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441 Murderous Inten

 As always, Yuan Zhou woke up at 5:00 a.m. early in the morning. He changed into his sportswear and went downstairs to jog.

His physical constitution was getting better and better. Even when he took the knife, he felt it lighter and more natural.

After all, the knife did have some weight. Besides, it can also increase his personal attraction. Therefore, Yuan Zhou certainly would persevere in doing his exercises.

After he returned and washed up, Yuan Zhou looked at the neat figure in the mirror and felt quite satisfied.

"The hair is cut moderately and looks clean and neat." Yuan Zhou shook his head in the mirror and observed his own hairstyle carefully.

"My complexion is also very good. It looks healthy and natural." While looking at his own face, Yuan Zhou nodded his head with satisfaction.

"I have a neat figure and abdominal muscles. Favorable comment." Yuan Zhou lifted up his clothes and said contentedly.

After Yuan Zhou returned to his room, he started to select the clothes that he was going to wear today.

Yuan Zhou had ordered many traditional Han clothing. Basically, all of them were embroidered with dark fringe lotus flowers, which conformed to the requirements of his own store flower.

"I'm going to wear this one today." Yuan Zhou picked up a piece of traditional Han clothing and began to put it on.

The clothes that Yuan Zhou selected today had a ring of dark silver lotus flower pattern at the cuff of the sleeves, exquisite lotus leaves at the neckband, and the lower hem as well as branches and tendrils on the waistband. On the whole, the color of the clothes were a dark green.

The reason why he selected the clothes so meticulously was naturally because the agreed time of the shoot was exactly this afternoon.

As a prince charming, he naturally should have the aura of a prince charming, although Yuan Zhou totally didn't care about the filming.

During the breakfast time of a single hour, no one ever commented if Yuan Zhou was handsome. After all, the delicious food at hand was just what these foodies got up early for, although Yuan Zhou was indeed very handsome.

Yuan Zhou's appearance was finally noticed during the lunchtime and everyone began to tease him.

"Boss Yuan, you are so handsome today. Are you going to have a blind date like me?" Su Mu blinked his good-looking peach blossom eyes and asked jokingly.

"Don't waste time anymore. You are so good-looking, so no girls will select you as their boyfriend." While stroking his mustaches, Wu Hai first contradicted Su Mu and then said to Yuan Zhou with an evil smile.

"I think Boss Yuan is probably going on a blind date."

"With my professional knowledge in distinguishing single people for so many years, Boss Yuan is apparently still an authentic single man." Ling Hong pushed his non-existent glasses upward and then said.

"You know so much." Wu Hai took a look at Ling Hong.

"You are also a single guy that has been single for many years." Ling Hong counteracted his words without the least hesitation.

"It's none of your damned business," Wu Hai immediately burst out rude words.

After all, Ling Hong's words were a doubt to Wu Hai's male attractiveness. Naturally, Wu Hai had to safeguard his honor.

"Yes, you are right. It's the same situation for me." Yuan Zhou nodded his head right following Wu Hai's word.

Shameless words such as "There are quite a few girls who like me.", he would be too embarrassed to say it out alone. If others brought that out, however, he wouldn't refuse to chime in with him conveniently.

Then, the topic of their conversation naturally diverted from Yuan Zhou's new clothes to unknown places.

The boisterous lunchtime likewise passed very soon...

Yuan Zhou habitually smoothed his clothes before he sat down and took a rest. After that, he just waited there for the program division to come at the agreed time.

However, Chef Zhan that purposely came late still arrived before the program division.

"No. 14 of Taoxi Road. It's at this location." Chef Zhan took the phone and checked the map carefully.

Only when he arrived at the place did he raised his head and looked at Yuan Zhou's restaurant carefully.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant was still in the side street that had been cold and cheerless formerly, but was busy and boisterous now. Of all the former stores, there was only Boss Liu's hardware store, Boss Tong's dry cleaning shop and Yuan Zhou's restaurant left now. Other stores were all re-opened after Yuan Zhou's restaurant became prosperous.

As the three stores had been there for so long time, their shop signs were the oldest and thus appeared as if the objects were still there but the people had changed. However, Chef Zhan didn't have that feeling for he hadn't experienced such changes.

