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444 Breaking One’s Worldview

 "Impossible. That's unscientific." The several big characters had been circling around in Chef Zhan's brain.

Even so, the speed of Chef Zhan taking the dish became quicker but he himself didn't even realize that.

The goose meat was stuffed into his mouth continuously by pieces.

"Surprisingly, there're different tastes at different parts. How does he achieve that?" What Chef Zhan was eating now was the breast that was not chewy at all.

Generally speaking, this piece of meat usually tasted very dry.

When a chef cooked dishes with the breast, they usually diced or sliced it and then stir-fried it quickly.

Nonetheless, the roasted breast was usually very hard to chew. After all, there was only a thin layer of skin over the breast rather than the thick fat. Therefore, it always became hard to chew after roasting.

However, the piece of meat in his mouth was totally different from that. Wrapped by the thin brown and crisp skin, the slightly chewy breast tasted as if a piece of meat was teared up slowly and the fragrance was getting stronger and stronger. Eating it along with the skin that bubbled due to the roasting, it was really an amazing enjoyment.

"Why isn't the breast of the goose chewy at all?" Chef Zhan felt it unbelievable as he picked it to eat again.

While muttering it was impossible, Chef Zhan contrarily ate the goose blissfully.

"I haven't eaten the sauce. Perhaps, the sauce is quite unpalatable." Chef Zhan suddenly caught sight of the plum sauce in the small coarse porcelain plate at hand.

The plum sauce prepared by Yuan Zhou was filled in a palm-sized, coarse, porcelain plate.

It was different from Chef Zhan's practice of adding the fruit flesh to increase the sourness. There were pieces of petal-like things in the beautiful amber pectin.

It looked refreshing and beautiful.

"They are the petals. But aren't the petals bitter?" Chef Zhan felt it puzzled, however, the current situation didn't allow him to think more.

After all, his taste bud was urging him to enjoy the delicacy in front of him frantically.

He picked up a piece of goose meat and couldn't wait to stuff it into his mouth along with the sauce.

Dipped in the amber sauce, the originally brownish red goose skin looked even more smooth and glossy and increased people's appetite.

"Ba Ji Ba Ji". Having stuffed it into his mouth, Chef Zhan couldn't help giving a start.

"Hiss..." It was the natural reaction of humans' body when they were stimulated by the sourness.

As the sour plum sauce wrapped the goose meat, it gave people an extremely sour feeling once it entered the mouth and then stimulated a lot of saliva immediately. Therefore, Chef Zhan couldn't help chewing it.

As soon as the meat was bitten apart, the gravy contained in the goose meat instantly burst out under the stimulation of the sourness and thus gave him a fresh and fragrant feeling while the sourness disappeared at that time. Following that was the fresh and intrinsic sweet taste of the plums.

After a piece of petal was eaten along with the sauce, the delicate fragrance and slightly bitter texture of the petal directly gave the goose meat multiple layers of taste.

Chef Zhan was absolutely unable to decline such a delicacy. Unknowingly, he had eaten up the entire goose and all the plum sauce.

"Have I actually eaten up all the goose meat?" Chef Zhan was a little stupefied.

"Hua La". Chef Zhan supported his upper body with his hands on the table and stood up suddenly, which made him collide with the chair and cause a loud sound. However, this action only attracted the other customers' attention.

After all, it interrupted them enjoying the delicious dish. Those who didn't care about that were only Chef Zhan and Yuan Zhou, who was cooking earnestly.

"Little brat, how did you cook the dish? What did you do to remove the oil of the goose? That's totally impossible." Chef Zhan pointed at Yuan Zhou and said impolitely.

"Hey. Even if you want to ask about that, you have to be at least polite to him. Watch your words." A customer waiting at the side said discontentedly.

"How is it possible? Did you use any crooked ways? How could you remove the greasy feeling so perfect? Even the bitterness of the petals was the best catalyst of the taste. How is it possible?" Chef Zhan took no notice of the customers' words, but just stared at Yuan Zhou and asked him.

"You tell me how you got rid of the grease." Chef Zhan moved in the wake of Yuan Zhou's steps.

