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445 Quarrel

 Just when Chef Zhan was struck by Yuan Zhou's elaborate Roast Goose and couldn't think rationally a few minutes earlier, a most vehement quarrel arose between Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu.

"Tell me why you said that in those circumstances." Zhuang Xinmu was usually a beautiful and mild girl, but she was also terrifying when she was stone-faced.

"I told you. If he can't rank the first in the world, he isn't the first. Is there any problem with it?" With his brows knitted tight, Wu Zhou felt quite puzzled.

"You can just tell me after we get out of that restaurant. Why did you say that and make others so embarrassed? They have been very considerate not to drive us out." Zhuang Xinmu couldn't understand her boyfriend.

"Why can't we say that there? I just wanted to tell him about that to his face. Why are you arguing with me?" Looking at Zhuang Xinmu, Wu Zhou didn't understand what was going on.

"Why did I argue with you? Do you know what Yao Qing said to me today? She said what we did today was so shameful. We were introduced to eat there by her. Didn't you know that? Then why did you say that in the restaurant?" Zhuang Xinmu looked at Wu Zhou indignantly.

"I know. But I was telling the truth." Wu Zhou didn't really understand what went wrong.

"Do you want me to tell lies?" He looked at Zhuang Xinmu with an unbelievable tone.

"I am not saying I want you to tell lies. But can't you just refrain yourself from speaking that out? We are selecting a restaurant for our wedding." Zhuang Xinmu shouted out of control.

"Then what do you want me to do?" Wu Zhou stood up and also got angry.

"Come out and say that to me. Can't you even do that?" Zhuang Xinmu asked helplessly.

"I just wanted to tell the truth." Wu Zhou still persisted his opinion.

"Good. We'd better calm down for a while." After saying that, Zhuang Xinmu turned around and left.

"What mistake did I make?" Looking at Zhuang Xinmu leave, Wu Zhou felt both worried and helpless.

He thought ceaselessly what his mistake was, but didn't think of an answer.

In Wu Zhou's opinion, if the roast goose wasn't the best, it wasn't. He just brought out his thoughts. Besides, the one that couldn't accept his judgement and persistently required an explanation was that chef. He just didn't agree with him declaring himself to be the first in the world. There wasn't a problem.

However, Wu Zhou well understood the principle that girlfriends were to be coaxed. Therefore, he immediately began to call her to admit his mistake and apologize.

Nonetheless, Zhuang Xinmu acted as if she had made up his mind. She insisted that Wu Zhou tell him what mistake he had made.

Believing that he made no mistake, Wu Zhou didn't actually know what to say. As the matter going on, Zhuang Xinmu didn't answer his phone anymore.

One day, two days. Wu Zhou couldn't wait anymore, thus he immediately called Jiang Changxi.

They said something on the phone and in the end, Jiang Changxi agreed to help him.

"This guy really takes me as his love consultant." Jiang Changxi hung up the phone, feeling it quite amusing.

It was actually because she often talked about young girls' thoughts in the restaurant to ridicule Yuan Zhou and Wu Zhou bore it in mind. Therefore, he came to ask her for help.

"Boss Yuan, can you do me a favor?" Jiang Changxi said bluntly.

"I don't have money." It was Yuan Zhou's first reaction.

What a joke! Jiang Changxi was a boss of a company. If she wanted to borrow his money, it would definitely be a big sum.

"Nor a free meal." Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou added.

"Tsk. You are thinking too much. Here's the thing..." Jiang Changxi rolled her eyes helplessly.

No wonder Yuan Zhou had that reaction. After all, these were the only two ways that Jiang Changxi ridiculed Yuan Zhou. Well, at least Yuan Zhou understood it that way.

There was always someone that wanted to cheat his money.

"I will act according to the rules." Yuan Zhou nodded and then said that.

"Okay. That's all. See you in the evening." After Jiang Changxi said that, she hung up the phone cleanly, which was a rare occurrence.

"She's rarely so decisive." Yuan Zhou put down the phone.

