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450 An Artist That Pursues Perfection

 Wu Hai chuckled and uttered, "Ha Ha. What do you do, little girl?

Da Da just looked at Wu Hai with puzzlement, but didn't answer him.

"Don't get me wrong. I'm just asking and it's nothing personal. It's just because I can help Boss Yuan to answer your question." Wu Hai was quite mild when he talked with a young pretty girl.

Not everyone was as hopeless as Yuan Zhou.

"I'm a we-media worker." Da Da rolled her beautiful eyes and then brought out a nice name for her work.

"So you aren't an artist." With a nod, Wu Hai revealed an "obviously" expression.

"What does it have anything to do with the art?" Da Da became even more confused.

"Besides that, you are here for the first time, aren't you?" Instead of answering Da Da's question, Wu Hai continued asking that.

"Yes." Da Da nodded her head.

"I'm an oil painting artist. I'm quite skilled in drawing." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said confidently.

"Excuse me. What do that have anything to do with Boss Yuan?" Da Da asked with a speechless tone while looking at Boss Yuan who was cooking earnestly and then at Wu Hai who was about to show off in front of her.

"Young people indeed have no patience nowadays. I haven't finished." Wu Hai glared at Da Da.

"You are not old, either." Da Da answered him frankly and straightforwardly.

"This little girl really has sharp eyes, but please hear me out first." Upon hearing that, Wu Hai became quite delighted, but he still didn't forget his proper business.

"Okay. Please go on." Listening to the heated discussions in her live streaming room, Da Da decided to hear what this small-mustache man would say.

"Apart from the artist himself, the oil paint, drawing paper and painting brush are the most important things." Wu Hai introduced the basic knowledge of an oil-painting artist briefly.

"A good brush is too rare. The painting brush from Yuanbaoge Store is suitable for the mountains-and-waters painting. Fortunately, the penholder from Xiedetang Store is really nice but the best penpoint comes from Hongdetang Store. Little girl, which one do you think I should use?" Wu Hai looked at Da Da and asked.

"It's easy. Why don't you put the penpoint from Hongdetang onto the penholder from Xiedetang?" Without hesitation, Da Da told him.

"You are right. Even you yourself know everyone should pursue the best. Why couldn't Boss Yuan?" Wu Hai shrugged and said lazily.

"But..." Da Da was reluctant to admit defeat and she still wanted to say something.

"There's no 'but'. For a painter who pursues the ultimate art, he has excessively high requirements even on the drawing paper, let alone the brush. Similarly, it doesn't make sense for a great chef that takes cooking as his own art to use worse ingredients when there are better ones." Only then did Wu hai begin to talk seriously.

Da Da stared blankly and said nothing.

"The pursuit of perfection is the most fundamental professional ethics for an artist. So is it to Boss Yuan." Wu Hai continued saying.

"Sorry." Da Da stood at the side and paused a little while. Then, she said to Yuan Zhou suddenly.

"Take care. See you next time." Yuan Zhou happened to be carrying someone's meal across him and said in a bland tone.

"Okay. Sorry for bothering you." Da Da revealed a smile.

That's right. She finally understood that. This chef, one that constantly perfected his skills and was so earnest while cooking, would naturally pursue a better taste and there was no reason for him to use the worse ingredients to cheat himself.

Now that he could make it the best, he would never act perfunctorily.

This was what Da Da understood about Yuan Zhou.

Having walked out of the restaurant, Da Da suddenly said to the earphone, "It seems that I have failed in the anti-fraud movement this time."

She said that with a very natural tone but had no regret. Instead, she was a little happy.

Just like Da Da herself. Every time she did a live stream, she wanted to achieve the best effects, therefore she bought the Olympus lens that could take the clearest picture. However, what she really aimed for was the aristocrat among the lenses, the Carl Zeiss lens from Germany.

It was just because both the effects and presentation of the lens were the best. Da Da had never thought of doing a live stream with her phone directly.

So, Da Da was aware of Yuan Zhou's persistence now and respected him.

Although Da Da left, customers in the restaurant nevertheless started a heated discussion.

"Hey, Wu Hai. When did you become so easily satisfied? A mere painting brush from Xiedetang can meet your demands?" Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai ironically and asked him.

"I have always been that good." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said complacently.

"Ho Ho. Who's the person that threw the painting brush worth 18000 RMB each angrily last time?" Ling Hong said with a tone that made others felt sick.

"Not me." Wu Hai said earnestly and primly.

"Forget the painting brush. Don't you think that girl is quite interesting?" Curiosity filled Su Mu's beautiful peach blossom eyes.

"Yes. She kept asking Boss Yuan." A customer chimed in with him.

"In my opinion, there might be some tricks." Another customer also said with a ridiculing smile.

"From the perspective of a female, she might feel that Boss Yuan's dishes are so delicious that she wants to... You know!" Man Man also guessed curiously.

"You are all thinking too much." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and said earnestly.

After all, with his sharp ears, he had heard Da Da's dialogue with her audiences all along.

She was obviously a streamer and that was the reason why she was so curious.

"Boss Yuan, we are all worrying about your marriage. What do you think of this matter?" Looking at Yuan Zhou that was slightly idle now, Su Mu asked him.

"I have never thought of that." Yuan Zhou really wanted to shrug his shoulders. For the sake of his image, however, he managed to refrain himself from doing that.

Just like how he refrained from beating Wu Hai to death after that.

"Actually, I have a good idea." Wu Hai said suddenly as if he had been hit by an inspiration.

"What's that?" Man Man asked cooperatively.

"Man Man, your money fell." Wu Hai didn't answer her, but suddenly pointed at the ground behind her and said.

"Huh? Really?" Man Man looked back at the ground.

There was indeed a 10 RMB note on the smooth and clean ground. Without any hesitation, Man Man picked it up.

"Yes, it's yours." While Man Man was picking that up, Wu Hai said affirmatively.

"Thank you." Man Man thanked him habitually.

"See? Boss Yuan, you should pick up girls like me." Seeing Man Man pick up the money, Wu Hai said to Yuan Zhou excitedly.

However, Ling Hong and Su Mu who had just seen the scene just revealed a manner of "I don't know you."

"Boss Yuan, if you tell a girl that her money fell on the ground, she will pick it up habitually. If you like any girl, you can directly go up and tell her that her boyfriend also fell on the ground. That way, you can get her as your girlfriend very easily." Wu Hai was so excited when he said that.

He talked as if it were such a brilliant idea. Of course, judging from the complacent manner on his face, he also thought that way.

That's right. The 10 RMB note was thrown on the ground by Wu Hai when Man Man didn't notice him. Then he lied to her to make her pick it up just to tell Yuan Zhou about this matter. He really did his best.

"What kind of confidence is it that allows you to teach Boss Yuan how to chase after girls when you yourself have been single for more than 30 years?" Ling Hong couldn't help laughing and saying that.

"Cough cough. I'm going to prepare the dishes." With Yuan Zhou's taut face, no one could see any clue from his face.

Wu Hai was then mocked by Ling Hong and Su Mu in turn. Of course, Man Man who was just cheated still felt very happy. While taking the 10 RMB note, she told Wu Hai that this idea wasn't scientific at all.