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453 Wu Hai’s Bright Idea Second

 "Isn't your new dish the hotpot?" Wu Hai pointed at the menu and asked speechlessly.

"Yes. That's why I wanted you to check first." Zhou Jia smiled innocently.

She must have studied from Yuan Zhou on that point.

"Boss Yuan!" Wu Hai shouted to Yuan Zhou energetically.

"Um, I can hear you." Yuan Zhou nodded his head extraordinarily calmly.

If not it wasn't a proper occasion, Yuan Zhou even wanted to imitate the character in movies, picking the ears before answering him. He felt that would be quite cool.

"Aren't you providing the Spicy Hotpot? Why is it marked below as ONLY SEASONING AVAILABLE WITHOUT SIDE INGREDIENTS. What does that mean?" Wu Hai pointed at the menu and asked quite discontentedly.

"It's what it literally means?" Yuan Zhou answered him earnestly.

"There aren't side ingredients for the Spicy Hotpot. Boss Yuan, are you kidding me?" Wu Hai was quite angry.

After all, he loved spicy dishes so much and of course the Spicy Hotpot was his favorite. But what could he eat if there weren't side ingredients in the hotpot? Yuan Zhou must be kidding.

"Who told you there must be side ingredients in the hotpot?" Yuan Zhou asked him back in a natural and calm tone.

"Well..." Instantly, Wu Hai was speechless by the words that Yuan Zhou had learned from the system.

"Go take orders." Yuan Zhou immediately felt a pleasant feeling all over his body. Then he said to Zhou Jia beside him.

"Are you sure there are no side ingredients?" Wu Hai stressed heavily on the two characters of NO SIDE INGREDIENTS.

"Not for now." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Okay. Get me a serving of the seasoning of the Spicy Hotpot." Stroking his small mustaches hesitantly, Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou and said to him indignantly.

"According to the rules, you can order whatever dish you like. As this is just the soup, however, you don't need to eat it all up. But if you are just ordering it to check or try the taste, it will be regarded as a waste." Yuan Zhou reminded him earnestly.

"I know. Don't be so wordy. I just want it." Wu Hai said indignantly.

"Um. Whoever breaks the rules would be blacklisted." When Yuan Zhou said the word 'blacklisted', he appeared quite solemn without the slightest joking manner.

"Got it." Wu Hai nodded his head.

Yuan Zhou said that with a fairly average volume, thus almost all customers in his restaurant heard him.

However, he was more likely to say that to Su Mu and Ling Hong. After all, only these two people could afford to waste the dish.

After all, the marked price of the hotpot was really not low.

Seasoning of the Spicy Hotpot: 3688 RMB each per serving (Only a serving of seasoning of the hotpot is available and there are no other dishes)

This was the marked price on the new menu. And that was why Yuan Zhou especially reminded everyone that nobody could waste it.

However, it originally wasn't regarded as the food. You couldn't let others drink up all the soup of the hotpot, but if one didn't taste it after ordering, that would be considered a waste. Therefore, Yuan Zhou wouldn't let that happen and thus explained specially.

"What the f*ck! How can you provide only the seasoning and not the side ingredients? Boss Yuan, how about you allow me to take the dish out?" Wu Hai asked Yuan Zhou and hoped something good could happen.

"I'm sorry. No dish is allowed to be taken out of my restaurant." Yuan Zhou grinned and then said earnestly.

"Okay, fine. Please go and prepare the soup." Wu Hai waved his hand, indicating that he wanted to stay there alone.

Only after Yuan Zhou turned around and began to prepare the dishes did the customers in the restaurant start a discussion.

"What do you think Boss Yuan means? Why is there only the seasoning?" A customer asked the other one beside him curiously.

"Exactly. This hotpot is so expensive." Another customer ordered the beef and then ridiculed about the hotpot.

"Yeah. Moreover, there aren't any side ingredients. As long as it's cooked by Boss Yuan, however, I want to taste the soup." The first customer had just chimed in with the third one recalled Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship. Then, he said reluctantly.

