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468 Ridicule Coming From Actual Strength

 "The taste is just a little bland and besides, slightly sweet after the honey is added. That's it." The other person that talked little knitted his brows and said straightforwardly.

"Can he even be regarded as a master by cooking that way?" That talkative person said with great puzzlement, not really understanding that.

"It's really a waste of our flight tickets. Judging from his actions in the video, however, he looks awesome." The other one knitted his brows tighter.

"Exactly. Internet rumors seem to be untrustworthy. The difference is much too distinct." The talkative person looked at Yuan Zhou discontentedly.

"Buy the flight ticket back home for me." The other one said decisively.

"No way. I treated you to the meal just now." The talkative customer answered.

Just like that, the two people commented about the Honey Tremella prepared by Yuan Zhou in turns, not caring that they were still in Yuan Zhou's restaurant now. They didn't intend to give Yuan Zhou any due respect.

"What's wrong with these two self-conceited guys?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said with a frown.

"I don't know. They are probably fools." Ling Hong snickered.

"You!" The talkative customer stared at Wu Hai discontentedly.

The other one that talked little was directly interrupted just when he was about to say something.

"No wonder you are still at Grade 4 at this old age. Don't ever tell others that you are chefs. I'm ashamed of having such disgraceful companions like you two." A male voice that sounded extremely proud said straightforwardly.

"Who's that?" The other one immediately turned his head and looked at the person.

The person was dressed in a shirt with black and white stripes, a thin overcoat, and light blue casual pants. There was a look of arrogance on his face.

"Chu Xiao." Yuan Zhou raise his head and brought out his name.

"He's truly as same as you." Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong and said to him jokingly.

"No. I'm more handsome than him." Ling Hong shrugged and started to watch the fun.

After the two people heard Yuan Zhou bring out that person's name, they became quite surprised. They didn't know much about Yuan Zhou, but knew whom Chu Xiao was. After all, Chu Xiao became well-known much earlier than Yuan Zhou and was a legendary figure.

"Two hopelessly stupid idiots. Didn't you ever temper yourself when you hold the kitchen knife during normal times? You'd better watch your words." Chu Xiao stared at the two people with his sharp eyes.

"This dish is indeed just ordinary. This is our conclusion." Seeing Chu Xiao, the talkative person contrarily dared to say nothing while the other one that talked little answered him.

"Ho Ho. Frankly speaking, you are absolutely unqualified to comment about this dish. It's an insult to pigs if I compare you with the pigs. Your brains are definitely not as heavy as that of a pig." Chu Xiao always looked down on others when he looked at them.

By saying that way, he appeared much more insolent and rude. Upon hearing that, the two chefs flushed instantly and became unhappy.

"Although we are only at Grade 4 right now, we have taken part in the Grade-3 exam and there will be results soon. So I think we are at least qualified to comment about a dish prepared by a chef that has no grade at all." The other customer that spoke little said with a resolute tone.

"Don't wait for the results anymore. You definitely can't pass it. Since you haven't mastered how to use your tongue, don't ever think of passing the exam." Chu Xiao said that freely as if he were saying something very common.

"A certificate means bullsh*t. After all, people like you guys can even get a Grade-4 certificate." Chu Xiao's sarcasm was getting more and more severe.

"Even if you are a Michelin three-star chef, you can't say this to us, Master Chu." Instantly, the customer that talked little got infuriated and thus stared at Chu Xiao earnestly.

"Ho Ho. Of course I can. It is better for chefs that can't even distinguish the royal jelly to change their occupation." Chu Xiao looked at the two people seriously.

"You!" Then, the faces of the two people became almost the same. Both of them flushed with great anger caused by Chu Xiao.

The key point was that they had no way to contradict him. Because every single word of Chu Xiao was related to culinary skills. On that aspect, they truly didn't dare to say anything against Chu Xiao.

"The advantages of this dish are its simplicity and freshness. Although the ingredients used are simple, the taste is nevertheless elegant and sweet." Ignoring the two people that almost died of anger, Chu Xiao started to speak with fervor and assurance.

Just right in front of the Honey Tremella.

"The honey used is supposed to be the royal jelly of the wild-growing rock bees in Rock Bee Village. It's first rate and is fresh while the tremella used is the living tremella. The decocted royal jelly has a slight hint of jasmine and the taste of acerbity contained therein also decreases sharply."

"Well, yes. There's no astringency but much sourness. Do you keep it with a special method?" Although it was an interrogative sentence, Chu Xiao asked with a quite affirmative tone while looking at Yuan Zhou.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"The tremella itself is bland and tasteless. The sour taste of the royal jelly and the slightly spicy underlying taste are a perfect match with the fragrance of the jasmine." Chu Xiao analyzed the advantages of this dish with only a few words.

"The fresh tremella and the nourishing royal jelly. Boss Yuan, you really are good." Chu Xiao took a look at the Honey Tremella on the curved long table in the end and then turned around and left.

As for the two people, he didn't say anything else to them. Presumably, no one could do better than Chu Xiao on the aspect of looking down upon others.

"Ta Ta Ta". Chu Xiao's footsteps faded away gradually. Not affected at all, Yuan Zhou just continued cooking the delicacies. He didn't lose his concentration except for when he was carrying the dishes to the customers.

The two people that came along together nevertheless became relieved. Only after they kept silent for quite a while did they snort coldly.

"What an officious guy!" The two people thought of that of one accord.

When they caught sight of the contemptuous gaze of the customers around and the Honey Tremella on the table, however, they immediately remembered the horror of being dominated by Chu Xiao just now, and of course, the chef Yuan Zhou that served a perfect-matching dish without saying anything.

"Let's leave." The person that spoke little said without turning his head around.

"I'm sorry, gentlemen. If you don't eat up the food on the table, you two will be blacklisted." Zhou Jia went up and said to them courteously.

"We'll never come to such a... place again." The talkative customer had originally wanted to say something unpleasant, but when he thought of his aching face being slapped just now, he immediately corrected himself. However, he still used a ferocious tone.

"Okay. Then take care, gentlemen." Zhou Jia made way for them and said politely.

"Humph." Only after the two people glared at Yuan Zhou angrily did they leave.

"Tsk-Tsk. No wonder the two of them are so weird. They turn out to be the competitors of Boss Yuan and came here to get his information," said a customer.

"Exactly. Now that Boss Yuan is getting more famous, such events will inevitably happen frequently." Another customer answered immediately.

"I'm just curious about the person who scolded them just now." This was a girl who valued a man's appearance and figure.

"He should be a chef, too. He appears fairly awesome and has an experienced eye at least." A slightly elder customer said with satisfaction.

"He's indeed a chef, specifically, a young Michelin three-star chef." Ling Hong started to make introductions.

"Even a Michelin three-star chef admires Boss Yuan's culinary skills. One could imagine how handsome Boss Yuan is." The girl that had valued the appearance and figure just now immediately said excitedly.

However, wasn't what she admired supposed to be Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship? How does that have anything to do with the handsome appearance? Wu Hai thought of that with puzzlement.

"Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship is naturally the best, but that Chu Xiao is also not bad." Ling Hong said affirmatively.

"Boss Yuan is the best. He's so kind-hearted as to adopt Broth." Girls' focus their attention on many aspects.

"Chu Xiao is not bad." Yuan Zhou said that as he set down the dishes.