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456 Go Out To Buy Vegetables

 In the evening, Yuan Zhou naturally washed, prepared, cut and rinsed all the ingredients in hot water in his restaurant.

With all these ingredients boiled together, the hotpot was quite abundant. Yuan Zhou didn't pay much attention to the taste, but cooked it casually this time.

It was a little cold during breakfast time, therefore Yuan Zhou prepared the hot Lotus Root Starch.

"Sigh. How wonderful it is if we can eat the Lotus Root Starch along with the foods sold outside." A customer sighed with emotion while drinking the Lotus Root Starch.

"It's not like Boss Yuan will drive you away if you do that." Another customer beside him drank a mouthful of refreshing and slightly sweet Lotus Root Starch blissfully and then said to him.

"Why do you still ask since you have known the answer?" The customer turned his face away and didn't talk to him anymore before he drank the Lotus Root Starch carefully.

There were many stall keepers selling breakfast in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Those who became hungry while waiting and those who failed in getting their number ticket would have to make do with those foods. However, very few of them would like to eat Yuan Zhou's dishes along with the food outside.

Even if they intended to eat the steamed buns and soybean milk for breakfast, they would drink up the soybean milk outside first before they started to eat the steamed buns cooked by Yuan Zhou attentively.

No harm can be caused without comparison. This saying wasn't merely a joke in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

The breakfast time was still as short as the ones in the past. After that, Yuan Zhou got seated by the door and kept sculpting the radishes in different colors. The shelf was filled with the radish sculptures by the lunchtime.

Just as always, the customers entered the restaurant one by one after Zhou Jia announced that lunch time commenced.

Ling Hong came too. Naturally, he came for the new dish.

"Boss Yuan, you are really unfriendly. Why didn't you publicize the new dish on the microblog?" As soon he entered the restaurant, he said discontentedly.

"Ho Ho. To tell you specially? You don't seemed to have put on weight recently." Wu Hai, who always liked arguing with Ling Hong, said that before Yuan Zhou had time to answer him.

"Of course I didn't. Instead, I have a six-pack Instead, a painter like you who sits and draws every day should be cautious about your weak body." Ling Hong stroked his own hair and said without a care.

"Then why is your face so big?" Wu Hai snorted coldly.

"It's because I'm handsome." Ling Hong stroked his own chin.

"Ho Ho." With a sneering expression, Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong.

Even Yuan Zhou knitted his brows at the side. What a joke! There was definitely nobody better looking than him in this restaurant. Well, that was just what Yuan Zhou was thinking right now.

"Go away. I'm asking about the new dishes. Since you have finished your meal, please don't interrupt me." Ling Hong waved his hand and disregarded Wu Hai's sneer.

"I don't have the habit of advertising." Yuan Zhou answered naturally and sincerely.

"Boss Yuan is still so low-profile." One of the remaining customers who heard them speak instantly said that.

"Exactly. Even Boss Yuan was introduced to me by others." Another person immediately echoed at the other side.

"I've never seen Boss Yuan ever advertise for his restaurant." The customer nodded approvingly.

"Yeah. Even for the TV program, it was because the TV station kept annoying him." It was a girl who had been fascinated by the TV program.

"Boss Yuan is indeed a low-profile person who has superb craftsmanship, like a great master that lies concealed in the bustling place." A customer summarized conclusively

"Only in that way can we eat his dishes every day. Otherwise, we'll probably have to wait for a year or more if there are too many people." Some customers immediately nodded their head approvingly.

Naturally, Yuan Zhou heard all their conversations with his sharp ears and thus felt very happy. However, he still maintained his composure and appeared indifferent on the surface.

"I think this guy is just lazy." Ling Hong murmured discontentedly on hearing that.

"Pardon?" Yuan Zhou looked at Ling Hong.

"Nothing. How shall I eat the hotpot since there are no side ingredients?" Ling Hong denied it at once and then started to ask about the Spicy Hotpot.

