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449 The Best One and The Common One

 "Here's your Soy Sauce Rice. Please stir them evenly before eating. Take your time, please." Zhou Jia carried a small bowl to Da Da, set it down on the table and then said to her.

"Okay. Thank you." Da Da first thanked her habitually and then took a look at the rice.

It was a small bowl like what people normally used to eat at home during normal times. Nonetheless, girls could eat their fill with half a bowl of rice along with some dishes.

The one in front of her appeared more exquisite. It had a white porcelain body and a pattern of long green wheat leaves on the outside surface. It was filled approximately 80% with rice.

She hadn't got time to have a careful look at the bowl before she stopped Zhou Jia.

"Isn't there a side dish for this Soy Sauce Rice?" Da Da asked with puzzlement.

"No, there isn't." Zhou Jia turned around and nodded her head.

"At least, you should serve a small plate of dried turnip for me." Da Da said in surprise.

"I'm sorry. Our pickled radish isn't sold separately." Zhou Jia said courteously.

"Okay, fine." Da Da became slightly speechless.

"It really is a bandit's store. With this Soy Sauce Rice worth of 98 RMB, it doesn't even serve some dried turnip." Da Da turned around and ridiculed in the heart.

"Da Da, did something wrong happen to your?" At that moment, the sound passing from the bluetooth earphone aroused Da Da's attention.

"Really?" Da Da knitted his brows and then stroked the brooch without a trace to adjust its position.

"Don't move, Da Da. It seems to be working well. Your fingers are still as thick and strong as before." At that moment, another teasing voice sounded in the earphone.

Instantly, her earphone was filled with the voice of her audiences praising the dishes.

"If not that I know it was Da Da's video-streaming room, I would have thought it was somebody's dish presentation." It was an objective and impartial comment.

"Indeed. I can even tell that the dish is good through the screen." It must be a hungry person.

It wasn't really exaggerated to say that the audience could see the Soy Sauce Rice through the screen, as this dish really made people unable to move their sight away.

The rice was filled in the bowl to 80% full with a bright brownish-red soy sauce poured over the surface.

The plain cooked rice was totally different from other rice. The well-cooked rice would give off some slight steam. A hint of green would appear among the white, which made it looked like a white jade wrapped in emerald.

Apart from the brownish-red soy sauce that seeped into the rice, there was also the intrinsic gloss of the rice. On the whole, the Soy Sauce Rice looked appetizing.

"It indeed looks perfect." Da Da swallowed the saliva and then said that.

Just when she was about to eat, she remembered Yuan Zhou's instruction to stir them evenly before eating. Then, she took the spoon and began to stir up the rice.

"Hua Hua"

After that, the rice changed. The white spoon covered with the brownish red soy sauce moved among the gray-jade-like rice grains and the heat of the rice instantly stimulated the fragrance of both the rice and the soy sauce.

Having stirred up the rice for a little while, Da Da found it hard to bear. While looking at the delicacy and smelling the fragrance, she naturally couldn't bear it and thus picked up the spoon and stuffed it into her mouth.

"Hmmm." Da Da couldn't help gasping in admiration.

As soon as the Soy Sauce Rice entered her mouth, the fragrance filled her mouth.

The Kesha Tribute Rice was originally quite fragrant and it became more intoxicating after being steamed. Besides, it also carried the soy sauce-like aroma and with a slight sweetness.

The sweetness not only came from the rice grains, but also from the soy sauce.

The well-separated rice grains tasted soft and sticky. And the taste was very much like that of the outermost layer of the freshly-cooked plain cooked rice that she had eaten secretly during her childhood. It carried the intrinsic sweetness of the rice and didn't let people feel that the taste is dull because of the mixed soy sauce.

The slightly salty taste contained therein stimulated the sweetness of the rice and fragrance of the soy sauce more.

"Yum. It's so delicious." While gasping in admiration, Da Da stuffed the rice into her mouth ceaselessly.

Nonetheless, the audiences at the other of the live streaming started to speak one after another.

