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442 No Eating Unless You Line Up

 With his influential aura, Yuan Zhou looked at Chef Zhan face to face.

Nevertheless, Chef Zhan only snorted coldly. Without saying any word, he turned around and left.

As for Yuan Zhou, he just took a deep breath and then calmed down.

The telephone rang inappropriately just as Chef Zhan got out of the door angrily.

He took out the phone and saw the name of "Disciple" on the screen.

"What's the matter? Can't you work without me for one single day? Are you all without brains?" How could Chef Zhan say any good words since he was in a bad mood now?

"No, no, we aren't. We have something to report to you." Judging from the voice, it was obviously the man who had called Chef Zhan the previous day.

He had been scolded once when he called yesterday and today, he was scolded again.

"Speak. What are you, an adult man, dilly-dallying about for!" Chef Zhan said immodestly as usual.

"You have gone to that restaurant, haven't you? We have investigated it." The man at the other end of the phone said carefully.

"Yes, I'm here. What do you know about it? I'm still waiting for that damn young chef to cook the roast goose for me to eat tomorrow," said Chef Zhan undisguisedly.

"Master, that restaurant is indeed very reputable in the neighborhood and besides, it has been on TV recently. The chef himself is quite awesome. Do you think we need to do something?" The man said carefully for fear of making Chef Zhan unhappy again.

"You think you are the only smart guy? I have already investigated that." Chef Zhan snorted.

Before his disciple had time to answer him, Chef Zhan continued saying, "I not only know he has wonderful culinary skills, but also that his parents have both died. Not a chance that he can outclass me."

"Ok, Master. I won't bother you anymore." Upon hearing that, his disciple said courteously with a frown.

"Umm. Go away." Chef Zhan said that rudely.

"Humph. He's merely a nobody." Chef Zhan snorted coldly. He took a look back at Yuan Zhou's restaurant and then left immediately.

Chef Zhan twisted the lion's tail and then left while Presenter Lu that had just arrived was a little stupefied.

"Boss Yuan, I have finished the preparatory work. Shall we start now?" Presenter Lu felt Yuan Zhou was extraordinarily influential today.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and brushed his clothes lightly at will.

Yuan Zhou was originally wearing the splendid Han clothing today. In addition, he did sports every day and thus kept a neat figure. Along with the earnest and serious expression as well as the upright back, Yuan Zhou's aura greatly soared.

"Well, alright. You can start now." Presenter Lu was also quite helpless in the heart.

He appeared quite normal yesterday. After one day, however, he looked a blade that had just been unsheathed.

Nonetheless, this appearance suited the taste of young girls. The image of an aloof prince charming was immediately revealed.

What Yuan Zhou was preparing to cook today were the two dishes of Jinling Grass and Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork, which was quite easy for him.

Just like last time, Presenter Lu started to explain.

"Hello, my dear audience. Nice to see you, again. This is Folk Talent..." While uttering the opening remarks, Presenter Lu observed Yuan Zhou.

Only then did he get relieved and think inwardly, "Fortunately, he becomes placid again while cooking."

That's right. During the cooking process, Yuan Zhou regained his usual gentleness and his gaze likewise wasn't piercing anymore. Instead, he just watched the variations of the ingredients very carefully.

After the shooting, Yuan Zhou also found this problem. Therefore, he adjusted his mentality purposefully before dinner time.

After all, Chef Zhan's utterances related to his parents indeed made him very angry, but he didn't allow that to affect his customers.

Therefore, the dinner time passed peacefully.

Yuan Zhou had originally intended to make the roast goose after his hands were cured of the burns. However, now, the situation would not allow it to be that way.

"It seems that you still have to bear the heat." Looking at the burns on his hands, Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

The pub on the second floor was immersed in a leisurely atmosphere while Yuan Zhou was starting to roast the goose on the first floor.

Yuan Zhou had learned the preparatory work quite well by heart, thus he did it better and more quickly this time. Until the goose was put in the ceramic oven to roast, every procedure was better than last time by 20 points. And that made Yuan Zhou fairly satisfied.


Yuan Zhou had made two roast geese for the whole night, therefore he specially asked the system for a cabinet to retain its freshness.

What a joke! A roast goose was 3500g and two of them were 7000g. However good Yuan Zhou's appetite was, he couldn't finish them all.

After he finished roasting the two geese, Yuan Zhou was now quite familiar with the genuine cooking method of the dish, Elaborate Roast Goose and could make it to its utmost perfection. Only then did he wash up and go to rest.

Besides that, Yuan Zhou still got up early as before and didn't delay the breakfast time although he had stayed up very late.

At noon, Chef Zhan, that had asked for leave again, arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Moreover, he arrived quite early just to see what exactly Yuan Zhou could do.

He arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant at 11:20, when some customers had started to line up.

"Ho Ho. Does such a small restaurant really deserve a line?" There was some scorn revealed from Chef Zhan's tone.

"Probably, it's because there are too few seats and too many fools." Then, Chef Zhan answered himself.

He walked over to the restaurant swaggeringly. Of course, he didn't intend to line up, but prepared to go inside straightforwardly.

"I'm sorry. Please take your ID to line up and receive the number ticket. Only after that can you enter the restaurant and have a meal." The member of the queuing committee on duty today was Man Man. She was quite polite when facing old people.

"Little girl, this old man has made an appointment with your boss. I don't need to line up." The prideful tone of Chef Zhan had almost rushed into Yuan Zhou's restaurant and of course, Man Man got a little displeased.

However, she still said earnestly, "Boss Yuan will not receive people with bad behavior and will also blacklist them forever. I suggest you go to line up."

"What does a little brat know? Stay out of my way." Chef Zhan waved his hand discontentedly.

"It's one of my rules to line up. No exceptions. Of course, if you don't want to eat here, you don't need to line up." Man Man hadn't reacted when Yuan Zhou walked out and said to him directly.

"Ho Ho. Are you showing off in front of me? What if I don't line up today?" Chef Zhan became angry immediately at sight of Yuan Zhou's attitude that seemed to not recognize him. Thus, he said boldly.

"Sorry. You can't eat here. Please leave." After saying that, Yuan Zhou turned around and left at once, leaving Chef Zhan standing there.

"This little brat is really arrogant. I must give it a try." Chef Zhan said with anger and only then went to take the number ticket.

"Sir, please watch your number carefully. You can neither book in advance nor postpone it. It becomes invalid after the specified time." Of course, Man Man heard the scolding of Chef Zhan. For the sake of her duty, however, she went up and told him coldly.