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443 Roast Goose That Made People Doubt Their Lives

 "This little girl is so young, but talks so much." Of course, Chef Zhan knew Man Man was in favor of Yuan Zhou, therefore he also replied her rudely.

"Yes, I can see that you are pretty old too, but still lack compassion," Man Man said smilingly.

"Even if I have compassion, I won't show to you, little girl." Chef Zhan mocked at her.

"Fine. Then, this unkind old gentleman, you just wait here patiently." Man Man waved her hands and didn't say anything else to him. She still had something else to do.

"Humph." Chef Zhan snorted coldly in response to Man Man.

"What an ill-mannered old man. I feel that Lee Yanyi is much better now." On hearing the cold snort, Man Man couldn't help muttering.

Man Man had formerly disliked Lee Yanyi the most, thinking he always complained about the dishes while eating them blissfully and was fairly troublesome. In contrast with the old guy, Chef Zhan, however; she instantly felt Lee Yanyi became lovable.

It was approaching 12:00 p.m. and the people were increasing. Nonetheless, Chef Zhan knitted his brows tighter and tighter.

"What's the matter? Is the business of this restaurant so good?" Chef Zhan's investigation mainly covered Yuan Zhou's family background. He didn't especially investigate how Yuan Zhou's business was, but there were indeed the few characters of "really not bad" on the paper.

Seeing such a small and narrow restaurant, however, Chef Zhan naturally didn't really take the few characters seriously. After all, the size of the restaurant would largely restrict the development of the business.

"Hey, young man. Are the dishes here very delicious?" Chef Zhan couldn't help asking Wu Hai who's ahead of him.

"Are you asking me?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and looked back at Chef Zhan.

"Who else can I ask except you?" Chef Zhan asked back with a tone of "You are talking nonsense.", but meanwhile he thought that something must be wrong with both the two customers that had encountered continuously.

"I think you are unlikely to know the taste by eating it." Wu Hai was a person whose temper had never been good.

"Why? Isn't it delicious?" Chef Zhan became excited immediately.

"Not really. It's just your mouth is too busy to eat the delicacies." Wu Hai shrugged and said as if it were obvious.

"Humph. Young people nowadays don't even know to respect the old." Chef Zhan understood that he had been fooled this time. He glared at Wu Hai severely.

"But you likewise don't love the young. So my respect means nothing to you." Wu Hai had heard the conversations among Chef Zhan, Yuan Zhou, and Man Man from the very beginning.

As an adult man, he just found it inappropriate to help them quarrel with an old man.

Yuan Zhou was the boss and thus could talk about the rules. However, he was just a customer and should not break into their conversation. But since this annoying old man came to provoke him on his own, Wu Hai wouldn't pass up this opportunity to contradict him.

"I won't talk to you anymore." Seeing Wu Hai fear nothing at all, Chef Zhan said that and left while Zhou Jia was announcing the start of business hours.

"If you don't want to talk to me, then don't talk to me." After contradicting the old man, Wu Hai felt relieved at once, thinking that he should order one more dish later.

Once he entered the door, Chef Zhan said to Yuan Zhou, "Having kept me waiting for so long outside, you'd better succeed in researching a roast goose that deserves the wait."

"The roast goose you have ordered is 5888 RMB. You can pay by bank transfer or by cash." Yuan Zhou took no notice of Chef Zhan's provocation and just said straightforwardly.

As soon as Yuan Zhou brought out the price, the voices of ordering dishes paused a little while and every one fell silent.

"Tsk-tsk. This old man came for a challenge, didn't he?" The customer instantly turned their head and looked at Chef Zhan.

"Does he rip off every customer that orders this dish?" The price made Chef Zhan greatly astonished.

He wasn't unable to afford 5888 RMB, but just didn't think a roast goose could be that expensive. Even the roast goose cooked by himself was sold no more than 888 RMB. The price of Yuan Zhou's roast goose was a few times higher than that of his.

"If you can't afford it, we can split it half-half." Wu Hai immediately went up and said to him.

Naturally, his purpose wasn't to help Chef Zhan, but to eat the roast goose. What a joke! He had been eager to eat it. Now that there was such an opportunity, he would naturally seize it.