He just felt this Yuan Zhou's restaurant that was without even a shop sign was low, very low.

"It surprisingly doesn't even have a shop sign. Even a beggar knows to write personal experiences to put in front of them to seek people's sympathy. Doesn't this restaurant know to hang a shop sign?" Chef Zhan humphed coldly.

He looked at the restaurant again. It was still like before. Outside of the door was a wooden shelf on which there was nothing. Behind the shelf was a glass wall through which people could look into the restaurant clearly.

The kitchen was very deep. It seemed that everything inside was in order. From the outside, it appeared quite clean.

On the right side of the restaurant, there was a table for two and a curved long table with 8 chairs.

On the other side was a scenery wall, inside of which there were some pink creatures moving like petals.

"The restaurant is so narrow and the chairs are so small! What delicious dishes can be served in such a place?" Chef Zhan sniffed at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

In his opinion, chefs with excellent craftsmanship wouldn't lack money at all. Those who had to cook here definitely didn't have a decent craftsmanship.

"Now that I'm here, why don't I witness personally how bad the chef cooks? Just to widen my horizons." Chef Zhan said with a prideful tone and then walked into Yuan Zhou's restaurant with a complacent manner.

"I'm sorry. Our lunch time has ended. Please come in the evening." Yuan Zhou thought he was a new customer and thus said politely.

"I'm the Head Chef Zhan of Goose Jin Xuan Restaurant. I heard that the roast goose served here is really tasty. Cook one for me to taste." Having paid no attention to Yuan Zhou's words, Chef Zhan introduced himself politely and prepared to eat the goose.

Chef Zhan believed he was courteous in his own conceit, but Yuan Zhou didn't think that way. The cocky and arrogant manner almost overflowed from this person.

Regarding pride, Yuan Zhou wasn't poorer in that than anybody else. Upon hearing that, he said coldly, "Sorry, I've never heard of you. No customers are received except during the business time."

"Ho Ho. Little brat, let me tell you. It's of no use to pretend that you've never heard of me. This old man has roasted the goose throughout my life and have never been defeated. You are still too young to reach my level. Hurry up to serve it to me." Chef Zhan got seated swaggeringly and said impolitely with a sneer in his eyes.

"I told you to get out. We don't have the roast goose." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows this time.

Leaving his attitude aside, it was absolutely impossible for Yuan Zhou, who constantly pursued perfection, to serve this dish especially when his Elaborate Roast Goose hadn't reached the best condition.

Moreover, this person acted as if he were the third in the world after the heavens and the earth. Even if he was much older, Yuan Zhou still took him as an idiot.

"Little brat, you are scared now, huh? Why weren't you scared when you sent your people to my restaurant to pick on me yesterday?" Chef Zhan had always thought that Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu went there to pick on him under the instigation of Yuan Zhou.

As for the matter that they were recommended by Yao Qing, he had already forgotten all about it.

"Please get out." Yuan Zhou stood up and said seriously with his brows knitted.

"That doesn't work on me. Now that you don't have that craftsmanship, you should go back into your mother's womb and practice it more." Chef Zhan wasn't afraid of intimidation. On hearing that, he also said loudly.

"Mother's womb?" Instantly, Yuan Zhou looked at Chef Zhan with his sharp gaze.

"Tsk. Yes, your mother's womb. I think you need to go back into it and practice your craftsmanship more." Chef Zhan wasn't as tall as Yuan Zhou, but his imposing manner wasn't less at all. He took a step forward and said boldly.

"Very good. You want to eat my goose? Go back and wait. Come on time at 12:00 p.m. tomorrow." When Yuan Zhou said that, he straightened his back and looked at Chef Zhan with his sharp gaze that contained murderous intent inside.

His parents had always been the forbidden zone in Yuan Zhou's heart. Finding that they were insulted now, Yuan Zhou immediately concentrated all of his imposing manner and directly held down Chef Zhan.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou looked at Chef Zhan who was stupefied and said again.

"Oh, right. Remember to take money with you. My goose is quite expensive. I'm afraid that you cannot afford it."