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447 Anti-fraud Specialis

 Once Yuan Zhou said that, he made the audiences nearby become curious about him. Moreover, it was understandable that they wanted to go and try the taste.

As a result, Yuan Zhou's first step of the mission was completed.

Theoretically, the fine food streamer, Meng Meng, and the little prince of new dishes, Ma Zhida, would usually come whenever Yuan Zhou served a new dish, besides the usual customers.

However, the streamer that came this time wasn't the lovable Meng Meng, but another streamer.

This streamer was different from all other streamers.

First of all, she was dressed plainly in a beige wind coat, white shirt, and black business pants. Her appearance was above average and she had a pair of big eyes that darted about smartly, which made her appear smart and cute.

She called herself the Fighting Guardian or the anti-fraud specialist while her streamer nickname was Da Da. She wasn't holding a phone in her hands for the live streaming. Instead, she just wore a bluetooth earphone alike to an earring and a brooch alike to a lily that was about to blossom on her breast. It was the webcam.

This was a live streaming matched with speech sounds.

In other words, she could talk to the audiences in real time with the bluetooth earphone.

"I have made some investigations. The dishes in this Yuan Zhou's restaurant are indeed delicious, but the price is just extravagant. It's just much more than 'expensive'." The melodious voice of the streamer Da Da carried some affirmation.

"See? We were right. Just expose it and make such a deceitful restaurant unable to do business anymore." There immediately passed an indignant resentful female voice from the earphone.

"Exactly. Da Da, be careful! I heard the boss has his people in charge of queuing matters. There might be hired thug among them." A man said considerately with a gentle voice.

"I believe that even if the dishes are delicious, they can't be so expensive. So the boss definitely has an influential background." The person who said that analyzed calmly and composedly.

"Um. I know it has even been on TV recently." Da Da looked at Yuan Zhou's restaurant secretly with her tone filled with justice.

"That's why you have to be careful. If you can film some useful information, that would be great. If you need help, let's keep in touch with the agreed secret signals as usual." It was a composed and mature female voice that gave the final word.

"Okay, got it. I'm going right now." Da Da answered seriously. Then she went up to line up like an ordinary customer and waited to eat.

Seeing Da Da go to line up from in the video, her audiences all fell silent. Of course, they all attributed the silence to the supervisor in the steamer room.

The supervisor was the man with the gentle male voice.

As for how the matter originated and why Da Da, this anti-fraud streamer, came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for investigation, it was easy to explain.

Nowadays, the live streaming industry was quite popular. There were various kinds of live streaming, but Da Da wanted to make a different one. When she saw somebody drop litter in a street the other day, she came up with such an idea.

"Maybe I can live stream these kinds of phenomenon to arouse others' attention." Da Da patted her head and then said.

She intended to capture these uncivilized actions on her live stream to let people know about these rude behaviors. Of course, those who were filmed definitely didn't know that, but Da Da still covered their faces with the mosaics considerately.

After all, these uncivilized actions may be big or small, but no one had the right to expose the face of those who were involved on the internet. Hence, Da Da paid special attention to these factors. Just like that, she received more and more attention and finally became popular.

From then on, if there was any discharge of pollution from factories, Da Da would especially go there to make a live stream and then post it on the internet. She would also take a risk to go film kitchens with her hidden camera if there was a restaurant that was voted by her fans to be the dirtiest.

It was basically mostly about such kind of things. As the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were much too extravagant for them to bear, Yuan Zhou was complained by Da Da's fans as cheating the consumers, which was the cause of Da Da coming here today.

However, Da Da never fought a war unprepared; therefore, she investigated a lot about Yuan Zhou.

Nevertheless, they were all basically favorable comments like "Yuan Zhou was so handsome." or "The dishes are so delicious." Not a single unfavorable comment could be found on the internet.

The most important reason that caused Da Da to come was that menu.

"What the f*ck! Is the Egg Fried Rice golden? How can it be worth 188 RMB? Why doesn't he just go rob someone?" It was Da Da's first reaction.

"Wait. Is this the price of the tea egg? 1888 and RMB? How fearful!" When Da Da saw the price of the tea egg, she felt quite helpless.

"Formerly, there was a very stupid entertainment program calling for a crowdfunding with the purpose of visitng an island for vacation and eating oyster omelets. I just smiled at that. But now I want to say, crowdfunding is necessary here to eat a tea egg." Da Da looked at the menu bitterly.

Mostly, the posts in the gourmet forum spoke highly of the delicious dishes served in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Occasionally, those who doubted the prices would be brainwashed with the single sentence, "You'll know if they deserve the prices after you eat."

"Do you take yourself as that advertisement that declares 'Whoever uses knows.'?" In the face of that single sentence "You'll know if they deserve the prices after you eat," all over the screen, Da Da ridiculed speechlessly.

A tea egg costs 1888 RMB; an Egg Fried Rice costs 188; a bowl of noodles costs 268 RMB. Da Da felt it would be a humiliation to her title of Anti-fraud Specialist if she didn't come to investigate.

"But why hasn't the Association of Consumers banned such a restaurant?" Da Da searched the relevant information curiously.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant had clearly stated the price of the dishes and besides, written them in large numbers. Basically, everyone could know the prices as soon as they turned the head and took a look at the menu. Even if they didn't know, Yuan Zhou's restaurant had still clearly stated the price.

So, the Association of Consumers really had no right of jurisdiction over this matter.

"What a sinister trick!" Da Da read the clauses of the Association of Consumers discontentedly.

"It doesn't matter. If they don't punish the restaurant, I will do the work in my own way." Da Da thought of her popularity and clenched her first energetically.

After Da Da discussed this issue with the seniors in the group, however, she guessed there might be someone with an influential background behind the boss. Nonetheless, Da Da wasn't afraid.

She just wanted to expose the very high prices and that the fame of his restaurant did not match reality.

After she weighed the gains and loss, only then did she take action.

"When do you think Boss Yuan will serve the goose that he served yesterday again? I almost couldn't stop my slobber from flowing out of my mouth." The customer ahead of Da Da suddenly said that.

"How would I know that?" The person who was asked answered him angrily.

"Hey-hey. You yourself are to blame for not being quick and deft yesterday. You just don't know the taste of the goose meat. It's simply perfect." The person revealed an intoxicated expression while speaking of that.

"What are you complacent for? I will buy one next time and you can't eat it." The other one gnashed his teeth and said that.

"That goose is 5888 RMB, each. You were even reluctant to pay 1/4 of that amount yesterday and you dare to say you will buy an entire one." The person turned up his nose at the other when he said that.

"I will come every two months to eat the goose once." The other one seemed to have made up his mind and even thought of a solution.

"Wait. I'm sorry, but I am here for the first time. What dish is so expensive making it as high as 5888 RMB per serving?" Da Da tried to make herself look curious rather than astonished.

However, she couldn't help complaining frantically in her heart, "A goose is worth 5888 RMB? Does it lay golden eggs?"

"It's the Elaborate Roast Goose newly served by Boss Yuan. The taste is, tsk-tsk, awesome! You'll want one more after you eat one and one more after you eat two." The customer ahead of Da Da told her enthusiastically.

"But the price is too..." Da Da really couldn't help but say that.

"It is indeed expensive, but the craftsmanship well deserves the price. Sigh. Unluckily, I'm unable to eat it today." The person still felt a little pity.

Da Da became more steadfast in her heart.

"I must give it a taste. Why exactly can it be sold for such a high price?"

However, she was also a little bewildered. Many people told her the dishes here were delicious. But even so, they can't that expensive.

There was definitely something that didn't make sense.