"Yeah, yeah. We can help you, too." Other customers immediately reacted.

Boss Yuan could cope with others picking on him very well. For the customers, the new dish of Roast Goose was the most important.

"Exactly. If you can't eat it up, you'll be blacklisted and won't have the opportunity to come again to pick on the boss. What about I share with you fifty fifty? You are welcome." Another man, whose hair was neatly combed, said with a sincere tone.

"He's right. Failure isn't fearful. What's really fearful is that you don't even have an opportunity to fail again. But, I can help you with that. Let's split the roast goose fifty fifty." Such suggestions could probably only be found in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

These customers had truly racked their brains. They wanted to eat the roast goose, but meanwhile disliked Chef Zhan's rude attitude. Their words were definitely awesome!

They spoke as if Chef Zhan would not withstand a single blow and definitely wouldn't win, although it was indeed the truth.

"Stop quarrelling. I won't be deceived by you guys. If you like to eat it, you guys pay for yourselves." Chef Zhan naturally felt it was not worth it to spend 5888 RMB on Yuan Zhou's roast goose, not to mention it definitely wasn't as delicious as his.

As for the customers saying that he would necessarily fail, Chef Zhan didn't take it seriously at all. He wouldn't be frightened.

In order to allow Yuan Zhou carry out the roast goose and let Chef Zhan flee due to embarrassment, the customers reached a common understanding concerning the new dish.

They made a unanimous decision to split it into four parts.

"Payment comes before eating. Are you afraid of the customers not paying because of the bad taste?" While waiting for the new dish, Chef Zhan even started to complain about this rule.

"Be calm and patient! Then, eat the goose." Setting aside Chef Zhan's complaints, Yuan Zhou said that when he carried the goose to him.

"Little brat, when this old man began to taste the roast goose, you were still being nursed in your mother's arms." Chef Zhan said ironically.

"I wish you still have the courage to say this after eating, Head Chef Zhan who has been cooking the goose for all your life." In the face of such a rude and arrogant chef, Yuan Zhou wouldn't be patient and courteous. Instead, he said quite earnestly to him.

"Ho Ho." Chef Zhan's answer fully explained everything.

He picked up the chopsticks and then began to taste the new dish.

The roast goose emphasized the crisp skin and tender meat as well as being non-greasy, which was known by all masters that cooked geese.

However, people's diet was getting better and better nowadays. Therefore, the food that wasn't greasy to the people formerly now became greasy. Chef Zhan's solution was to make a sourer plum sauce to eat along with the goose.

It was also regarded as a solution.

After all, people still had to select the fat goose. Otherwise, it would taste dry and chewy and wouldn't be delicious at all.

"This old man would like to taste your craftsmanship." Chef Zhan picked up a piece of goose meat that connected its neck and breast.

Generally speaking, that piece of meat had the most fat and would taste quite oily.

Since he was here to find faults, he naturally wouldn't eat it along with the plum sauce.

"Ba Ji Ba Ji". It was the sound of the goose meat being chewed up.

What entered his mouth first was the crisp and sweet skin, which bubbled up due to the roasting. Inside of the bubbles was a trace of an extremely sour flavor instead of fat. It was that sourness that not only made the crisp skin become not oily at all, but also brought a crisper taste into play.

When the teeth reached the fat under the skin, it was also not oily. Even Chef Zhan had to admit it didn't taste like the fat, but a certain plump and tasty fruit flesh that melted upon entering the mouth along with the delicate fragrance and delicious meat flavor.

Under the fat was a thin layer of lean meat that wasn't chewy at all. Soaked in the oil and delicate fragrance of the green plum, it instantly made the goose meat in the mouth fresh and delicious. And there wasn't any oily feeling which could be tasted from the other roast geese.

Humans had evolved for so many centuries just to eat meat. These words had been deeply understood by Chef Zhan.

Just to eat such delicious meat.

A piece of oily meat was contrarily not oily at all and tasted fragrant throughout the mouth. The slightly chewy skin was crisp; the layer of fat was as fragrant as the fruit flesh combining with the meat flavor; the lean meat was also incredibly soft and tender. All these were the current feelings of Chef Zhan.

It was totally unscientific!