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457 An Inappropriate Matter

 As Ling Hong had solved the matter about Yuan Zhou, he was very happy during lunchtime. Even with Wu Hai's provocation, he acted as if he hadn't seen it. Furthermore, he dealt with some business affairs on his phone delightedly.

Then, he stood in the restaurant and waited for Yuan Zhou to get off work.

And he appeared quite patient today. In normal times, one would never be able to see him being patient, except when he was waiting for Yuan Zhou to open the door.

"It truly turns out to be a conspiracy." Looking at Ling Hong, Wu Hai said with a click of his tongue.

"Uh-huh." Ling Hong just snorted and didn't answer him.

"Everyone is welcome to come back in the evening. Lunchtime has ended." Yuan Zhou brought out the words that symbolized the end of lunch.

After that, the customers walked out of the restaurant in twos and threes. They were quite used to Yuan Zhou opening and closing the door exactly on time and thus left cooperatively.

However, Master Cheng that usually left quietly didn't leave at once today.

"Let's go, Boss Yuan." Seeing everybody leave, Ling Hong went up and said to him immediately.

"Wait for a few minutes, please. I need to wash up first." Yuan Zhou gestured at the clothes on his body.

Ever since Yuan Zhou became a chef, a high-ended prince-charming chef, he had paid more attention to his own appearance.

It was a must for Yuan Zhou to change three sets of clothes every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively. However, no one had realized that as Yuan Zhou had three sets of clothes in the same color.

Rich and capricious! Yuan Zhou suited these words.

Nonetheless, the reason why Yuan Zhou changed clothes so frequently was very simple. Although there wasn't any smoke in the kitchen created by the system, Yuan Zhou still changed a set of clothes after each mealtime ended out of respect for the food.

"Okay. Hurry up." Ling Hong waved his hand and seem that he couldn't wait to leave.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou nodded. Just when he was about to left, he was stopped by Master Cheng.

"Master Yuan, how about I go with you to buy the vegetables." There wide smile on the plump face of Master Cheng.

"It's Ling Hong who will bring me there. You can ask him for permission." Instantly, Yuan Zhou understood what Master Cheng meant, but he still said that to him.

Master Cheng's purpose was naturally to see how Yuan Zhou selected radishes. Anything he learned belonged to himself.

"I don't care, but you have to drive yourself." Ling Hong shrugged and cared little about that.

"Thank you, Master Yuan. Don't worry, Mr. Ling. Of course I will drive myself there." Master Cheng first thanked Yuan Zhou before Ling Hong.

"You are really damn respectful to that Compass. It's obviously me who approve your request, but you surprisingly thanked Compass first." Ling Hong couldn't help grumbling.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou acted as if he hadn't heard him while Master Cheng was still carried a genial smile on his fat face.

"One moment, please. I'll be back right away." After Yuan Zhou said that, he turned around and went back upstairs.

Having been used to a quick shower after jogging early in the morning, Yuan Zhou only used about 10 minutes to take a shower, change clothes, and returned downstairs.

Thinking that he would be merely going out to buy vegetables, Yuan Zhou was dressed casually in a black thin woolen sweater, a brown wind coat, dark blue jeans and light brown casual shoes. On the whole, he looked refreshing and natural.

"Let's go, Compass." Once Ling Hong saw Yuan Zhou, he uttered.

"Thank you for waiting." With a nod, Yuan Zhou walked out of the door in quick steps and then locked it up.

"Ta Ta Ta". The footsteps of the three people sounded quite in sync. Not long afterwards, they arrived where they parked their cars. Almost all customers parked their cars here as there wasn't a parking lot around Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Ling Hong's car was a bright yellow Ferrari super sports car that looked quite noble and expensive. It was indeed a car that suited Ling Hong's taste and only a prideful and narcissistic person like him would enjoy it.

At least, Yuan Zhou didn't like the car. In other words, he neither knew much about cars nor liked them. To him, the car was only a vehicle that moved more quickly than walking.

Ling Hong naturally wanted to make use of this rare opportunity and show off this luxury car to him. Having waited for quite a while, however, he didn't hear Yuan Zhou's compliments and thus couldn't help saying, "How do you like my car?"

"Not bad. It's just a little small to hold more than two people." Yuan Zhou nodded and said earnestly.

"Ahem Ahem. What did you say?" Ling Hong felt something went wrong with his ears.

Master Cheng tried hard to refrain from bursting into laughter at the side, which made Ling Hong realize that Yuan Zhou had indeed said that.

"It's a little small." Yuan Zhou said again.

"Is there a sports car that holds four people in the world?" Ling Hong gnashed his teeth and said that.

"I don't know. The place is in the suburbs. We should move quickly." Yuan Zhou checked the time and then said earnestly.

"Okay. Mr. Ling, you lead the way and I will follow." Master Cheng responded to Yuan Zhou first and then he walked to his car.

His car was also very nice. The seemingly amiable man was surprisingly driving a sunset-orange SUV "Land Cruiser" worth about 1 million RMB. A senior chef turned out to be very wealthy.

"Your car looks bigger." Yuan Zhou looked at the petite Ferrari super sports car that parked beside the Land Cruiser and said positively.

"Ho Ho. My car costs 4.4388 million RMB. The transmission is a seven-speed, dual clutch unit and the engine is a V8 with the horsepower 557." Ling Hong snorted coldly and said that.

"Oh, yes. It's fairly expensive. Let's go." After a nod, Yuan Zhou said naturally.

"You really know nothing about cars." Ling Hong grumbled in an exasperated tone.

"I really don't know anything about it." Yuan Zhou nodded.

Master Cheng tried hard not to laugh out at the side.

After all, Ling Hong had originally wanted to show off his nice car, but never thought Yuan Zhou wouldn't know anything about cars. Certainly, he knew that the sports car was more expensive than Master Cheng's SUV. In his opinion, however, it indeed wasn't as big as the SUV.

Besides, Yuan Zhou believed that the bigger the vehicle was, the more expensive it cost. Was there any vehicle more expensive than a maglev train?

Ling Hong had a mind to show off his luxury car and hence drove quickly at full speed on the way. As a result, they arrived at a bumpy road section within 40 minutes with the help of navigation.

"Ka Ka ka". The originally quiet and comfortable car suddenly emitted such sound.

"Damn it. It's surprisingly a muddy road." Ling Hong felt rather speechless and thus ridiculed.

"What's wrong?" Yuan Zhou asked after he kept silent all the way.

"The road ahead is too muddy. The car can't move anymore." Ling Hong turned off the engine and parked the car before he shrugged and said that.

"Master Yuan, we haven't arrived at our destination. I can drive you two there." Master Cheng parked his SUV beside Ling Hong's super sports car and then said considerately.

"No problem for me." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Damn!" Looking at the much gravel and bumpy earth road outside, Ling Hong was reluctant to drive his luxury car anymore. Then, he opened the car door and got off.

"I'll go with you, too." Ling Hong's voice was quite downcast when he said that.

"Please, Master Yuan." Master Cheng got off the SUV and opened the passenger seat for Yuan Zhou, leaving Ling Hong alone.

However, he still said, "Mr. Ling, please sit at the back so you can show the way there."

"Got it. Keep driving and you'll see that place," said Ling Hong impatiently.

After all, things hadn't gone as smoothly as expected after they came out.

Ling Hong couldn't help ridiculing, "I just want to pretend to be cool and show off a little bit."

He should take a note in his diary,



If Yuan Zhou is present, don't act cool and don't go out."