, an elongated steamed bun, by Yuan Zhou.

Of course, the most important thing was that he also forgot to let Yuan Zhou bring him to buy vegetables.

Setting aside the fact that the cake became a steamed bun, the key point was that he didn't bring out his main purpose. Therefore, all his sighs were eventually for himself.

"You can continue eating the Rice Served in Soup. I tried it once and the taste is really nice." Speaking of the taste, Ling Hong revealed a look of satisfaction.

"Of course." Wu Hai rolled his eyes at Ling Hong angrily.

"In my opinion, you should be content enough. After all, Boss Yuan didn't play tricks on you." Ling Hong thought of the poor Su Mu.

From the bottom of his heart, he thought he could make it, but in the end, he was instilled with too much knowledge about buying vegetables. The problem was that he couldn't even distinguish between the Chinese chives and rice seedlings. However much knowledge he learned, he couldn't buy them successfully.

For example, Yuan Zhou told him, "If you want to buy navel oranges, you should choose those that are bright in color, mellow in fragrance, elastic on the surface and have the small circle below concave. Only such navel oranges are fresh and sweet."

Su Mu appeared muddled, "Navel oranges? Aren't they all called oranges?"

That's right. Su Mu couldn't even tell the differences of sweet oranges, navel oranges and other oranges. How could he buy them successfully?

"I did not play tricks. That was an equivalent exchange." Yuan Zhou corrected them seriously.

"Haw-haw-haw. Yeah, yeah. Equivalent exchange." Ling Hong couldn't help but smile.

"Ho Ho." Wu Hai got down on the table and refused to talk to Ling Hong.

Not until when Zhou Jia carried Wu Hai's dishes to him did Wu Hai raise his head, take the chopsticks, and start to eat.

The first dish he started to eat was naturally the plain white rice served in the spicy soup.

"He surprisingly only sells the hotpot soup!" Chu Xiao that always appeared and disappeared mysteriously showed up again.

Actually, he had been here for about one minute, but just stayed silent. Not until when the hotpot soup was carried onto the table and Wu Hai started to eat did he talk.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

It was only when he saw that did Chu Xiao look at Wu Hai's bowl again.

The translucent rice grains were covered with a layer of reddish soup. The hot spicy soup stimulated the unique delicate fragrance of rice while the spicy taste rushed into people's nose, unwilling to lag behind.

"Rice Served in Soup without any spices. The chili seeds are removed from the chilies used, but its unique fragrance is nevertheless retained." Chu Xiao stared at that bowl of Rice Served in Soup with his keen and sparkling eyes.

"Zi." Wu Hai protected his food habitually by pulling the bowl back toward himself.

"The fragrance turns out to come from the chili seeds rather than the sesame seeds. So you used the chili seeds to replace the sesame seeds?" Chu Xiao looked at Yuan Zhou seriously.

"You are right." Yuan Zhou nodded his head again.

"You added the chili seeds into the flavorings when you stir-fried them and then picked the seeds out separately after that?" Chu Xiao was a little unsure.

How big could the chili seeds be like? Picking them out from the abundant flavorings was like the stepmother of Cinderella asking her to pick out the beans from the ash dump. It's simply baffling to others.

"No, it's even more difficult than that." Chu Xiao said affirmatively.

Seeing Chu Xiao stare at Wu Hai's bowl without even blinking, however, Yuan Zhou asked habitually, "Are you going to eat?"

"No, I won't eat now." Chu Xiao refused him blankly and then turned around and left directly.

"What a weird person!" Ling Hong commented.

"It is lucky that he doesn't want to eat now." Wu Hai felt lucky about that.

"He might want to compete against you?" Master Cheng said with uncertainty.

"I don't think so." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Then what's the matter?" Ling Hong asked curiously.

"It is probably because the time for him to eat isn't here yet." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and said that.