"You can eat it in whatever way I like." Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"Rice Served in Hotpot Soup! Yes, it's worth ordering." A customer thought of Wu Hai immediately and suggested loudly.

"Rice Served in Soup?" Ling Hong appeared quite surprised.

"Yes. It looked appetizing." It was a girl who proposed his suggestion. Seeing Ling Hong look at her, she nodded forcibly.

"Girl, this idea is very dangerous." Ling Hong said solemnly.

"No, it isn't. That Brother Wu eats it that way." The girl said with puzzlement.

"Ah, it's you! Look, what a bad influence you have on a girl! Can rice be eaten along with hotpot soup?" Ling Hong turned his head and looked at Wu Hai with deep hatred and resentment as if Wu Hai had done something that couldn't be pardoned.

"Do you have a different opinion?" Wu Hai sat down and asked indifferently while stroking his small mustaches.

"Of course. You are free to eat it strangely, but please don't set a bad example." Ling Hong said righteously.

"Hotpot must have side ingredients such as beef, mutton and pork, etc." Ling Hong added again.

"Why don't you try to ask Yuan Zhou for those things?" Wu Hai made a gesture of "Please".

"I will do that in a different way." Ling Hong smiled mysteriously.

"Ho Ho." Wu Hai still gazed at Ling Hong with an ironic look.

"Ta Ta". Ling Hong took two steps forward. He looked at Yuan Zhou smilingly and prepared to say something.

It had to be admitted that Ling Hong was rather handsome today. Despite the cold weather outside, he was still wearing a snow-white shirt and a flaxen business suit outside which revealed his collarbones. Judging from his sunny and handsome look, he didn't seem to feel cold.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was still wearing the Han clothing with the lotus-flower patterns. Yuan Zhou had always been wearing the lunar-white Han clothing recently. His tidy and clean short hair was concealed in the scholar's hat; the sleeves were narrow ones and the waistband was tied tight. Due to his superb craftsmanship, he looked tall and upright as well as confident on the whole.

Though his face wasn't as handsome as Ling Hong's, his rigorous and earnest manner attracted many girls' attention. At least, the girl that spoke just now had been watching Yuan Zhou for quite a long time without blinking her eyes.

"Speak normally." Yuan Zhou said warily while looking at Ling Hong's expression that was filled with ill-intentions.

"I heard someone in the suburbs plant very nice radishes." Ling Hong looked at Yuan Zhou earnestly.

"So?" Yuan Zhou didn't react for a while. Did he smile with malicious intentions just to talk about the radishes?

"I noticed that you sculpted quite a few radish flowers today. Are you running out of your radishes?" Ling Hong smiled with even more malicious intentions this time, like a fox.

"Are you going to send me the radishes for free?" Yuan Zhou said naturally.

"Hey. Why can't you react in a normal way?" Ling Hong supported his forehead and felt quite speechless.

"So you won't send me the radishes, will you?" Yuan Zhou looked at Ling Hong with puzzlement.

"I can take you there for a visit so you can check by yourself." Only then did Ling Hong bring out his purpose.

"Okay. I will have time in the afternoon. Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou considered for three seconds and then said courteously.

"You are welcome. Perhaps I'll have to bother you by that time." Ling Hong waved his hand and answered generously.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Everybody, you can order your dishes now." Zhou Jia reminded.

"Okay. Everybody, please order your dishes." Yuan Zhou still appeared solemn when he talked.

Ling Hong returned to his seat and prepared to order dishes with a satisfied smile. At that time, Wu Hai spoke.

"What are you planning?" Although Wu Hai asked with a curious tone, his expression didn't seem that way.

"You'll know that by the time." Ling Hong said with complete confidence.

"Whatever you have planned, it's definitely nothing good." Wu Hai said in a positive tone.

Upon hearing that, Ling Hong revealed an evil laugh. Of course, he hadn't planned anything good.