"Da Da, come back! You are doing the anti-fraud live streaming rather than a delicacy live streaming. How could you indulge yourself in eating and unable to pull yourself out from enjoyment?" After saying that, the woman with the mature voice couldn't help drooling.

There was a saying that when one watched others eating, they would feel that the food was more fragrant. Now, the audiences watching Da Da's live streaming all realized the words deeply.

"I think I'm watching a fake anti-fraud live streaming. It's obviously a stream for showing delicacies. I'm so hungry." The man with a gentle voice also couldn't help saying that.

"Yeah, exactly. Please stop eating, Da Da. Get back to proper business." It was the wish of an audience who was severely drooling.

"Life is so hard! I'm just here to watch an anti-fraud video streaming. Da Da, you surprisingly show us an appetizing delicacy to tempt us. Really tired." The audiences watched the Soy Sauce Rice in the bowl become less and less and thus had the impulse to beat her.

After all, her brooch webcam directly faced the Soy Sauce Rice in the front of her while she was eating. It was strange that they didn't feel hungry when they saw the rice being stuffed into Da Da's mouth ceaselessly and heard her gasp in admiration while chewing.

Well, alright. Even the heat from the rice made the audiences feel that they had smelled the fragrance at the other end of the screen.

"Cough cough. I'm finished. Let's start now." Da Da, who indulged herself in the enjoyment of the delicacy, didn't realize that the live streaming had provoked so much hatred until she finished the meal.

"Sigh. I'm feeling heartache for the Soy Sauce Rice. It looks really tasty." The woman with the gentle voice sighed with emotion at last.

"Let's get to proper business. That matters more." Da Da said that to cover her embarrassment up.

After all, she felt a little embarrassed now for what she had done just now.

"Then you hurry up." Not until then did the audiences became more energetic.

After all, they decided to watch the live streaming due to the very high prices of the dishes.

"Okay." Da Da nodded her head slightly. Then, she stood up and approached Yuan Zhou.

"Hello, boss." Da Da went up to Yuan Zhou and began to greet him immediately.

"Hello, too." Yuan Zhou returned a salute with a nod and then prepared to cook other dishes.

"Don't you feel the price is much too high?" Da Da considered for an instant and then asked loudly when Yuan Zhou hadn't totally turned back.

As soon as she said that, not only Yuan Zhou stopped turning back, but also the customers who were still in the line and had finished the meal all looked at Da Da.

Of course, those who indulged themselves in the delicacies and couldn't get themselves out of the immersion just knitted their brows and took no notice of her even if they heard that. Compared with that, it was more important to eat the delicacies. For example, Lee Yanyi. He just continued eating his dishes.

"No." Yuan Zhou turned around and answered earnestly.

"I just ate the Soy Sauce Rice. To be honest, other restaurants only charge 8 RMB or even less, 3 RMB for that while you charge 98 RMB. Don't you think it's much too expensive?" Da Da said persistently while pointing at the empty bowl in Zhou Jia's hand.

"Because mine is delicious." Yuan Zhou stood up straight and said confidently.

Once he said that, Da Da instantly became silent. That was a fact. The Soy Sauce Rice cooked by others and those cooked by Yuan Zhou were not at the same level as Yuan Zhou's was incomparable.

"Yes, it's true. Just because they are so delicious, why couldn't you make them cheaper to make everyone afford it?" In Da Da's opinion, the current prices had great surpassed that of ordinary dishes.

"Different ingredients and different craftsmanship." Yuan Zhou answered her in a few words and then prepared to say no more.

Lunch time was limited and Yuan Zhou didn't want to waste a single minute. Therefore, he prepared to cook more dishes for others.

"Although I don't know what rice it is, I can tell it's indeed quite delicious. With your excellent craftsmanship, however, why couldn't you use the ordinary ingredients and cook some delicacies at lower prices for more people?" Da Da asked again.

Yuan Zhou didn't answer her anymore this time as he really didn't like explaining much. Nonetheless, Wu Hai uttered at the side...