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465 A New Sculpture

 "Have you lost your mind after drawing everyday?" Yuan Zhou said with a firm tone.

"Let's first leave this matter aside. Who are you going to marry? Why didn't we get any information about this?" Wu Hai stroked his mustaches and appeared quite confused.

"Read the invitation card yourself," Yuan Zhou said angrily.

"At the sight of the invitation card for your marriage, I feel that the whole world has suddenly changed." Wu Hai mumbled and sputtered.

"This is the invitation card for an engagement." Yuan Zhou corrected him.

"It's all the same." Wu Hai waved his hand, indicating he didn't care if it was marriage or engagement. Anyway, it was abrupt and caused astonishment.

Just as he prepared to open the invitation card that he had dropped aside due to his shock, Wu Hai suddenly shouted loudly, "Boss Yuan, will you close the restaurant if you get married?"

"You don't need to use a phone from now on. You can just shout." Yuan Zhou was startled by Wu Hai's sudden shout. He said that after he calmed down.

"No, no, no. Please answer my question. It's very important." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou earnestly.

"Read the invitation card now." Yuan Zhou answered solemnly.

"Is the application for leave also written on the invitation card?" Wu Hai looked at the invitation card in his hand and revealed a puzzled look.

"You'll know about that after reading it." Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and repeated again.

"Sigh." Wu Hai signed and then opened the invitation card.

There written on the invitation card was the exact date of the engagement and the names of the lovers, side by side.

"Boss Yuan, when did you meet this girl named Qin Luo?" Wu Hai was relieved when he opened the invitation card and found there wasn't a leave request contained inside. Only then did he start to check whom the girl was.

Yuan Zhou turned a deaf ear to Wu Hai's question. The name of the man was just there and Wu Hai could find how stupid he was just now in the end.

"Huh? Did you also invite Ling Hong and some other customers?" Wu Hai, surprisingly, still didn't see who the leading man was.

"Be quiet while reading." Yuan Zhou's tone was quite serious.

"This is merely an invitation card, not a book." Wu Hai shrugged.

"Wait. Who's Guo Rui?" When Wu Hai lowered his head to indicate that it was just an invitation card, he finally caught sight of the name of the man in his side vision.

"The main character of the engagement." Yuan Zhou said concisely and comprehensively.

"So it turns out to it isn't you who's going to get married. You really scared me." Wu Hai was relieved and sat down on the chair naturally.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded and looked at Wu Hai.

Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hai silently and waited to see him get embarrassed. However, without the slightest embarrassment, Wu Hai just revealed an unperturbed and relaxed look while looking around at the invitation card.

Then, Yuan Zhou became speechless.

"I shouldn't have underestimate your thick skin." Yuan Zhou couldn't help but support his forehead.

"Um?" Wu Hai looked at with an innocent expression while stroking his small mustaches.

"Nothing." Yuan Zhou said primly.

"Speaking of which, if you aren't the one getting married, why are you handing out the invitation cards? That caused my misunderstanding in the first place." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou, his face written with dissatisfaction.

"So I am to blame, right?" Yuan Zhou said peacefully.

"Of course." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said deservedly.

Looking at Wu Hai's shameless manner, Yuan Zhou really wanted to beat him to death, but he managed to resist the impulse in the end for the sake of his image. After that, he began to work attentively silently and didn't talk to anybody.

"If it's not your marriage, whose invitation card is it? There are even our names written on it." Wu Hai pointed at the invitation card and said curiously.

Yuan Zhou just responded with silence as if he hadn't heard him.

"Boss Yuan?" Wu Hai revealed a puzzled look.

However, Yuan Zhou still didn't say anything. He was wiping and washing the water sink attentively.

It was lucky that Guo Rui and A Luo returned at that time before Wu Hai continued to say something.

Once they entered the restaurant and saw Wu Hai, Guo Rui greed him first, "Hi, Brother Wu Hai. I'm Guo Rui."

They knew each other, but usually Guo Rui spoke very little and never introduced himself to others. It was the first time that he had introduced himself properly.

"Um. It has been a while." Wu Hai nodded.

"Is the invitation card yours?" Wu Hai was very smart. He guessed the moment he saw the girl.

"Yes, it's the invitation card for our engagement. Please do attend it." Guo Rui said solemnly.

"Sure. I will definitely go since it's your big event." Wu Hai looked at the girl without a trace and then answered.

"Thank you. Sorry for bothering you." Guo Rui nodded happily.

"Not really." Wu Hai shook his head.

Like Yuan Zhou, he was also very curious about how they ended up together. However, his temperament didn't allow him to ask about that randomly. At that time, Yuan Zhou started to look forward to Ling Hong arriving.

After all, this person always did things without any restraint. He liked asking directly about anything he was interested in.

Nevertheless, it was Su Mu who arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant ahead of Ling Hong.

"Boss Yuan, let's go to buy vegetables, shall we?" Su Mu asked directly.

"No. They are still there, unused." Yuan Zhou said cleanly.

"I've got a great idea. If I tell you, will you go with me to buy vegetables?" Su Mu didn't really mind Yuan Zhou's refusal and continued to ask.

"Oh?" Yuan Zhou was rather puzzled.

"There are really many things that made people puzzled today." Yuan Zhou ridiculed in the heart, but he still appeared to be uninterested in that.

"It's really a brilliant idea. It's about sculpting." Judging from Su Mu's expression, he wouldn't give up until he successfully aroused Yuan Zhou's interest.

"Go ahead." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Are you going to buy vegetables with me if I tell you?" Su Mu was reluctant to suffer losses.

"I'm not sure. But you can tell me about that great idea after business time ends." Yuan Zhou crossed his hands against his chest and said lightly.

"Okay. I will tell you later," answered Su Mu.

Not long after that, Ling Hong also arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. As soon as he caught sight of Guo Rui and A Luo, who appeared to be a pair of lovers, he immediately expressed his astonishment.

"Did you two end up together now?" Ling Hong revealed a suspicious look on his sunny face.

"Yes, we are together." Guo Rui held A Luo's hands tight and answered earnestly.

"Congratulations!" Ling Hong nodded and then said directly.

"Thank you." Guo Rui thanked him. With her eyes and eyebrows curved, A Luo appeared quite happy at the side.

"I'll receive the invitation for all of them. But can you come out for a moment?" Taking the invitation card, Ling Hong prepared to put it back in his car and meanwhile called Guo Rui together.

"A Luo, wait for a moment. I'll be right back. Don't miss me." Guo Rui still talked softly, but sounded more confident.

The girl just nodded her head and waved her hand at him with a smile.

"Ta Ta Ta". Ling Hong walked farther with Guo Rui. Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai were just doing their own work at the side and didn't appear curious. Anyway, Ling Hong would tell them on his own in the end.

Ling Hong and Guo Rui didn't walk very long before they arrived at Ling Hong's sports car. Ling Hong put the invitation card down naturally and started to ask.

"Didn't you tell me that you wanted to find a girl as healthy as you? But you know she can't talk. It's reality." Ling Hong asked the question straightforwardly.

"Yeah, sure. That's why I become more talkative." Guo Rui answered naturally.

"Let's go. The meal time is going to start shortly." Ling Hong became stupefied for an instant before he said as if nothing had happened.

"Okay." Guo Rui nodded.

They didn't talk more the whole way. Nor did Ling Hong ask him anything anymore either.

Bottom lines didn't mean that they couldn't be changed. It just meant if it was worth it to be changed.

If you didn't talk, I would talk more. It was a perfect match.