"We might as well go beg Wu Hai. He might agree to our request." The customer suggested craftily.

"No, never. It is already good that he doesn't come to steal ours." Obviously, this person was a regular customer and he was quite clear about Wu Hai's temperament of protecting his own dishes.

"That makes sense. But I'm still curious about why Boss Yuan doesn't provide the side ingredients. That way, we can gather together and eat a meal." The customer looked at the menu and then at Yuan Zhou and revealed a puzzled expression.

"Humph. What reason do you think it is? His OCD must be acting up and couldn't find any satisfactory side ingredients." Stroking his small mustaches at the side, Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou with a gloomy gaze and said that.

"That's quite possible." Then, other customers in the restaurant all nodded with one accord.

One could imagine how well-known Yuan Zhou's OCD was to his customers.

"But, how are you going to eat it since there's only the soup of the hotpot?" A customer turned his head and asked curiously.

"I'm going to drink it." Wu Hai said indifferently.

"Ho Ho. Sounds great. Hope it's not too spicy." The customer felt that Wu Hai's stomach was really powerful.

"Wait. I've got an idea." Wu Hai suddenly shouted.

Yet, the customer beside him was startled.

"What's the matter?" The customer asked Wu Hai while looking at him.

"Hey hey. I got an idea about the eating method of the soup of the hotpot." Wu Hai was quite complacent.

"Did you think you could stop me from eating the hotpot this way? Naive." Wu Hai revealed a smile on his face and complacency in his eyes.

"What is it?" The customer beside him couldn't help asking him curiously.

"You'll know that in no time. Zhou Jia, please serve me a bowl of plain white rice." Wu Hai appeared mysterious and was reluctant to tell him. However, he said to Zhou Jia and ordered another dish.

"Okay. One moment, please." Zhou Jia nodded her head and answered.

"Is it Rice Served in Soup?" The customer suddenly reacted and asked in surprise.

"You are right. It will definitely be very delicious." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches complacently and appeared affirmative.

"I have no comment about others. But Boss Yuan's dishes are definitely free from any concerns." The customer also nodded his head approvingly.

However, he wanted to know about the taste of the hotpot more.

He turned his head and looked at the colleague who came along with him.

"Don't ever think of that. As the price is so high, I might as well order a plate of Dongpo Pig Knuckle that I have long been drooling over. I don't want the Rice Served in Soup." His colleague refused him immediately.

"All right." The customer beside Wu Hai nodded his head helplessly.

Between the meat and the soup, he still chose the meat and left the soup aside.

Not long after, Zhou Jia carried the tray on which a hotpot and a bowl of plain white rice were served to them.

"Mr. Wu, here are your dishes." Zhou Jia said that after she carried the dishes to him.

"Okay, thanks." Wu Hai nodded his head. This time, he looked at the hotpot in front of him very carefully.

The size of the hotpot was just as big as that of the small ones in restaurants in normal times, yet with a slightly thick bottom. There was supposed to be fire from charcoal inside it. The brilliant red soup rolling up and down was so good-looking, like that of a continuous red wave.

Different from the stainless steel pot, this pot was an earthenware pot that could best preserve the heat. The earthenware pot was dark purple and was almost black while the soup was a brilliant red.

Along with the rolling soup, the heat burst out and the fragrance was emitted.

"Hiss... It really smells spicy." The radiance passed from Wu Hai's eyes. He liked this taste very much.

The spicy taste was like a ferocious and overbearing beautiful girl. No matter whether you liked her or not, she would express her love to you straightforwardly, being quite strong and frank.

After he appreciated the hotpot...

"Boss Yuan, can you give me a colander? I don't want to eat the spices." Wu Hai shouted loudly.

"There's a spoon for you and you don't need a colander. You'll understand that after you eat it." Yuan Zhou said directly.

"There seems to be something surprising." Only then did Wu Hai reveal a smile on his face.

In front of such a delicious dish, one would inevitably feel happy just by smelling the fragrance. Plus, utmost enjoyment is a result of Yuan Zhou's severe requirements on himself for the customers, Wu Hai had numerous reasons to be happy.