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455 The Fascination of Spicy Soup Po

 "Jia Jia, I want a serving of plain white rice of 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine." As soon as Wu Hai agreed with him, his neighboring customer ordered the dish immediately.

"Okay. It's 98 RMB in total." After a nod, Zhou Jia said then.

"The bank transfer has been made." The customer pointed at the phone and said smilingly.

"One moment, please. It'll be served very soon." Zhou Jia confirmed receipt of the payment and said with a smile.

"Okay. No problem." The customer nodded his head.

Zhou Jia smiled at him and then left to report the order.

As for Wu Hai's money, he naturally transferred it to the customer.

While looking at Wu Hai, the customer said, "I have ordered the rice. Can I get a spoon of the soup now?"

"Certainly you can. But you must use your own spoon to get it." Wu Hai said calmly.

Before that, he had secretly compared the sizes of his own spoon and the person's spoon. Obviously, his own spoon was a little bigger.

As his neighboring customer was eating the Egg Fried Rice, he also used the spoon.

"My spoon is smaller than yours. I think it's fairer to use your spoon." The neighboring customer said shrewdly.

"Really?" While saying that, Wu Hai picked up his spoon and stuffed it into his mouth to lick it without any hesitation.

"What did you say just now? I didn't hear you clearly. You know, old people don't have sharp ears." Wu Hai stroked his mustaches and looked at his neighboring customer with an innocent gaze.

"Nothing." The customer was made speechless for quite a while. Only after that did he say.

"Okay, good. I saw some oil droplets on the spoon and thus licked it. Do you mind?" Wu Hai asked with an evil interest.

"Ho Ho. When did you see an oil droplet on the spoon provided by Boss Yuan?" The customer couldn't help rolling his eyes.

"You are right. I might have misjudged that. Please scoop the soup quickly. If it gets cold, the taste will be affected." Wu Hai said extraordinarily cleanly and generously.

"Oh, yeah! Thank you so much for your reminding." The neighboring customer simply didn't know how to cope with Wu Hai, therefore he had to gnash his teeth and say that.

"You are welcome." Wu Hai revealed a most cordial smile while stroking his small mustaches.

Then, the customer said no more. He scooped out a full spoon of the soup cleanly and poured it on the Egg Fried Rice meticulously.

That's right. He learned that from Wu Hai. If the soup could be used for the plain white rice, it could also be used for the Egg Fried Rice.

As the soup was too little, he had only to stir and mix the rice with the soup slowly.

"Now you can have a try." The colleague of this customer smiled mischievously.

"Yes, now. This guy is such a stingy person." He intentionally said loudly.

Nevertheless, Wu Hai was just indulged in the Rice Served in Soup and couldn't extricate himself. He was totally deaf to others' complaints.

"Haw-haw. Hurry up. We almost finished our meal." The colleague couldn't help bursting into laughter and then urged the customer.

"Okay." He nodded his head and then scooped up the evenly-mixed Egg Fried Rice from the plate into his mouth at a gulp.

Yuan Zhou's Egg Fried Rice was alike to the Golden Fried Rice in "Cooking Master Boy". Due to that reason, Yuan Zhou's restaurant even attracted some female animation addicts to come to eat.

After all, the cold face, too many rules and yet delicious dishes simply could be found nowhere except in fiction or animations.

So when the brilliant red soup of Spicy Hotpot was poured on the golden yellow Egg Fried Rice, the color brought out the best in each other.

The collision of two bright colors didn't destroy the beauty of either color, but instead improved each other.

"The color looks truly comfortable." The customer signed with emotion and then gulped it down.

The taste of Egg Fried Rice was needless to say. Wrapped up by the soft and tender egg liquid, the moderately hard rice provoked the supreme taste of both ingredients upon entering his mouth.

And there was one more taste now, the spiciness.

The egg was an ingredient that could match with most food ingredients. Whatever it was cooked with, like the Chinese toon sprout, pungent garlic or the Chinese chives that had special fragrance, the egg could manifest the intrinsic delicacy of these ingredients.

They could all form a fantastic taste. This was exactly the inclusiveness of the egg.

Naturally, the spiciness that he encountered now was also like that.

"Hiss... Spicy!" Alike to Wu Hai, the customer shouted as soon as it entered his mouth.

After a while, however, he closed his mouth and started to chew.

The taste was marvelous. The delicious Egg Fried Rice was wrapped up by a layer of spicy soup, which suddenly made the originally bland Egg Fried Rice have a spicy taste.

"What a wonderful taste!" The customer said while continuously making the sound of "Hiss...".

The spiciness nicely set off the intrinsic taste of the Egg Fried Rice while the numbing taste served as the final taste which stimulated his tongue from time to time and made it capture the various tastes.

The taste was just like a cloud of dazzling fireworks.

"Shua Shua". With only two bites, a spoonful of Rice Served in the soup of the Spicy Hotpot was swallowed up.

Then the customer kept silent on the chair for quite a while before he suddenly said to his colleague at the side, "Do you remember how many years we have been working together?"

"Three years. Why?" His colleague appeared an alert look.

Did this guy want to borrow his money?

"Please order another serving of plain white rice for him later. I want to eat some more of that spicy soup." The customer said cleanly.

"You really startled me. I thought it was something bigger." His colleague said lightly.

"It's so good that you can agree." The customer turned his head and looked at Wu Hai after a nod.

"Do you want more? I think the soup can soak another bowl of rice." The customer asked Wu Hai with an extraordinarily natural tone.

"Of course." Wu Hai set down the bowl contentedly and then said affirmatively.

"My colleague can help to order another bowl of rice. The condition remains the same." The customer sounded enthusiastic, as if he here a kind friend.

"No need. According to your reaction, the Egg Fried Rice also taste good with the spicy soup." Wu Hai refused him flatly and asked Zhou Jia to serve him a bowl of Egg Fried Rice.

"Is it really good that you do this in an abnormal way?" Looking at Wu Hai's soup pot, the customer asked, being reluctant to accept the fact.

"Thank you for your kindness." Wu Hai said that smilingly.

It was boisterous and noisy in the restaurant just like always. Other customers were naturally tasting the delicious dishes blissfully while watching the intriguing scene.

"There's neither BBQ nor liquor tonight." Yuan Zhou stood at the desolate door and said while looking at Broth.

That's right. It rained all day today. After the dinner time ended, the customers left one after another. As Yuan Zhou didn't intend to serve the BBQ tonight, only Yuan Zhou was left there at the door now.

Lying prone on the ground under the veranda, Broth didn't respond to Yuan Zhou's word.

"I'm going to eat the hotpot. Are you coming to join me?" Yuan Zhou looked at Broth and asked.

"Xi Li Xi Li". There was still only the patter of the rain droplets and nothing else.

Broth still didn't have any reaction as usual.

"You little thing, I feed you with food and water, but you never act cute to me. I think you have been a useless dog." Yuan Zhou started to ridicule Broth once in a blue moon.

"I heard that dogs don't eat spicy things, but I'm not sure if it's true. Anyway, I suggest you not eat it." Yuan Zhou suddenly remembered that and gave up the idea.

"Hua La". Yuan Zhou closed the roller shutter door and returned to the kitchen and then started to prepare the hotpot for his dinner.

Tsk! A hotpot prepared for him alone. Yuan Zhou felt the restaurant was a little quiet and secluded.