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462 Wu Hais Snack

 "Thank you all for coming. See you in the evening." Zhou Jia stood at the door and said smilingly.

Then, the customers left soon one after another.

In the end, only Wu Hai, Su Mu and Ling Hong still stayed there.

"Boss Yuan, I know a very good fruit & veggie shop. How about I take you there for a visit?" Su Mu said to Yuan Zhou sincerely while looking at him.

"You are stealing my idea." Ling Hong snorted coldly with disdain.

"But it works." Su Mu smiled indifferently.

The three people stayed here naturally for Yuan Zhou.

Ling Hong brought a pile of vegetables and meat last time and had a decent hotpot. Naturally, the several other people were envious of that, not to mention that Ling Hong told them proudly that Yuan Zhou helped him to select these vegetables.

That made the several other people more envious. Therefore, Su Mu prepared to use this old trick, again.

"No, thanks. I haven't even sculpted the radishes bought yesterday." Yuan Zhou refused blankly.

"Don't you want to have more, Boss Yuan?" Su Mu said mildly.

"Fresh ones are easier to sculpt." Yuan Zhou answered earnestly.

As for Su Mu's purpose, Yuan Zhou was certainly quite clear, but sculpting mattered more. It was definitely not because he was too lazy to go out. Well, that was the reason.

"Like I said, you can't do it." Ling Hong shrugged and then said confidently.

"Never mind. I will have other solutions." Su Mu wasn't discouraged at all. Instead, he said with confidence.

"Boss Yuan, are you going out today?" Having kept silent for quite a while, Wu Hai suddenly said that at the side.

"No, I won't." Yuan Zhou answered positively.

"Great. I will bring you some snacks this afternoon." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said smilingly.

Wu Hai was very smart. He didn't say a single word about helping him to buy vegetables, but contrarily turned around and left.

"Tsk-tsk. You are surprisingly trying to bribe him. Shame on you, small mustache." Su Mu pointed at Wu Hai and shouted.

"No, no. We are just communicating." Wu Hai said complacently.

"We know you have learned cooking from Boss Yuan. So what?" Naturally, Su Mu knew about this matter.

After all, Wu Hai had shown off this experience in front of them for a long time.

He especially liked showing off in front of Master Cheng.

"Only some vegetable dishes that are barely acceptable." Ling Hong hit the nail on the head.

"Even so, I cooked it under Boss Yuan's personal instructions." Wu Hai was quite proud.

"That was a very simple trade between us." Yuan Zhou immediately explained, trying to show innocence.

What a joke! What a shock it would be if Wu Hai told others that his craftsmanship was learned from Yuan Zhou!

"You are right. Still, you have taught me for three days." After saying that, Wu Hai turned around and left. Upon hearing that, Yuan Zhou found it inappropriate to contradict him.

"See you in the evening." Yuan Zhou said to the remaining two people.

Only when they realized Yuan Zhou appeared to be preparing to see the customers out did the two people start to leave.

"See you." Su Mu and Ling Hong said at the same time.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ta Ta Ta". The footsteps of the two people sounded to be consistent.

"I can finally sculpt." Yuan Zhou sat down and took a rest for a while before he muttered to himself.

After that, he moved the chair and some other stuff to the door and prepared to sculpt.

"The cold breeze blows gently. It feels so good." Seated at the door, Yuan Zhou said softly after a puff of cold wind.

"Zhi Ya". He stood up and opened the door wider so that the warm air inside could provide him with some warmth.

Having done all that, Yuan Zhou got seated and prepared to sculpt.

"Vegetables, vegetables! Who wants green bamboo shoots?" While Yuan Zhou was selecting the radishes, an aged voice passed from a distance.

An old granny dressed in a deep red cotton-padded coat and black plush trousers was peddling in the street while carrying two large bamboo baskets.

Just in a little while, she walked to the restaurant that served noodles.

"Boss, do you want to buy some green bamboo shoots? They are newly picked and are very fresh." The old granny revealed a smile on her face and asked the boss enthusiastically.

"No, I don't." The female boss refused her directly.

"The price is originally 2.5 per 500g. I can offer you 2.2." The old granny was still trying to promote her bamboo shoots. While saying that, she even showed the bamboo basket to her.

"Go away. You are affecting my business." The female boss was originally quite mean. After she said that, she even reached out his hand to push the old granny away.

"Okay. Sorry for bothering you." The old granny didn't say anything more, but just smiled and carried her green bamboo shoots towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Ta Ta Ta". Her footsteps sounded quite steady.

"Boss, want some green bamboo shoots?" The old granny asked Yuan Zhou with enthusiasm immediately at the sight of Yuan Zhou.

"How much is it?" Yuan Zhou considered for a second and asked.

"2.2 per 500g. It was 2.5 in the morning." The old granny said clearly.

The vegetables in the bamboo baskets were not much. The several different vegetables weighed no more than 3 kilos in all.

"Please weigh all the vegetables. I will go bring my basket here." After that, Yuan Zhou turned around and entered his restaurant.

There was a bamboo basket on the first floor of the pub. He could use it to put the vegetables in.

"Thank you, boss. I will weigh them right now." A delighted smile appeared on the granny's smile. She sorted out the vegetables cleanly with her clean hands full of calluses.

After Yuan Zhou took out the basket, the old granny had sorted out all the remaining vegetables separately. The green bamboo shoots and the small cabbage plants were laid out in order and waiting to be weighed.

"Get them weighed and put in the basket." Yuan Zhou put the basket beside the feet of the old granny and said earnestly.

"Okay. Look, boss. My scales are the most accurate." The granny took her black scale and said with a big smile.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Green bamboo shoots 1.9 kilos; cabbage plants 0.75 kilos and 0.5 kilos of spinach. That's all." The old granny reported the weights while weighing.

Yuan Zhou just responded with a nod.

When Yuan Zhou paid money, the old granny even rounded up the figure on her own initiative.

"Thank you, boss." The old granny said happily with the money in her hand.

"You are welcome. Take care." Yuan Zhou watched the old granny leave with her empty bamboo baskets.

Only after the old granny walked further did Yuan Zhou watch the basket full of vegetables and mutter, "It seems like I can have some vegetable soup tonight."

Shortly afterwards, Wu Hai came downstairs from the building across the street. He was carrying a plate with a lid over it.

"It's the snack made by you?" Yuan Zhou pointed at the plate in Wu Hai's hands.

"Yeah. It's definitely tasty." Wu Hai said confidently.

"What is it?" Yuan Zhou asked calmly.

"Mandarin duck cake, a variety of local snack from the He'nan Province." Wu Hai said that unprepared.

"I hope this cake didn't require many colors." Yuan Zhou asked again cautiously.

"Of course not." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou with a strange gaze.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou finally nodded with safety.

Wu Hai took a step forward and suddenly saw the basket full of vegetables at the door.

"You bought vegetables?" Wu Hai felt strange and then asked.

"Not really. Someone came to sell the vegetables and I bought some for myself." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"It is 3:40 p.m. right now, the good time to eat snacks." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and looked at Yuan Zhou fervently.

"Well, let me taste it." Yuan Zhou took a much longer while to consider this time before saying that, even longer than the process of buying the vegetables.

"Let's go and taste it inside." Wu Hai carried the plate and walked into the restaurant.

"Um." After a nod, Yuan Zhou followed him into the restaurant.