Jiang Changxi's solution was very simple. She decided to treat Zhuang Xinmu to dinner in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Since they would eat over here, they naturally agreed on meeting at the door.

When Zhuang Xinm arrived, she didn't see Wu Zhou. It was unknown whether she felt relieved or disappointed, but she still went up and greeted Jiang Changxi.

"Sister Jiang, good evening." Zhuang Xinmu smiled politely.

"Don't stand on ceremony. I like no one but young and beautiful girls." Jiang Chang touched the face of Jiang Changxi with her hand.

"Thank you all the same for your treat." Zhuang Xinmu blushed instantly.

"You are welcome. Let's go, young beauty." Jiang Changxi behaved like a female rogue.

"Sister Jiang is also so beautiful." Zhuang Xinmu complimented her, too.

Women's friendship took place very quickly, especially when Jiang Changxi had designed that. Even if her behavior was exaggerated, it anyhow narrowed their distance. When they got seated in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, they had been very good friends.

Zhuang Xinmu was merely a clerk while Jiang Changxi became a general director through her struggle. While facing her, Zhuang Xinmu admired and respect her very much.

Besides, she even felt proud of Jiang Changxi approaching her in this way.

Seeing that her purpose achieved, Jiang Changxi also began to signal to Yuan Zhou.

The signal of the two people was to order the dishes.

"Boss Yuan, take my order, please," said Jiang Changxi generously.

"You haven't been here for some days. Boss Yuan has served a new dish. It's said to be very delicious." While ordering the dishes, Jiang Changxi talked with Zhuang Xinmu.

"Um. Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is always incomparable." Zhuang Xinmu suddenly thought of Wu Zhou and didn't seem to be in a good mood.

"Two servings of Frog Cake." Jiang Changxi directly ordered.

"One serving for each of you?" Yuan Zhou asked dutifully.

"No. I want two servings alone." Jiang Changxi said seriously.

"I'm sorry. According to my rules, everyone can only order one serving for each meal." Yuan Zhou said solemnly.

"Have you forgotten the rules since you haven't been here for the recent few days? When can the customers here order two servings at a time?" Wu Hai mocked Jiang Changxi loudly.

"I don't care. I just want to eat two servings. Anyhow, I'm a regular customer." Jiang Changxi said earnestly.

"According to the rules, you can't." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Sister Jiang, Boss Yuan does have this rule. What about you eat mine?" Seeing many customers looking at them, Zhuang Xinmu stopped Jiang Changxi and said with embarrassment.

"Yours is yours. I just want to eat two servings today." Jiang Changxi shook her head and refused.

"But..." Zhuang Xinmu still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Jiang Changxi.

"What if I want to eat two servings of the Frog Cake?" Jiang Changxi patted on her own chest and asked seriously.

"Sorry. It's not allowed in my restaurant." Yuan Zhou likewise answered earnestly.

"Are you sure." Jiang Changxi continued asking toughly.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Alright. One serving, please." Jiang Changxi instantly admitted defeat.

"Hoo..." Zhuang Xinmu let out a sigh of relief. It would be quite shameful to be driven out. Luckily, Jiang Changxi didn't insist anymore.

"Please wait a moment." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then went back.

"It seems that I have acted quite well and there isn't any problem. Fortunately, I'm in the cooking circle, but too bad there is now a movie king missing." Yuan Zhou looked at Zhuang Xinmu that became relieved from the former embarrassment and then thought complacently.

That's right. This play was specially acted just for Zhuang Xinmu.

"Are you frightened? Boss Yuan is nothing but an inflexible and stubborn boss. If not for him having a wonderful cooking ability, God knows what his business will be." Jiang Changxi looked at Zhuang Xinmu and said that.

"Boss Yuan is adhering to his principles. Nowadays, there are less and less people who believed in principles rather than the money. This kind of foolishness is quite lovable." Zhuang Xinmu said.

"It's good as long as you feel the foolishness is lovable." Jiang Changxi's words meant more than she said.

Zhuang Xinmu, "..."