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464 Engagemen

 In the early morning, Yuan Zhou wasn't the only person that was busy and warmed.

The shy man, namely the person that often came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for meals, took the hand of the girl beside him tight.

The girl was naturally the one that the shy man often waited to eat together.

"Who else do you think we should invite to our engagement?" The shy man took the girl's hand carefully and looked at her with a distressed expression.

"We have invited all your relatives and friends and mine. Who else should we invite? I always feel we are missing someone." The shy man was a little puzzled.

Likewise, the girl nodded her head to show her consent.

"Who else should we invite?" The shy man looked at the girl and asked.

As usual, the girl shook her head and said nothing while looking at the man affectionately.

"A Luo, I won't be able to help myself but kiss you if you look at me that way." The shy man bent over and said by the girl's ear.

Instantly, the girl blushed thoroughly.

She reached out her delicate hand and pinched his waist.

"Hiss... It hurts. It's all because you are too lovable, A Luo." The shy man shouted and meanwhile said that.

As soon as he shouted, the girl became so worried that she immediately checked him from top to bottom, fearing he might have gotten hurt.

"I'm lying, A Luo. Don't worry. It's not so painful. Let's think over carefully whom else we should invite." The shy man held the girl's hands and said earnestly to her with his eyes and eyebrows relaxing.

Only then did the girl called A Luo nod her head, but she still appeared a little angry.

"Be good, A Luo. If you still feel angry, you can hit me." The shy man started to coax the girl while taking her hands.

The way the shy man coaxed and amused the girl almost as skilled as Ling Hong. One was totally unable to tell how the man behaved when he had waited for her at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant formerly.

The name of the shy man was Guo Rui. At that time, he had tried to approach the girl for almost one consecutive month in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He managed to sit beside the girl every time, but didn't even say a single word to A Luo. Only when he saw her warm smile later did he dare to go up to talk with her.

He had persisted in that for another two months until the weather turned cold. Everytime he talked, however, A Luo just kept silent. At the beginning, he was quite frustrated, but when he saw the girl's smile, he felt it all worthwhile.

The shy man managed to preserve in this way and eventually got the girl.

"What's the matter?" Guo Rui looked at A Luo and asked her with puzzlement.

However, the girl just pointed at a small store without a shop sign behind them, but said nothing.

"Do you want to drink some water?" Guo Rui asked while looking at the conspicuous mineral water bottles in front of the store.

A Luo shook her head firmly, indicating that she didn't.

"Then what do you mean?" Seeing A Luo make some gestures, Guo Rui still couldn't understand her.

Nonetheless, Guo Rui finally reacted when A Luo pointed at the small store again.

"Got it. You mean Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Oh, yeah. We forget to invite them." Guo Rui saw the light suddenly.

This time, A Luo nodded her head forcibly.

"Yeah, that's it. It turns out that we have forgotten our matchmaker." Guo Rui pinched A Luo's cheeks lightly and appeared to be happy.

Nevertheless, the girl got rid of Guo Rui's hand reproachfully.

"Okay. I surrender. Let's go to invite them now." Guo Rui immediately made a gesture of surrender and said with a spoiled tone.

Of the two lovers, the man spoke while the girl listened. There were no obvious changes since the moment Guo Rui went after the girl at the beginning. Then, they headed for Yuan Zhou's restaurant together harmoniously.

When they passed a candy store, the girl stopped Guo Rui and went to select some similar invitation cards. Only when they wrote all the names on them did they leave.

The old granny had already left quite a while ago when they arrived there. And Yuan Zhou happened to finish sculpting the radishes and was preparing the ingredients for lunch.

"Hi, Boss Yuan." Guo Rui first greeted him.

Yuan Zhou tidied up the ingredients and washed his hands before he raised his head and looked at them.

When he saw the two lovers, however, he was a little surprised.

"The two of you really ended up together?" Yuan Zhou had actually heard of the question Ling Hong had once asked Guo Rui.

Well, Ling Hong told him about that when he drank liquor at night one day.

Though Yuan Zhou was actually quite interested in this matter in the heart, he appeared as normal as before.

He just answered lightly, "Hello. Business hours have not started yet."

"We know that. We are just coming around to send the invitation cards." Guo Rui revealed a delighted look.

"Invitation cards? Are you getting married?" Yuan Zhou was truly astonished this time. He asked two questions continuously.

Once Yuan Zhou asked, the girl became a little shy with a blush appearing on her white face. Contrarily, Guo Rui answered Yuan Zhou smilingly, "No, but close to that. We are getting engaged."

"Engagement is good... Oh, no. It's also exaggerated to get engaged." Yuan Zhou tried hard and finally managed to refrain from gossiping, merely thinking that in his heart.

After all, Yuan Zhou was way too curious. Since Guo Rui had mentioned that he didn't like the disabled, how come that he could end up together with A Luo.

For the sake of his own aloof figure as a prince charming, however, Yuan Zhou still nodded and said, "Please accept my best wishes. I'll go and attend your engagement."

"Thank you for your kind wishes, Boss Yuan." Immediately, Guo Rui took out an exquisite invitation card and handed it to him.

"You are welcome." Yuan Zhou received the card with his hands and put it in the drawer meticulously.

"And please tell them to attend my engagement, too. The invitation cards are all here." Guo Rui took out a bigger invitation card as exquisite as the former one this time.

Two mandarin ducks that swam intimately together were painted on the card. Furthermore, there was a big character of "Happiness" on the surface.

"What's this?" Yuan Zhou received this invitation card with puzzlement.

"I'm thinking that Ling Hong, Wu Hai, and Man Man could attend the ceremony together, but it's not good to send individual cards to each of them," said Guo Rui. He felt a little embarrassed upon saying that.

His thought was very simple. If he gave each of them an invitation card, they probably would give back some cash gifts respectively and that would be embarrassing. If he gave only an invitation card to all of them as a whole, that would be more convenient.

The convenience offered to others would bring convenience to oneself. This was the thought of Guo Rui.

"Um?" Yuan Zhou didn't react immediately. He was still curious about their love story.

"All their names are written on the invitation card. I'm inviting them whole-hearted with sincerity." Guo Rui said earnestly.

"Okay. I will give it to them all." After the explanation, Yuan Zhou finally reacted.

"Thank you. I will come again at noon to invite you guys personally. Sorry for bothering you, Boss Yuan." Guo Rui thanked him again and again.

"No problem." Yuan Zhou shook his head indifferently.

Having thanked him again, Guo Rui and A Luo left temporarily. The reason why he left suddenly was because A Luo had been pulling his hand secretly.

This time, she wanted to go to the bathroom. Guo Rui immediately realized her intention and hence gave the invitation card to Yuan Zhou, hoping that he could send it to the several people.

As soon they left, Wu Hai walked to Yuan Zhou's restaurant in cotton slippers and prepared to have a meal.

"You came just in time. This is for you." At the sight of Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou took out the invitation card and handed it to him.

"What the hell is it? A red bomb?" The originally sluggish look on Wu Hai's face instantly disappeared.

"It's an invitation card." Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"I know it's an invitation card. I have just been away for a single morning. Are you getting married?" Wu Hai pointed at Yuan Zhou and said loudly with an incredulous look.