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446 Persistence

 There was something else contained in Jiang Changxi's sentence, but Zhuang Xinmu wasn't sure whom she was talking about.

"If you feel that foolishness is lovable, why did you still quarrel with him?" Jiang Changxi asked.

"I know he's also such kind of person." There were only a bitter smile and a look of pampering on Zhuang Xinmu's beautiful face.

"Then how do you feel?" Jiang Changxi asked Zhuang Xinmu seriously while looking at her.

"I have been with him for so long time and I know from the very beginning that he is pretty stubborn and doesn't know the way of the world. But what can I do?" Zhuang Xinmu revealed a helpless manner in his tone.

"Everyone is different." Jiang Changxi nodded his head.

"I know there's nothing bad about this kind of person. But the society needs smooth and sophisticated people more." Zhuang Xinmu sighed.

"It's better for a man to be smooth and sophisticated. Can you think of anybody as stubborn as Boss Yuan in this society?" Jiang Changxi suddenly said loudly.

"Why isn't it acceptable for one to eat two servings at a time? It's our own business whether to waste food or not. But he surprisingly made a rule that anyone that wastes food will be blacklisted. He's simply a fool for not making money sent to him." Jiang Changxi pointed at Yuan Zhou and said.

"This is my rule." Yuan Zhou was quite earnest when he said that.

"Then you are a fool." Jiang Changxi nodded her head conclusively.

Yet, other customers at the side saw something from the scene. They saw Yuan Zhou just staying silent and smile kindly even when he was scolded as a foolish person.

"However, I think persistence isn't necessarily bad. Perhaps just because of that, Boss Yuan can cook so well." After Jiang Changxi ridiculed Yuan Zhou, she turned her head and said to Zhuang Xinmu.

"Right. Persistence might be good." Zhuang Xinmu was slightly absent-minded as she obviously thought of something.

Instead of interrupting her, Jiang Changxi just looked at silently.

In just a few minutes, Zhuang Xinmu came to herself. She took a look at Jiang Changxi in embarrassment and then said, "Thank you, Sister Jiang."

"Boss Yuan, I didn't order the dishes. If I leave now, will you think I waste food and blacklist me?" Zhuang Xinmu suddenly stood up and asked Yuan Zhou before she turned around.

"No, I won't do that." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Good." After saying that, Zhuang Xinmu left there with quick steps.

Once she got out of the restaurant, Zhuang Xinmu dialed that familiar phone number.

"Hey. It's the dinner time, but I still haven't eaten dinner. Why don't you treat me to a western-style meal, the kind that's very romantic?" Once the phone was put through, Zhuang Xinmu said immediately.

"Okay, okay, okay. I can treat you for my whole life. Where are you? I'll come to pick you up." Wu Zhou immediately answered.

Then, the couple of lovers started to have a sweet talk and flaunt their relationship.

In the restaurant, everyone became delighted and started the daily jokes, again.

"I have never thought you had such a kind-hearted side." Wu Hai began to ridicule Jiang Changxi while looking at her.

"Of course. This female celestial is a person of many faces. Do you want to try?" Jiang Changxi was quite sharp-tongued when she ridiculed Wu Hai.

"No, I don't have the luck to enjoy it." Wu Hai refused her right away.

"So this Boss Yuan who have behaved so perfectly, what reward do you want?" Jiang Changxi looked at Yuan Zhou with her watery eyes.

"No need. I was just telling the truth." Yuan Zhou refused her bluntly.

The way he talked was as if to say, "Don't even think of making me forget that you haven't paid for the Frog Cakes."

"What an idiot that lacks the sense of romance!" Jiang Changxi supported her forehead with her hand.

"Thanks for coming." Yuan Zhou pointed at the menu and then said.

"I have made the bank transfer. I won't run away from my debts." Jiang Changxi almost wanted to beat him.

Leaving reality aside, even if it was in a novel, when a beautiful female general director was in front of a man, shouldn't he directly push her down?

Only Yuan Zhou revealed a manner of "you are plotting to murder me," in front of a beauty.

When it was 10:00 p.m. again, the program, Folk Talent, of Chengdu TV started to broadcast on time.

Those who waited by the TV were not only the foodies but also the middle-aged people that enjoy the folk artists, including lonely old people, naturally.

The current popularity of the program could be seen. However, the program was getting more and more popular due to the trailer broadcasted last time.

After all, it was a world dominated by foodies and those who pursued good appearance only.

Yuan Zhou happened to hold both advantages so, of course, he was popular among the audiences.

"Hello, everyone. This is the Folk Talent. It's so nice to see you again." The sunny and handsome appearance of Presenter Lu appeared on TV.

"We have read our audiences' letters ever since the episode of Boss Yuan sculpting was broadcasted last time. In response to your request, we came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, again." As soon as Presenter Lu turned around, the audiences saw the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant without the shop sign behind him.

The sunshine was bright when Presenter Lu arrived here for the filming. And the sun rays happened to fall on Yuan Zhou's body.

The warm and golden sunshine collided with Yuan Zhou's solemn and aloof temperament, which made Yuan Zhou's aura surpass Presenter Lu instantly.

"What the f*ck! He's merely a chef. Is it really necessary to be so handsome?" A young man in front of the television immediately let out a cry.

Just after he ridiculed, he saw Yuan Zhou nod to the camera indifferently, again.

"Tsk. Even a chef is so handsome now! What shall I, a white-collar elite, do?" The young man was also a foodie. Although he ridiculed Yuan Zhou, he was likewise waiting to see the delicacy to be displayed later.

"What is he wearing? It does not seem to be a chef's uniform." An old man that was watching TV didn't quite understand.

"It's the informal dress of the Han clothing. It's very easy and convenient to wear." His granddaughter explained to him.

"It's so rare that you, little girl, would watch TV with us." The grandpa looked at his granddaughter and joked with her.

"Aha, it's because this program is awesome." The little girl was a little shy.

She can't say that she watched this program because of the delicious food and Yuan Zhou's handsome face.

"Um, yes. My granddaughter is always right." The grandpa nodded his head smilingly.

Presenter Lu was asking Yuan Zhou what he prepared to cook on the program.

"One is Jinling Grass and the other is Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork." Yuan Zhou answered peacefully.

While speaking of that on TV, Yuan Zhou appeared quite peaceful except for his influential aura and his strong sense of existence.

Only Presenter Lu on site knew how much pressure he had while facing Yuan Zhou.

However, that was what made the audiences feel that Yuan Zhou was a genuine chef who turned cooking into an art rather than a chef that purely had some cooking skills.

"Boss Yuan looks more attractive on TV." The girl thought inwardly.

Without moving in the first episode, Yuan Zhou was judged by others to be a craftsman that had inherited the ancient skills. In this episode, however, Yuan Zhou was like a master-level artist.

Each dish gained vitality and a sense of art in Yuan Zhou's hands.

At the end of the episode, however, a hint of dry humor was added into the program. Of course, that all benefited from the question that Yuan Zhou specially asked Presenter to add.

"Boss Yuan, what will you say if you had to give a reason why people come here for meals?" With a cunning smile on the face, Presenter Lu asked especially.

Just when the audiences in front of televisions all guessed it might be his craftsmanship or something else, Yuan Zhou uttered.

"Because the boss is handsome; I'm handsome; I myself is handsome." Yuan Zhou said primly and immodestly.

His tone was filled with"It should have been obvious anyway."