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469 Appearing and Disappearing Mysteriously

 After dinner time ended, Yuan Zhou looked at the entrance of this small restaurant and got lost in his thoughts.

"I never expected this guy to return home so soon. Why didn't I get a notification from Chairman Zhou?" Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

"Luckily, I have almost levelled-up." Yuan Zhou tapped the mission open again and checked it.

Yuan Zhou was only thinking about the fact that there weren't many dishes suitable for a banquet, unlike the western cuisines that had separate dishes like appetizer, main course, and dessert. Therefore, Yuan Zhou was still slightly worried.

Fortunately, he had a complete set of western food etiquette available.

The area where Yuan Zhou's restaurant was seated was originally a high-technology zone of this city, where many tall buildings were scattered around. However, the supporting business circle was still in construction, so it inevitably appeared a little desolate.

Not to mention there was even an old residential area around Yuan Zhou's restaurant which made it seem old.

Since there was nothing worth visiting around there, the visitors were naturally less than average. It was the fast food restaurant further down the business street that had the most customers and provided meals for people working around. Since Yuan Zhou's restaurant was publicized throughout the city, however, the stores here became valuable. Many stores that provided foods, accessories enjoyed by girls, and services of drinking tea and chatting for men had been appearing.

Working in a foreign-funded enterprise right now, Ma Zhida was a little worried.

"I haven't eaten Boss Yuan's dishes for quite a few days. How long shall we accompany that UAE prince?" Ma Zhida poked his colleague at the side and asked.

"As a single man, you just need to feed yourself and can at least go there for meals every few days. I haven't been there for almost two months." His colleague rolled his eyes to Ma Zhida and didn't intend to answer the last question.

"Is this the main point? I'm asking you when this wealthy manager will leave." Ma Zhidao asked earnestly.

"I don't know. We are the only males in the Public Relations Department." His colleague shrugged and appeared helpless.

That's right. Ma Zhida and this colleague were the only males in the Public Relations Department. According to their general manager, they were merely the green leaves in contrast with the females in the department. In spite of that, they still couldn't leave when there was work.

Recently, the parent company of the partner of their company sent a manager, an authentic Emiratis, here to inspect the business. Therefore, all staff working in the Public Relations Department accompanied him in turns.

Actually, he wasn't the legendary prince. The UAE Prince was only a joking appellation of the manager.

"Silika, you speak Chinese so fluently. What do you want to eat today?" The director of the Public Relations Department, a beauty with a beautiful body, was accompanying a man who was dressed in a business suit and had neat whiskers along with another middle-aged man.

The person that asked just now was naturally the director of the Public Relation Department, too. After all, only by asking this way could the beautiful women reveal their charm.

"I am sick of eating your dishes these few days and want to eat something from our nation today." Silika, the moneybags from UAE, said with a frown.

"I know a restaurant called Desert that serves dishes of UAE. Do you want to go and have a try?" The director said smilingly.

"No, no. There's no authentic UAE dish around here." Silika refused immediately.

Instantly, he remembered the roast meat he had eaten yesterday. It was said to be the authentic UAE taste, but actually tasted very bad.

"Then do you want to try the specialty dish here?" The beautiful director still suggested with a smile.

The manager beside her was only responsible for nodding his head.

"I know your Chinese dishes are delicious, but I just don't like that kind of taste." Silika shrugged and appeared quite helpless.

Once he said that, the several other people didn't know how to answer him. It was nevertheless Silika himself that started to talk.

"Sigh. It would be great even if it was only a pilaf." Silika signed and then said.

"Do you want to eat rice?" Ma Zhida suddenly asked him.

"Yeah. Rice, the white rice." Silika said affirmatively.

"Do Emiratis also eat white rice?" Although Ma Zhida said with a very low voice, he was still heard by others.

"Of course. Different from the white rice produced here, the rice produced in our country is especially delicious when used to cook the pilaf." Silika said proudly.

"Can you eat it without meat?" Ma Zhida had a sudden inspiration and asked that.

"Of course, I can." Silika nodded his head.

"If you can eat pilaf without meat, I think there's a place that can absolutely serve you food that satisfies your UAE taste buds." Ma Zhida said positively.

"Are you sure?" This time, Silika directly said that in English.

"Yes, absolutely." Ma Zhida answered confidently.

"Then let's eat it tonight." Silika said happily.

Silika trusted Ma Zhida because he clearly understood the habits of the Chinese. Even if they were 100% sure, they only said 90% to others. Since Ma Zhida said that so affirmatively, his confidence had definitely surpassed 200%.

"Little Ma, are you sure?" The manager asked him for confirmation.

"I trust Little Ma." The director at the side looked at Ma Zhida earnestly and then nodded his head.

"Is it that place?" It was rare for Ma Zhida's colleague to understand his thoughts. They all thought of Yuan Zhou's restaurant at the same time.

"You are right." Ma Zhida nodded his head affirmatively.

"Okay. Little Ma, you lead the way. But you stay in the company." The manager said that while pointing at that colleague.

"Well, okay. Bye, manager. Bye Manager Silika." The colleague complained about the stingy manager inwardly and said goodbye to them, yet a smile on his face.

The several people all nodded and then the colleague left.

At that time, the manager said sensibly, "Silika, I don't think you'll feel comfortable if I eat together with you. So what about they take you there to eat?"

"Of course. Then thank you, beauty and this gentleman who is leading the way for us." Silika nodded his head with a delighted expression.

"I hope you can eat the dish you want." The manager answered him smilingly.

"I will." Silika nodded his head.

The manager had some knowledge of the habits of the Emiratis. They didn't like negotiating business while having meals. He had been accompanying the client for the last two days and thus, the atmosphere wasn't that active during the meals. Therefore, the manager made his exit sensibly and gave the initiative to the young.

Besides, the director of the Public Relations Department was present, so he wasn't worried at all.

"Manager Silika, please follow me. That small restaurant isn't far from here. It is no more than 10 minutes on foot. If we drive, however, we have to look for a parking spot over there." Ma Zhida said smilingly.

"Then let's just walk over there." Silika accepted the good advice and said that.

"Follow me." Ma Zhida led the way ahead of them with a cordial smile.

Behind him, the beautiful director and Silika were chatting freely and occasionally introducing some favorable information about her company.

The three of them all headed for Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Meanwhile, a good play happened to be on at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Because Chu Xiao appeared again.

The cause was that two customers were discussing why Yuan Zhou could cook the Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork so well.

"Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is way too good. Having been picked with the chopsticks, it really looks like the ants climbing up on the tree. The Chinese vermicelli is chewy while the minced pork is elastic." A customer gulped down a mouthful of vermicelli with satisfaction.

"The most wonderful thing is that the Chinese vermicelli has absorbed abundant gravy and tastes super satisfying." The two people started to praise the dish one after another.

"If only I can cook this dish! I won't be sick of eating that all day long." The customer said with a delighted look.

"Don't even think about it in your lifetime. Even if you have the talent for being a chef, you'll need no less than three years to make it as delicious as this one. "Chu Xiao's arrogant voice appeared again.

He was always appearing and disappearing mysteriously...