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466 Here For You

 Guo Rui and A Luo, who were to be engaged soon, had an excessively sweet atmosphere when they were eating. Coincidentally, Wu Hai was seated beside them.

"Aren't you prepared to take care of the feeling of single dogs (a joking appellation referring to those who are unmarried nor have a girlfriend)?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and appeared indignant.

Just when Guo Rui was about to say something, A Luo dragged him lightly at the side. Once he turned his head, he found the girl blinking to him.

Then, Guo Rui seemed to understand something. He immediately turned his head and said to Wu Hai, "I hope Brother Wu can find a girlfriend as soon as possible."

While speaking of that, he appeared quite earnest. In his opinion, he had to be very sincere since his girlfriend asked him to say that.

"Hiss..." Guo Rui didn't manage to get Wu Hai's answer before he was pinched by A Luo.

He turned his head and found A Luo appeared dissatisfied and even snorted lightly.

"Huh? Didn't you want me to say that?" Guo Rui then reacted.

It turned out that A Luo didn't really want him to say that. He just misunderstood her.

Wu Hai was totally speechless at the side, "I'm just eating something delicious here. Must you two show off your intimacy in front of me?"

"Heh-heh." The titter came from Guo Rui while A Luo smiled shyly with her mouth closed.

"Boss Yuan, I need more delicacies to heal my wounds. Please get me a cup of watermelon juice." Wu Hai turned his head and said to Zhou Jia standing at the side.

"Okay. One moment, please." Zhou Jia was quite professional. She didn't laugh out loud upon hearing that.

Go, go ahead." Wu Hai revealed a look of heartache.

"Actually, I don't think you are a single dog." Yuan Zhou suddenly said.

"Um?" Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou with puzzlement.

"Broth bites bad guys harshly. You don't do it as well as him." Yuan Zhou pointed at Broth outside and said primly.

Because Yuan Zhou had suddenly thought of that thief of delicious foods.

"It can't do better than me. I can bite three dogs like him alone." Wu Hai said with a scornful look.

"What do you mean by 'bite'?" Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai in surprise.

"Back in the days, I moved about freely in the circle of medium-sized and small dogs. Even for the large dogs, I feared none except the Tibetan mastiff." Wu Hai said proudly.

"Ho Ho. I don't see the point that you are proud of." Ling Hong supported his forehead.

Seated at the door, Broth barked at Wu Hai as if it had understood their conversations.

"Let me repeat once again. You can't bite me as badly as I can bite you." Wu Hai looked at Broth and stressed complacently.

"You are really disappointing. You even start to compare with Broth on biting people." Man Man said with a speechless manner.

"Carry it to him quickly." Yuan Zhou took up the cup of watermelon juice freshly squeezed and said to Zhou Jia.

Then, Zhou Jia carried it to Wu Hai hurriedly in case he acted foolishly again.

"It turns out that the sense of shame depends on different people." Yuan Zhou ridiculed in the heart.

Yuan Zhou didn't think for long before he was interrupted by a clear and melodious voice.

"Hi. Can I take photos here?" It was a girl who asked that. As soon as she entered the restaurant, she spoke a Suzhou dialect and asked.

The girl was dressed in a black T-shirt, a thick and solid camo jacket, and black cargo pants. She had a high ponytail on her head and didn't use any cosmetics on her face. With a professional camera in her hands, she appeared youthful and energetic.

"What photos do you want to take?" Yuan Zhou asked carefully.

"It's that thing. I saw this glass wall landscape on TV and there had very rare algae inside. So I came here to take some photos." The girl explained the details politely.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Thank you." The girl immediately smiled happily.

"Why do you want to take photos of them for?" Ling Hong always wanted to strike up a conversation with beautiful girls.

"I'm a painter for plant science." Speaking of her own occupation, she was quite content and proud.

"That sounds awesome." Ling Hong was very good at talking.

"I'm just good at drawing things." After the girl said humbly, she held the camera and approached the sergestes wall landscape.

The sound of "Ka Ca Ka Ca" was heard without an end. The girl was taking photos seriously over there.

She crouched, tiptoed and attached the lens on the glass every now and then and simply wanted to take a photo from all angles.

The girl was taking photos blissfully with her face looking excited and content.

The name of the girl was Zhao Jing. She wasn't a Chengdu resident, but came from the south. In a video shared by others, she caught sight of the very rare red algae inside of the wall landscape.

Formerly, she heard that these red algae only existed in the Irish sea. Never had she expected they could exist here in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. As a painter of plant science, she naturally rushed over from tens of thousands of miles away.

Only when she finished taking photos did Zhou Jia go up and ask her.

"What do you want to eat?" Zhou Jia asked mildly.

"What shall I eat? Get me an Egg Fried Rice Set." Only after she finished the work did Zhao Jing find there happened to be a vacant seat. She immediately answered with embarrassment.

"Okay. One moment, please." Zhou Jia led her to the vacant seat and then answered.

Only then did she start to explain to her the rule of serving meals after payment was made. Zhao Jing naturally paid for that hurriedly.

Zhou Jia received the money carefully and then reported the dishes.

As Zhao Jing had lined up to get into the restaurant, she could naturally eat there. This was one of the rules in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Everything went smoothly except for Wu Hai's foolish behavior during the dinner time. As soon as business hours ended, Yuan Zhou shut the door mercilessly.

"Ta Ta Ta". While the sound of footsteps faded away gradually, only Su Mu and Yuan Zhou were left there in the restaurant.

"You can tell me now." Yuan Zhou said earnestly while wiping the azure stone countertop.

"Boss Yuan, I see you only sculpt with radishes every time. That's way too dull." Su Mu considered for a while and then said with a mysterious look.

"It's a little difficult for me to sculpt with tofu," Yuan Zhou said primly.

"I'm not talking about that one. That has long existed." Su Mu waved his hand and indicated that it wasn't what he meant.

"Then what is it?" Yuan Zhou asked indifferently.

"Broccoli and bok choi. Of course, banana is also fine." Su Mu said confidently.

He totally believed that Yuan Zhou would be tempted. After all, Yuan Zhou was a shut-in who seldom surfed the internet. This was known to all the regular customers.

However, Su Mu was different. He liked all kinds of weird and odd things and often surfed the internet. Therefore, he found that.

"I know something about fruit sculpture." Yuan Zhou indicated that he had some knowledge of fruit sculpting.

"Did you ever think of the broccoli sculpture? Or can you sculpt the bok choi? Or bananas?" Su Mu asked back in disbelief.

"No." Yuan Zhou answered cleanly.

"So I help you open a new train of thought." Su Mu said proudly.

"Yes, that indeed counts. So I will also tell you directly about the matter of buying vegetables." Yuan Zhou glanced at Su Mu and said quite naturally.

"You agree?" Su Mu's beautiful peach blossom eyes were filled with excitement.

"Um. Select the fruits that have been pecked by birds, as they will taste sweeter..." Yuan Zhou first nodded his head and then started to introduce the frequently-used fruits and vegetables.

"Wait. Boss Yuan, what do you mean?" Su Mu asked with puzzlement.

"Since you told you a new train of thought, I will also tell you how to select the quality fruits and vegetables free of charge. No need for thanks." Yuan Zhou revealed a deserved expression.

"That seems to make some sense when you say it that way." Su Mu said blankly.

"That's for sure. Keep listening to me." Yuan Zhou nodded and then continued telling him.

During the process, he also mentioned some of his own skills. However, Su Mu just appeared muddled and puzzled...