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454 Rice Served in Soup

 "Haw-haw. My Rice Served in Soup from the Spicy Hotpot is finally going to be served." Wu Hai picked up the spoon and prepared to scoop the soup with a look of excitement.

"You want to soak the plain white rice in the soup and eat it?" The customer beside him asked unbelievably.

"You are right. Isn't it a brilliant idea?" Wu Hai said complacently.

"I have seen many people eat Rice Served in Tea Water, Gravy Soup or Vegetable-Soup. The Rice Served in Soup of the Spicy Hotpot? It is the first time that I heard about that." The customer was astonished and sighed with emotion.

"That's the thing I want and that's why I say it's my originality." Wu Hai was very happy to answer such kind of compliments.

"There are truly all kinds of people. Are you really not afraid of spiciness?" The customer seated next to Wu Hai looked at the brilliant red spicy soup and asked curiously.

"Of course. I have been looking forward to the taste so much." Wu Hai said quite proudly.

"You don't seem to fear that your anus will be injured if you eat that way?" The customer beside him tried not to say anything, but failed.

"Ho Ho. I'm such a person like the old man, Wang Zengqi." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said with a proud look.

"What do you mean?"

"The old man Wang Zengqi was a famous foodie. His well-known saying was that he eats everything with feathers except the feather duster, everything with legs except for benches, every large carcass except human bodies and every small carcass except flies." The colleague of the customer beside Wu Hai had some knowledge about that and explained consciously.

"Yes, that's it." Wu Hai nodded his head proudly.

"Wow, he really is an awesome foodie." The customer said with a speechless manner.

Wu Hai nodded his head to show his consent and then began to soak the rice with the soup of the spicy hotpot.

The brilliant red spicy soup was poured into the bowl continuously.

The plain white rice of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine was naturally cooked with the best tribute rice. The delicate fragrance wafted far from the translucent rice grains. The rice looked extraordinarily glossy in the small white porcelain bowl. It was the oil from the boiled rice. Contrasted by the brilliant red spicy soup, it appeared more beautiful and colorful.

With the red glossy soup poured on the jade-like white rice, they formed an extremely severe contrast in color, looking bright and appetizing.

Of course, that was what Wu Hai thought. Other customers nevertheless felt it was definitely quite spicy. After all, no one really liked to use the soup of the Spicy Hotpot to soak the rice.

After he prepared the rice, Wu Hai naturally began to eat with the spoon. He picked up the spoon and scooped the rice into his mouth.

"Hiss... Spicy." As soon as the rice entered his mouth, Wu Hai couldn't help saying.

The soup of the Spicy Hotpot dyed the rice red. Upon touching the mouth, the rice tasted very hot, just like a burning charcoal being stuffed into his mouth. Wu Hai couldn't help breathing in because of that.

However, it was only a matter in an instant. Along with Wu Hai's chewing, the spiciness was swallowed slowly and then followed the delicate fragrance of the rice. Nonetheless, the spiciness came straight into the stomach along the esophagus.

It was so spicy that Wu Hai started sweating all over his body. In a rapid sequence, the typical sweetness and delicate fragrance of the rice rushed toward him. What an awfully comfortable and refreshing experience!

"Great!" Wu Hai swallowed a mouthful of rice and then couldn't help saying loudly.

Then, he scooped another spoon of rice into his mouth. It was slightly different this time. When the spicy taste rose up, a numb kind of feeling stimulate his tongue, which made the taste buds in his tongue react slightly slower.

Just at that moment, the spiciness suddenly rushed into his mouth and the fragrance of the rice also came on stage as the leading role.

That's right. The Rice Served in the Soup of the Spicy Hotpot didn't actually rob of the taste of the rice, but contrarily make the mild rice become the leading role.

As if all the thrilling spiciness was to set off the delicate fragrance and sweetness of the rice.

"It's truly a supreme rice." Wu Hai signed with emotion.

"How do you like it?" Seeing Wu Hai eat up a bowl of soup rice like the wind puffing the clouds away, the customer beside him asked curiously.

"Extremely delicious!" Wu Hai picked up his own handkerchief on the table and said earnestly.

"Is it really so delicious?" The person was really a little puzzled.

In his opinion, there was nothing but various aniseed, spices and the hateful chilli seed as well as wild pepper in the soup of the hotpot. If he soaked the rice with the soup, wouldn't it be a waste of plain white rice cooked by Boss Yuan?

"Of course. If you help me order another bowl of plain white rice, I will tell you why." Looking at the spicy soup in the small pot, Wu Hai said naturally.

"Are you really going to take this advantage? You are toast if Boss Yuan knows that." The customer seated next to him refused immediately.

Of course he must do so. If Wu Hai can't eat it up, it was he himself who was going to suffer the consequences. Although he couldn't afford to come here for a meal frequently, it was definitely necessary to come to enjoy the delicacies occasionally.

"Trust me, I can definitely eat it up. Boss Yuan's dishes are really not much in quantity. Don't worry." Just for something to eat, Wu Hai even began to vouch for that.

After all, the spicy soup in front of him had been constantly stimulating his taste bud. He even had to speak cautiously in case he drooled.

Yet, the customers naturally thought that Wu Hai might have eaten something too spicy, because people would subconsciously salivate to alleviate the feeling after they ate something spicy.

"I'm just asking you if it's delicious. Wait..." Just when the customer wanted to refuse him, he was stopped by his colleague next to him. So he turned his head and looked at his colleague with puzzlement.

"Don't you want to taste it? Just have a try." Although his colleague said that with a euphemistic tone, he signaled toward him the soup pot in front of Wu Hai.

"Well, I can say yes. But you must share some of your soup with me." The person immediately reacted and then he said to Wu Hai with a smile.

"Young people nowadays are really greedy." Immediately, Wu Hai moved the small pot to himself with an alert manner.

"Whatever you want." This person shrugged indifferently and meanwhile, he ate a mouthful of Egg Fried Rice blissfully.

Nevertheless, Wu Hai looked at the soup of the Spicy Hotpot and then at Yuan Zhou who was unconcerned about that. He almost said that it was all Yuan Zhou's fault.

Normally, Yuan Zhou paid no attention to such a gaze, but today, he turned his head and asked Wu Hai once in a blue moon, "So do you understand now why the colander isn't needed?"

"Yes, I do. But how did you make it?" Wu Hai asked sincerely.

"Very easy. It's the secret of a chef." When Yuan Zhou said that, he specifically turned around and took a look at Wu Hai carefully.

"Are you fu*king kidding me?" Wu Hai asked discontentedly while pointing at Yuan Zhou.

"No." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Ho Ho." Wu Hai answered him cleanly and simply.

"Actually, the taste of the soup will slightly change every time." Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou pointed at the steaming soup pot and said to him.

"It is really a stiff diversion of the subject. I give 0 points." Wu Hai looked at the soup pot and then at the customer seated next to him before he said to Yuan Zhou discontentedly.

"This is the truth." Yuan Zhou said quite earnestly with a taut face.

"Hey. What about you give me a little rice and I give you only a spoonful of soup? Accept it or deny it." Wu Hai first smelled the soup pot and then said to the customer seated next to him with a conflicted expression.

"No problem." The customer agreed with a smiling immediately.

"What a greedy person!" Wu Hai revealed a look of heartaches.

Even if the spicy soup in the small pot was sufficient for three bowls of plain white rice, Wu Hai's heart still ached severely as if his flesh had been cut.

Tricks! There were a full of tricks in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.