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467 Finding Faul

 "The selection of frequently-used vegetables is more or less like that. You can go back now." Yuan Zhou said peacefully.

He spoke as if it wasn't him who gave the long speech.

"Um, okay. Good." If it were a cartoon, Su Mu's eyes would totally be like the mosquito coil incense right now. He was dizzy just from listening.

"Take care on the way." Yuan Zhou said to Su Mu who appeared to be in a daze.

"Goodbye." Su Mu answered subconsciously.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou only sat down when Su Mu's footsteps passed away.

"Well, I tactfully avoided going out again." Yuan Zhou spoke highly of himself quite proudly.

After all, he was a shut -in and instinctively hated going out. However, looking for delicacies didn't count.

"System, show me the status of the mission." Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the girl that had been here to have a meal just now.

[Upgrade mission] Coming here for you

(Mission tips: Please complete the mission that requires 100 customers to come specifically to eat the delicacies in the restaurant within 30 days.)

[Mission reward] Upgrade once; drawing a lottery once; a special reward; a reward for the intermediate chef

(Reward tips: More rewards are in the hand of the master chef system. Work hard to level up, young man!)

[Mission status] 88/100

"Wait. I remembered there were already 88 people at noon." Yuan Zhou pointed at the status of the mission and said.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Then why is it still 88 now? System, do you have a delay?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

Yuan Zhou clearly remembered that Zhao Jing had said she specially came here for Yuan Zhou's red algae.

The system displayed, "No, there isn't."

"Then there are supposed to be 89 people." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

However, the system didn't answer him.

"The girl that came here in the evening was obviously speaking a dialect from the south. As soon as she arrived in Chengdu, she came here for a meal. Did you omit her?" Yuan Zhou said in a quite earnest tone.

The system displayed, "The requirement of the mission is that she must come especially for your excellent craftsmanship."

"Yeah, she indeed had dinner." Yuan Zhou said deservedly.

The system was a little speechless. Apparently, Zhao Jing sat down to have dinner because she felt embarrassed after she had taken the photos here for such a long time. Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou surprisingly dared to say it was his contribution without hesitation.

It truly seemed to be a truth that "keep good company and you shall be one of them".

The system displayed, "That customer originally came to take photos of the red algae."

"Um. But she was attracted by my craftsmanship and thus stayed." Yuan Zhou nodded and said.

"Because I took part in the shooting of the TV program. Due to my excellent performance, the TV station came for a second time. Due to my superb craftsmanship, I was known by people throughout the internet and then she got the opportunity to see me. So whatever you say, she came for my craftsmanship." Yuan Zhou explained primly.

The restaurant was so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling on the ground could be heard. For a while, the system was unable to find a reason to contradict his false reasoning. Having fallen silent for quite a while, it revised the status of the mission.

"Yeah, good. That's my good system." Yuan Zhou said with a gratified look.

However, the system directly disappeared and no longer answered him.

"It's getting closer and closer to the 60% revenue sharing." Yuan Zhou didn't care about the system's disappearance. He was looking at the status of the mission with satisfaction. There was already 89 people and he had to finish the leveling-up mission with 11 more people before being able to obtain the 60% revenue sharing from the total.

Yet, the remaining time wasn't much, either. Only one week was left now.

Having persuaded the system, Yuan Zhou felt quite satisfied. During pub time, he worked harder than before to enhance his culinary skills.

When he went to bed at night, Yuan Zhou had a very sound sleep. The system-branded sound insulator was trustworthy.

Early the next morning, Yuan Zhou got up and did his exercises as usual. There was little probability to complete the mission during the breakfast time. However, Yuan Zhou wouldn't take that into his considerations after he had started to cook breakfast.

Besides, Yuan Zhou had good luck last night and received the royal jelly from the rock bees again. Moreover, he only shook his phone for two hours and got the number 1. He was truly lucky.

At noontime,

"It seems that Huang Li will come over here today. However, I haven't seen Mu Xiaoyun for a long time." Yuan Zhou looked at the customers lining up outside and murmured in the heart.

The name, Huang Li, mentioned by Yuan Zhou was naturally the younger brother and his sister. Normally, every time Yuan Zhou served the dish of Honey Tremella, he could be seen in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

He was the No. 1 fan of Yuan Zhou apart from Tang Xi.

And due to the limited quantity, the regular customers normally wouldn't order this dish after they found out about him.

Of course, those who were observant and came for the first time had to be excluded. For example, this one.

"Boss, get us two servings of Honey Tremella." It was a customer who had barely entered the restaurant among the first 20 customers.

Meanwhile, the young man Huang Li was still behind them.

"Okay. What else do you need?" Zhou Jia went up with a smile and asked.

"No need. Who knows if they are delicious with them being so expensive?" The customer curled his lip and appeared much more arrogant than Lee Yanyi.

This person was dressed in a brown sweater knitted with thin woolen yarn, a black thin cotton jacket outside, and plain black business pants. He was of medium height and carried a prideful expression on his face. When he measured Yuan Zhou, there was full of contempt in his eyes.

The other one was also of medium height and spoke little. Basically, it was his companion that kept chattering. However, that wasn't because he was mild, but because he was more arrogant than his companion. He even laid a handkerchief on the chair and sat on it while his eyebrows were knitted tightly on his plain face as if it were a great discomfort just to stay here.

"It's 42 RMB in all. We only accept payment first before the meal." Zhou Jia wasn't cordial anymore. She just said politely.

"Tsk-tsk. Even a small restaurant has so many weird rules?" While speaking of that, the person took out his money.

"Here." The person took out several pieces of banknotes and handed them to Zhou Jia.

"Wait a moment, please." Zhou Jia pinched the money tight and then said.

"Go quickly. There isn't even a helper here." The person complained again while the other one nodded his head approvingly.

"They seem a little familiar." His attention attracted by the person, Master Cheng muttered to himself with puzzlement.

In just a little while, however, he was attracted by Yuan Zhou's showy culinary skills and had no time to take notice of the two clown-like people.

At least, other customers also thought that way. After all, they had verified Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship personally. Nonetheless, the two people who came from nowhere made complaints ceaselessly from the moment they entered the restaurant till now. If not for the two people talking in a low voice and because the customers feared it would affect their mood, they really wanted to drive them away.

"Here's the Honey Tremella for you two." Zhou Jia carried two dishes courteously.

The tremella was placed in a dark green plate painted with branch-twined laces around the edges this time. The snowy white and lustrous tremella gave a beautiful contrast with the green plate.

"The appearance is barely acceptable. What do you think?" The talkative man turned his head and looked at his companion beside him.

"It's indeed barely acceptable." The person said straightforwardly.

"Let me see how the taste is like." The talkative man picked up a piece of tremella and stuffed it into his mouth.

The tremella emitted a crisp and tender sound of "Ca Ca" in his mouth, which was melodious and pleasing to the ears. However, the two people who ate at the same time still knitted their brows.

"Is that all?" This time, they said with one accord.