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451 The Grievances That Make One’s Heart Ache

 Although Yuan Zhou was cooking the dishes earnestly at the side and no longer spoke, the atmosphere in the restaurant was still harmonious and cheerful.

Only after lunchtime ended did Yuan Zhou have time to think carefully. Wu Hai's idea sounded a little amusing at the beginning but it seemed to make some sense when Yuan Zhou thought it over.

"Perhaps, I should have asked Man Man if her boyfriend cooks nice dishes." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself primly with a frown on his face.

Not long after, the system appeared and interrupted Yuan Zhou's random thoughts.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host. You have obtained the reward Heart of The Chef."

"What the damn is this? System, are you out of your mind?" Yuan Zhou asked the system with a puzzled expression.

The system displayed, "The reward is available to be received."

"One must have evil intentions if one shows excessive attention to others. System, what conspiracy are you planning?" Yuan Zhou asked in an alert manner.

After all, every reward from the system would inevitably be followed by a trap.

From the system, Yuan Zhou had a good understanding of the sentence "There is no pie in the sky." Even if there was one, it would definitely hit his head.

The system displayed, "The reward is available to be received and it comes from the Roast Goose that you completed quickly."

"Are you serious? Last time, you rewarded me with the Roast Goose because you said I had finished the mission well. However, the subsequent mission became more difficult by several times." Yuan Zhou rolled his eyes rudely and said with a tone of disbelief.

Anyway, the system was always like that. When Yuan Zhou was rewarded with the Soup Dumplings, his business time was reduced; when he got a red packet from the system once in a blue moon, he had to pay a large amount of taxes; when he was rewarded a title for levelling up, he was also rewarded with a book list as thick as a dictionary that required him to read all of the books.

After he finally finished the Roast Goose mission, the system increased the difficulty of the following mission. Such typical examples were too numerous to enumerate.

However, Yuan Zhou wrongfully accused the system this time. The reward this time had something to do with Chef Zhan.

The system didn't require a specific time limit on completion of the dish of Roast Goose, but it had an invisible requirement, that was, to complete the mission as soon as possible.

A chef always had responsibilities to study the dish recipe they obtained. Because of Chef Zhan, Yuan Zhou had managed to master the cooking method of this dish with his utmost perseverance.

Although he had also sacrificed his hands for that.

As for Chef Zhan, he was still the boss in the kitchen of Goose Jin Xuan restaurant.

"Chef Zhan, your Roasted Goose is getting more and more delicious. It's such a great craftsmanship." General Manager Qin squinted his eyes and enjoyed the delicacy of the Roast Goose.

"Well, there's still some distance from being the best." Chef Zhan just answered blandly without expression.

"Chef Zhan, you are too demanding on yourself. Your craftsmanship has originally been excellent and now it even improved. You are really a genius in roasting the goose." General Manager Qin spoke highly of Chef Zhan's craftsmanship smilingly.

"I really don't deserve this compliment." When Chef Zhan said that, he appeared fairly cold and didn't seem to happy.

"You are too modest. The goose tasted a little greasy formerly, but it changed now. Even if I keep eating, I don't feel greasy at all. Look, I have eaten quite a few pieces." General Manager Qin didn't know why Chef Zhan was angry, but he still praised him earnestly.

"Humph. Take your time. I'm going to the kitchen." As soon as he said that, Chef Zhan left immediately without a hint of smile on his bony face.

"Ok. Go on with your work. There's another Roast Goose Banquet tomorrow. Don't forget it." General Manager Qin wasn't really angry. He took a bite of the goose and instructed him earnestly.

"Got it. I won't forget it." Chef Zhan didn't turn around, but just answered straightforwardly.

"It's good for a chef to be demanding. If you are demanding, I can charge the customers more." Once Chef Zhan got out of the door, General Manager Qin murmured vaguely.

Having returned to the kitchen, Chef Zhan scolded his three disciples as usual and then returned to his own small kitchen to study the roast goose.

