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452 Wu Hai’s Bright Idea Firs

 "I feel that each of your rewards are beyond all expectations." When Yuan Zhou said that, he obviously gnashed his teeth.

However, the system didn't respond to him at all.

"Receive the reward." Yuan Zhou sighed. He still received the reward at last.

Yuan Zhou was quite clear-headed. Something was better than nothing.

It was still raining lightly outside the restaurant.

"Hoo... The seasoning really looks nice. Let me cook for myself this evening for a midnight snack." After Yuan Zhou received the preparation method for the Spicy Hotpot, he stroked his own chin and said with great interest.

"Ta Ta Ta", Yuan Zhou stepped out of the restaurant.

After a sound of "Hoo...", a blast of wind blew towards him.

"It's so cold." Yuan Zhou was wearing some normal clothing inside the Han Clothing. He didn't wear the thermal underwear, because it was inconvenient for him to move about.

Besides, it was very warm in the restaurant, just like the weather in Spring.

Even some of the flowers on the shelf had flower buds.

"Little Yuan, don't come out today to sculpt anymore. It's so cold outside." Seeing Yuan Zhou intending to go out, Boss Tong immediately peeked out and said to him.

"Um, don't worry. Please take care of yourself." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then also said with a caring tone.

"I'm not like you young people, so I will close my store very soon." Boss Tong said with a smile.

"Okay. Take an early rest." Yuan Zhou showed a faint smile.

"I know." Boss Tong nodded her head and then turned around back into her store.

Then the side street became cold and cheerless.

Originally, the stores along this street had been either closed or were for rent. However, the presence of Yuan Zhou's restaurant directly made this street into a bustling and lively place. Although there was no one in the street now, every restaurant was open and waiting for the customers to drop by.

There were many customers at meal time around here and therefore, those who weren't running restaurants changed their meal time.

They did that just because they wanted to have more business.

After all, the queuing machine had been put into use and thus, the customers in the latter part could naturally go somewhere else to wander.

"Little Boss Yuan, what are you standing here for?" Holding a big black umbrella, Boss Wang passed by Yuan Zhou's restaurant with his aching legs and asked conveniently.

"I'm checking the weather," said Yuan Zhou primly.

"The weather is bad, but it won't affect your business. Don't worry about that." Boss Wang burst into laughter and said earnestly.

"Where are you going?" Yuan Zhou didn't answer him, but inquired back.

"I'm going to buy some Mantou. I'm going to cook the Fried Pork Slices with Salted Pepper today to eat together with the Mantou."

Although Boss Wang spoke the most authentic Chengdu dialect, he liked eating Mantou. Yuan Zhou knew that and thus nodded his head.

"Okay. Take care." Yuan Zhou said courteously.

"Sure." Boss Wang nodded and then walked forward.

"Pa Da Pa Da". Boss Wang took a few steps forward and then stopped. After that, he turned around and asked with an affirmative and cordial smile on his fatty face, "Boss Yuan, are those water pipes in your restaurant fine? If there are any problems, do come to me."

"Uncle Wang, your craftsmanship is well known to me. It's still working well now." Yuan Zhou said with certainty immediately.

"Perfect." Having been praised by Boss Yuan, Boss Wang held up the umbrella and walked away happily.

Once he walked farther for some distance, the street fell silent again and only the sound of raindrops could be heard. Suddenly, Yuan Zhou's amusing temperament was activated. He said to himself, "Isn't it necessary for me to recite poems on this rainy day?"

"Light rain moistened the heavenly street... Wait, Wu Hai is on the second floor of that building. Forget it." Just when Yuan Zhou recited one sentence while wagging his head, he immediately remembered that Wu Hai was living across the street and thus stopped reciting.

Thinking of his image of a prince charming, Yuan Zhou, who occasionally amused himself for fun, managed to refrain himself from reciting the poems. He straightforwardly returned to his own restaurant and started to prepare the seasoning of the Spicy Hotpot, preparing to provide this new dish in the evening.

The evening soon arrived. Just as usual, Zhou Jia entered the restaurant first.

"Hiss... So cold." Zhou Jia exhaled to her hands and muttered in a soft voice.

"There are hot towels beside the door. You can use one and leave the remaining ones to the customers." Yuan Zhou said without raising his head.

"Okay. Thank you, Boss." On hearing that, Zhou Jia suddenly smiled and said loudly.

"Go ahead." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Zhou Jia took two steps forward and then found a big rattan basket that was filled with steaming white towels at the place where the cooked dishes were placed during normal times. Under the basket, there was a hot pad giving off white heat. It appeared to be very warm.

"My boss is so nice." Zhou Jia picked up a towel of moderate temperature and wiped her hands carefully, feeling quite happy.

The towels were originally bought by Yuan Zhou and were prepared for the customers to wipe the water off on rainy days. Of course, the boxer who came to eat the Egg Fried Rice after the matches also used the clean and soft towel to clean himself.

While wiping her hands, Zhou Jia habitually looked toward the menu. Ever since the embarrassment where she didn't realize a new dish was served last time, this habit had been following both Zhou Jia and Shen Min.

"Boss, have you started serving the hotpot?" Zhou Jia asked in surprise.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Terrific. But what does the line of characters up there mean?" Zhou Jia was very happy at first and then became puzzled when she saw that line of small characters.

"It is what it literally means." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Okay, alright." Zhou Jia didn't fully understand that, but she didn't ask anymore.

Yuan Zhou didn't want to explain to her, either. After all, even he himself was quite displeased at the capricious system.

After Zhou Jia saw the prices clearly, she went up to greet the customers when she found that business time had commenced. Then, she came back into the restaurant and prepared to give out the towels to every customer.

"This is the hot towel provided by Boss Yuan. You can either wipe your hands or your face." Taking the heavy basket, she said to every customer that entered Yuan Zhou's restaurant with a smile.

"Aha, he's really a kind-hearted little compass who just appears cool." Wu Hai picked up the towel and teased him while wiping his hands.

"What's that?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

"Of course, it's your nickname." Wu Hai said deservedly.

"You named it?" Yuan Zhou asked quite solemnly.

"Of course not." Wu Hai said without any psychological burden.

The instinct of a wild beast told him there wouldn't be good consequences if he admitted that. So Wu Hai refused to admit that without any hesitation.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou then put the Miracle Kitchen Knife down without a trace secretly.

"A new dish of hotpot is available today." Zhou Jia said to Wu Hai suddenly after she had given out the towels to the customers.

The price wasn't the highest, but probably only Wu Hai and a few other customers could afford it and would like to taste it.

"Holy sh*t. Is it spicy? Get one for me, please. I have long been expecting to eat the hotpot prepared by Boss Yuan." Wu Hai immediately said to Zhou Jia.

He even had no interest in teasing Yuan Zhou anymore. It was too common for Wu Hai who loved spiciness so much.

"Mr. Wu, you can check the menu first." Zhou Jia said kindheartedly.

"Never mind. I have been quite used to the prices of Boss Yuan dishes." Wu Hai said indifferently.

"I mean you'll know something upon looking at the menu." Zhou Jia still insisted.

"Is there anything odd?" Wu Hai turned his head with puzzlement.

Instantly, he was stupefied...