"Tell me. Tell me how you achieved that. How exactly did you achieve that?" Chef Zhan craned his neck and looked at Yuan Zhou.

"Egg Fried Rice Set." Yuan Zhou first carried up the set meal and set it on the table.

Not taking notice of Chef Zhan who had lost control at all.

"You shouldn't be able to outclass me even if you began to roast goose before you were born." Chef Zhan got hold of the sleeves of Yuan Zhou's Han clothing.

"I'm sorry. I'm under no obligation to tell you anything. If you have finished your meal, please leave. It's inconvenient for you to stay here longer." Yuan Zhou stared at Chef Zhan's hands and said indifferently.

Stared at by Yuan Zhou, Chef Zhan let go of his hands subconsciously, but he didn't intend to give up after he heard that. Instead, he started to move in the wake of Yuan Zhou.

"I won't leave unless you tell me. Hurry up to tell me." Chef Zhan asked persistently.

"Hey. He doesn't want to tell you. Why are you still staying here shamelessly? Who gave you the courage to force others to tell you?" Wu Hai stood up and made room for others before he stood in front of Chef Zhan and said to him with a languid manner.

"It's none of your business. Stay out of my affairs." Chef Zhan said rudely.

"Yeah, of course it's none of my business. But you are in my way." Wu Hai said while pointing at Chef Zhan in front of him.

Seeing Chef Zhan become angry, Wu Hai continued saying.

"What? I can't even say something when you are in my way just because you the elderly?" After saying that, Wu Hai laughed with irony.

"Yeah. You walked here and there and have really affected me having my meal." Another customer also raised his head and said that.

"Exactly. Why does he have to teach you since you are not his disciple?" Other customers began to chime in with him one after another.

"Judging from your title, you are also a chef. Many chefs want to ask Boss Yuan for his advice, so you must maintain order and line up." The customers had already felt sick of Chef Zhan and thus stood up for Yuan Zhou voluntarily.

"That's right. Why does he have to tell you?" Man Man also nodded her head and said at the side.

"You are Chef Zhan, aren't you? I'm Master Cheng." Master Cheng also went up and said to him.

"I think you have affected the business of this restaurant. Besides, Boss Yuan doesn't have the obligation and reason to tell you. On behalf of the Association of Chefs, I hereby notify you that if you continue pestering Boss Yuan endlessly, you'll be punished." Master Cheng was quite mild.

However, he still allowed Chef Zhan to leave.

However high and mighty Chef Zhan had been when he just entered the restaurant, however upset and embarrassed he was now. The customers all rose in a mass to attack him. All his confidence was destroyed by such a perfect roast goose.

All that made him unable to accept the situation.

"It doesn't matter even if you don't tell me. I can study it by myself. Anyhow, I have been cooking the goose all my life." Chef Zhan said that loudly.

Behind the loud voice was his panic, an unknown panic even to Chef Zhan.

After saying that, Chef Zhan turned around and got out of the restaurant directly.

He didn't even drive his car, but just took a cab back to Goose Jinxuan Restaurant. Then, he walked through the gate in quick steps and arrived at the kitchen.

"I will use the small kitchen now. Send all the geese here and, you guys, stay out." Chef Zhan moved quickly. Once he entered the door, he instructed his disciples.

"All the geese are sent here and they all in the preservation tank." The kitchen helper finished the work quickly and reported to him meticulously.

"Get out." Accompanying the answer was the sound of Chef Zhan shutting the door.

"What's wrong with him?" The workers whispered in each other's ears curiously.

However, Chef Zhan was unable to see that.

He shut himself in the small kitchen for the whole night. Unlike Yuan Zhou's ceramic jar where only one goose could be roasted, Chef Zhan's oven was so big that it could hold 8 geese.

"No, it's still not the right taste. What exactly is the problem?" Chef Zhan murmured to himself continuously.

It was barely light outside. Stacked around Chef Zhan were some roast geese of which the grease had coagulated and some other that were steaming. The kitchen was full of the roast geese and Chef Zhan was just sitting among them.