"Hoo... He's finally gone." The fatter one among the three let out a sigh of relief.

"What are you relieved for? I was scolded everytime I called him. Did you see me ever saying anything?" With a medium height and build, the man who often called Chef Zhan rolled his eyes and said discontentedly.

"What exactly do you think is wrong with Chef Zhan? He got so mad at first that he almost smashed the old stove used to roast the goose. We all know how much he cherishes that old stove. He even cleans it by himself." The slimmest person among the three said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, you are right. Now he shuts himself in the small kitchen to cook the roast goose every day and says things like 'I have been roasting goose for all my life and I won't lose.'." The fatter one also looked at the person with medium height and build curiously.

"Why are you looking at me? I don't know, either. In my opinion, however, that Boss Yuan was probably the blow to him." The man in the middle said with uncertainty softly.

"That's actually quite likely. However, the Roast Goose cooked by Chef Zhan is indeed getting better and better." The fatter one sighed with emotion.

"I just don't know whether it's good or not that he's so crazy. His temper just gets worse." The slimmest guy shrugged, indicating that he was quite helpless.

Yuan Zhou naturally had no idea of the matter over here, he was still conflicted about the reward from the system.

That's right. Yuan Zhou hadn't even tap it open to check it.

"What shall I do if I couldn't stop myself from receiving the reward and got cheated again?" This was what Yuan Zhou was thinking.

However, he felt even worse if he did not tap it. The glittering reward was glistening over there.

"But if I don't tap it open, I will feel so bad. Forget it! Let me just tap it open and check it." Yuan Zhou looked at the reward appearing in his mind and couldn't help saying.

"Ta Ta Ta", Yuan Zhou walked around in the small restaurant and suddenly saw that lively prawn in the sergestes scenery wall.

"Is it still alive?" Yuan Zhou looked at that single prawn that appeared rather conspicuous among the beautiful petal-like sergestes.

"Now that you are still alive, I can check the reward." Yuan Zhou said something irrelevant with quite a natural tone.

Naturally, he intended to check the reward.

[Heart of The Chef] Complete the Elaborate Roast Goose In Advance

(Mission tips: This tip does not contain a tip. It's just a matter of luck. Young man, you have really good luck!)

[Reward of Heart of The Chef] A Preparation Method for Spicy Hotpot Seasoning

(Reward tips: If you don't eat a fulfilling hotpot in such a frosty weather, is there any difference between you and a salted fish?)

"Everytime I see such this kind of tips, I really feel that they are dazzling. System, it's obviously not your style." Yuan Zhou supported his forehead and said helplessly.

"Frankly speaking, however, the Spicy Hotpot is a very good reward." Yuan Zhou raised his eyes and took a look at the raindrops in the air.

That's right. Just when Yuan Zhou was conflicted, it suddenly rained. The rain wasn't really heavy and was just the continuous patter of raindrops along with the cold wind breezing, which made him feel slightly cold.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't worry about his customers being drenched by the rain, because all the stores along the side street had verandas outside, namely the place where Yuan Zhou put his shelf. His customers could stand there to evade the rain.

Having watched the rain outside the door, Yuan Zhou suddenly realized there seemed to be something with the reward.

"System, is there only the preparation method of the seasoning for the rewarded Spicy Hotpot?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"What about the side ingredients?" Yuan Zhou thought that there were indeed some ingredients in his restaurant to use as the side ingredients of the spicy hotpot, but they weren't a lot.

The system displayed, "There are no side ingredients for now."

"Then I have to use our own ingredients in the restaurant." Yuan Zhou shrugged and said helplessly.

The system displayed, "The ingredients in the restaurant aren't suitable for hotpot."

"What do you mean?" Yuan Zhou asked with an alert tone.

The system displayed, "Host, who tells you there must be side ingredients for the hotpot?"

"You sure make a damn lot of sense. I don't even know what to say." Yuan Zhou paused a while and then said that.

However, what kind of hotpot it is if there aren't any side ingredients?"