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 "Sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't notice that." Lian Ji stood up first, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Never mind. Sit down, please. What do you want to eat today?" Yuan Zhou said calmly. He didn't seem to be angry.

"Well, ask him." Looking at the price, Lian Ji hesitated for a while and then looked at Xie Jun indignantly.

"Please get me a Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set, Translucent Beef Slices, Egg Fried Rice Set, Jinling Grass, Dongpo Pig Knuckle and Roast Goose." Without any hesitation, Xie Jun ordered several dishes.

Besides, what he ordered was all expensive dishes, which made Lian Jie blush at the side. This single meal almost cost ten thousand RMB.

"There is no Roast Goose today." Yuan Zhou said naturally.

"Then get me a serving of Phoenix-Tail Prawns, instead." Xie Jun didn't say anything more, but immediately changed another dish.

Anyway, he came here today just to prove he had money now. More frankly, he wanted to posture in front of his teacher.

Of course, he must order the expensive dishes.

"Okay. Please wait a moment." After a nod, Yuan Zhou turned around and went to prepare the meal. And Zhou Jia was in charge of receiving the payment.

After that, Lian Ji was unable to bear it anymore and revealed an angry look.

"Why do you pretend to be wealthy? How many months' worth of salary does this meal cost?" Lian Ji pointed at Xie Jun in an exasperated manner and asked in a low voice.

"Teacher, I can afford to eat here every day with my salary. It's just that I won't save much money." Xie Jun said that lightly.

"Do you think you really are wealthy just because I said so? You have done no decent work every day. Don't call me teacher." While Lian Ji said that, he couldn't help slapping the table again.

"Excuse me. This is a dining place. Could you please be quiet?" One of the customers, Su Mu, looked at them and said with a frown.

The two people were really noisy and didn't seem to be finishing their debate anytime soon ever since they lined up just now.

"Yeah. What are you eating here for if you two don't have a good relationship?" Immediately, another customer chimed in with Su Mu.

"Exactly. You have affected us having our meal." More people started to murmur like that.

After all, with someone else quarrelling at the side, no one could enjoy delicacies with ease.

"Humph." Lian Ji didn't apologize this time, but just snorted coldly and discontentedly.

"Sorry, it won't happen again. We are about to eat." Instead, Xie Jun expressed his apology to them politely.

"Good." Su Mu nodded his head.

After saying that, Zhou Jia carried the dishes ordered to them.

"Please enjoy your meal." Zhou Jia said courteously.

There was sort of confidence in her tone. They definitely wouldn't quarrel with each other once they started eating the dishes. Zhou Jia was quite confident of Yuan Zhou's dishes.

"Teacher, shall we eat first?" Xie Jun said to Lian Ji earnestly.

"Yes, of course. I'm quite qualified to eat your flesh and blood." Lian Jie snorted coldly again as usual.

"Teacher, I have been working in the repair department of Bulgari for almost one year." Looking at Lian Ji's angry face, Xie Jun sighed and said.

"What? You really went there?" Lian Ji asked him in surprise and with puzzlement. The originally scooped fried rice fell back into the bowl again.

"Yes. They offered me an irresistible salary." Xie Jun answered carefully.

"Irresistible? On the first day when you came to study from me, I told you that the watches aren't merely an object and repairing watches isn't a business and transaction, either. You have to ensure that you make the best out of it." Lian Ji pointed at Xie Jun and sounded heartbroken.

"Um." Xie Jun nodded, only indicating that he remembered that.

Seeing Xie Jun only nod his head indifferently, Lian Ji became angrier.

"I don't understand why you went there. You can't take the dog you are raising as an object, can you?" Lian Ji suddenly remembered that Xie Jun loved dogs very much and thus illustrated it with an example.

"No, I can't. But there are also many people who know how to raise dogs and then sell them. They just want to find a nice master for the dogs. And it's also a skill to raise dogs." Xie Jun answered peacefully.

"You little brat!" Lian Ji was made speechless immediately.

"With your wonderful craftsmanship, you can easily work there as a supervisor. What do you think?" Xie Jun looked at Lian Ji earnestly.

"I refused you last time and it is no exception this time." Lian Ji refused blankly.

"You are too stubborn. Isn't craftsmanship used for earning money to live?" Xie Jun knitted his brows and said.

"Do you think I can't support myself?" Lian Ji stared at Xie Jun and said discontentedly.

"But you are not living a decent life while I can eat such nice dishes at any time," said Xie Jun while pointing at the exquisite dishes of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"I have a good time." Staring at Xie Jun, Lian Ji contradicted him.

"It's a total waste if you don't use your craftsmanship to have a better life." Xie Jun sighed.

"I have told you that repairing watches is not a business or a transaction. You are no more than a dabbler in this industry." Lian Ji snorted coldly. Obviously, he looked down upon Xie Jun's craftsmanship.

"You are right. This dabbler is using his craftsmanship to treat you to a meal here." Xie Ju shrugged.

"Let's eat. The dishes here are said to be quite delicious." Before Lian Ji got furious, Xie Jun pointed at the dishes and said immediately.

"Considering the very high prices, they would taste great even if there are actually not." Lian Ji took the price too much to heart.

"You'll know the taste after you try some." Xie Jun moved the dishes to Lian Ji a little bit.

Lian Ji stopped talking this time. He took the spoon and started to eat.

"They turn out to be a teacher and his disciple." Hearing their conversation, Yuan Zhou muttered in his heart.

"The economic inequality is so obvious." Yuan Zhou looked at their clothing and made such a judgement.

However, Yuan Zhou was right. The two people were indeed watch repairmen yet in different positions. One was working in a repair department of an international luxury watch company while the other was repairing watches along the streets.

As a result, the economic inequality between them was naturally large.

After all, one earned a high yearly salary while the other earned money that was barely enough to make a basic living.

While they were eating, it appeared quite harmonious. They no longer quarreled and even occasionally talked a little bit.

Once the delicious dishes entered his mouth, Lian Ji wasn't as solemn as before anymore. When Xie Jun asked something, he would simply answer him.

"Teacher, the gear dial plate of the mechanical watch..." Xie Jun asked some profound knowledge about the watch.

"All you do is thinking of stealing my craftsmanship all day long." Lian Ji first gave a contemptuous look to Xie Jun and then answered.

Xie Jun shrugged and cared little about that. For things he had to ask, he still asked.

Lian Ji usually only answered in a leisurely manner after he savored a mouthful of Jinling Grass and Phoenix Tail Prawns.

However, he sneered at Xie Jun whenever he spoke, saying he didn't have a good craftsmanship.

Therefore, the meal between them went on boisterously. Fortunately, they rarely spoke loudly and thus, other customers didn't say anything more.

After the meal, the two of them walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant shoulder to shoulder. People could vaguely hear Xie Ju's voice to suggest Lian Ji to go to Bulgari and work, but he was still refused flatly by the stubborn teacher, Lian Ji.

Well, not in a very polite manner.

"It's really strange. They don't agree with each other on their worldview and concepts and don't seem to be in a good relationship, but don't seem to be bad." Su Mu looked at the way the teacher and disciple left and murmured in puzzlement.

"Things don't necessarily require a right or wrong. It's not like they must convince each other." Wu Hai had a deep feeling about that.

For example, he didn't feel that he and Zheng Jiawei had the same worldview, but that had no influence on Zheng Jiawei being his brother-in-law.

Many things in the world were vague like that.